• Is it ok to wear earplugs every night
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    Is It Ok To Wear Earplugs Every Night?

      Will earplugs be damaging to your ears if you wear them for too long? Is it ok to wear earplugs every night? When you have problems sleeping or falling asleep one of the more accessible solutions is getting a pair of ear plugs. But what happens when you wear earplugs for 7-9 hours straight? Can they be damaging to your ears? And what will happen after years of doing this? What are the potential risks of wearing earplugs for a very long time? The good thing about earplugs is they allow you to sleep as they almost eliminate all outside sounds. I said “almost” because you will be able…

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    Relaxing Music To Make You Fall Asleep: 10 Songs That Will Make You Snooze Faster

    Did you know that experiments where done to find the most relaxing songs on earth? If you want relaxing music to make you fall asleep fast then this is the music to fall asleep to playlist you need to create/listen to. According to a study done by MindLab International (and please keep in mind that this is not an academical study so take it with a grain of salt), it seems that a song called “Weightless” from Marconi Union is the most relaxing song ever. Dr. David Lewis-Hodgson says they tested different songs to see which one would help people relax and this one song will relax you 65% more…

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    Sleeping With Your Dog, Hell Yeah Or Heck No?

      Gosh, they’re darn cute so there’s no way in hell you could say no to those #puppyeyes and luckily you don’t have to. Yes, you can sleep with your pet and doctors even advise you to do so despite all old wives’ tales you might have heard. In fact, sharing your bed with a furry companion has a lot of benefits. If Fido is up to day on his shots and chances are he is as people tend to take better care of their pets than themselves, then what are you waiting for, grab your blanket and hit the bed you two!