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block sound from windows to sleep well
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Best Ways To Block Sound From Windows While Sleeping

Can’t fall asleep because of noise coming from outside? Here are some helpful tips that will help you find the best way to block sound from windows while sleeping.

1. Take your bed and run 🙂

While this is a no-brainer and quite simple to do, not everyone remembers to do it.

It’s easy, free and you can do it right away: I’m talking about putting your bed as far from your window as possible. Maybe place it on the opposite wall. It might not do much but it’s worth a try.

2. Does your window have gaps in it?

If so, then you can’t fix the problem without sealing those gaps. You need some window insulating foam – get some from here. Find the cracks and get them sealed and see if there is still noise coming in. The older the windows the more chances are that they may have gaps that need sealing.

3. Probably the most expensive solution

Sometimes it’s unavoidable that you must change your windows altogether because they are too old and beyond repair. You might want to save money but don’t. Old windows can let cold in not to mention noise and will increase your energy bill. Now the question is which are the best sound blocking windows? Do you get dual pane windows or triple pane?

Well, I strongly suggest you get triple pane because they isolate so much better but you could also buy dual pane ones and add another window on the interior or your frame. If you know how to do this you can save some money and you will aid reduce noise with 75% more!

4. A simple solution

One of the simplest solutions would be to get some layered curtains that can reduce noise and exterior light from coming in. They will also keep cold from getting in so the thicker the better. Here are some very good layered curtains for the job.

5. Ever considered a white noise machine?

Depending on your particular case you might need to get yourself a white noise machine from here. Using white noise to block out sound is a good idea. What this does is create a white noise that is capable of covering up the sound coming from you windows. It might work if the noise isn’t too powerful or you might need to combine this with other tips previously mentioned.

The great thing about white noise machines is they can help you sleep better. Some people won’t even fall asleep without having some white noise close by. As an alternative to buying a white noise machine you can use an air conditioner (click here) or even a space heater because they both help decrease the level of noise – but make sure you aren’t actually bothered by the noise they are making.

6. Something better than white noise machines

White noise machines are awesome but there is an even better option. Can you believe it? A sound machine is probably the best way to block sound from windows while sleeping because it reduces noise and also helps induce sleep. The sounds a sound machine releases are calming, restful and relaxing. If you love to hear the rain or other nature sounds than you will love it. I highly recommend you take a look at this particular one because it is really the best on the market. Read what people have to say about it and you will see why that is.

7. Conclusion

Ok, you know what needs to be done. All you need now is to see which one is the best way to block sound from windows while sleeping in your case. Or maybe a combination of the earlier mentioned will work best?

Also, if you’d like to sleep better we recommend getting some really, really good noise cancelling headphones for sleeping. Which are the best earplugs for sleeping without noise? Here is a list.

Related Questions

How to block out noise without earplugs?

All the methods described above will help you block out noise without earplugs. Even just getting a white noise machine will make a huge difference.

How to block out noise from neighbours?

Place an air conditioner or a white noise machine on your neighbors’ wall. Place your bed as far away from the source of the noise.

How to block out noise mentally?

Yes, this can be done. We recommend meditation before bed to increase this mental capacity. Try to close your eyes and imagine your are surrounded by silence. You can feel it, touch it. Keep this in mind until you fall asleep. Every time your mind reacts to noise around you, slowly take it back to the silence.

Learning to sleep with noise – is it possible?

Yes. Many people have managed to go from not being able to close an eye if any kind of noise was heard to sleeping like a log near noise factors. It’s a skill that can be developed with training. It doesn’t happen overnight and you need to be patient.

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