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    Sleeping With Your Dog, Hell Yeah Or Heck No?

      Gosh, they’re darn cute so there’s no way in hell you could say no to those #puppyeyes and luckily you don’t have to. Yes, you can sleep with your pet and doctors even advise you to do so despite all old wives’ tales you might have heard. In fact, sharing your bed with a furry companion has a lot of benefits. If Fido is up to day on his shots and chances are he is as people tend to take better care of their pets than themselves, then what are you waiting for, grab your blanket and hit the bed you two!

  • Sleep know-how

    How To Fall Asleep Fast: Advice From Our Readers

    Some of our readers have shared their tips on how to fall asleep fast and we have selected the best ones: .BEDROOM ATMOSPHERE. Spraying a light mist of lavender around the room and on the sheets relaxes you, and helps you go to sleep. (Annaabelle) We run a box fan in the hallway instead of spending so much money on white noise machines. (Robin) Another way to fall asleep faster is to surround yourself with pillows and blankets. That was you feel more secure and more comfortable! (Emily) I have a waterfall in my frog tank and a fan going all night and it actually helps me fall asleep. (Kaoru…

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    38% Of Americans Have Sleep-Related Problems

    Yes, 38%, about 119 million Americans have sleep disorders that interfere with their daily activities. A survey conducted by Replacement mattress had the following findings: most affected are young women with a low income and living in a rural area 40.8% of women admitted to having sleep disorders, compared to 36.6% of men contrary to popular beliefs, more men (7%) than women (2%) complain that they’re unable to get some shut-eye because of their partner’s disrupted sleep women have problem falling asleep and often experience daytime sleepiness more women (9.2%)  than men (7.5%) wake up with aches and pains young adults are experiencing more sleepless nights compared to elderly or middle-aged people…

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    Are You Sleep Deprived? Take This Test To Figure It Out

    In this short video, Richard Wiseman pinpoints some of the symptoms that are signs of sleep deprivation and even has a small test for you to test your agility. Chances are that if you need an alarm clock to wake up or fall asleep instantly you may need t get more sleep. He has a great resource for those who keep in mind their sleep cycles when going to bed. Each cycle is about 90 minutes each and to make sure you don’t disrupt a cycle and wake up even more tired. He created a free schedule that tells you when you should go to bed, depending at what hour you want…