As their motto implies, “You’ll always sleep better on an Englander mattress”!

This company was founded back in 1894 and as the years passed, they were loyal to their philosophy to provide the best comfort for their customers.

There are 6 main Englander mattress models each one with it’s own benefits and features, the price also varying as the quality grows.

1. Nature’s Finest Organic Sleep system. This Englander mattress is chemicals free made from the finest materials using only natural rubber latex extracted from the rubber tree, organic New Zealand wool, pure organic cotton and wood from the Quebec’s replantable renewable forests.

The wool is washed and processed without the use of any chemical substances and the cotton was also grown organically without using any pesticides or insecticides. The rubber latex used in these Englander mattresses was carefully extracted from rubber trees without destroying them and it has no petroleum while the wood is untreated. The wooden frames are made using only steel nails which are manufactured from recycled materials.

The Organic mattress will help you sleep in a clean environment but also enjoying a great level of comfort.

2. Nature’s Finest Latex Sleep system. Only 100% pure rubber is used in the manufacturing process as this provides better comfort compared to other types of foam. In the summer nights it keeps you cold while in the winter retains heat so you feel comfortable on it. The natural flexibility of latex provides proper orthopedic support for your whole body, reducing pressure point and eliminating motion transfer. This Englander latex mattress is also allergy free and extra breathable so it doesn’t retain bad smells.

3. Viscopedic – Visco elastic memory foam. At first memory foam was available only for NASA pilots but now we can all enjoy the great benefits of memory foam. The Englander foam mattress is more durable and comfortable than other memory foam mattress because they use their patented Variable Pressure Foaming technology which is more resilient and conforming. You can enjoy pressure free sleep while the mattress literally hugs your body and reduces motion transfer.

4. Fusion Foam Collection – Synergy. This is a mix between the Visco memory foam and 100% pure rubber latex which results in a luxurious, comfortable sleep/ The Englander synergy mattress provides luxurious feel due to the rubber latex, heat sensitivity and pressure points relief as the result of using the visco elastic foam.

5. Posture support plus. This was designed for plus size persons and supplies the proper support for the body. It uses a patent pending dual coil unit which provides orthopedic support fro your whole body, absorbing pressure and reducing motion transfer. The soy based memory foam makes your sleep more comfortable while the coil system gives that extra support that you need.

6. Luxury Hotel mattresses. You can enjoy high class luxury at home with these Englander mattresses. They feature a heavy duty coil unit which allows you to sleep on the back or on the side without thinking that you can damage the mattress. The steel edge support is there to make sure nothing happens and that your sleep is comfortable regarding of the sleeping position you choose. These mattresses can be found in luxury hotels like: Hilton, Marriot, Sofitel, Nine Zero, Peninsula Hotels, Sheraton Hotels, Club Quarters and Soho Grand.

Englander mattress prices. You can find great mattress for $1000 but their best products go ads high as $5000 but if you consider the fact that you are buying it for years to come, you should think at the quality you want to buy. These are more expensive than the popular $500-600 ones, but the quality you get is not the same.

The Englander mattress remains faithful to its heritage: better sleep, by design.

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