White noise is “a signal that contains equal power within any frequency band with a fixed width” (via) and studies shown that it has great impact on your sleep. A relaxing background noise  helps you sleep by covering all disturbing sounds that keep you awake, such a cars driving by or noisy neighbors. We compiled a list with some of the best websites with FREE ambient music  and white noise for those that don’t own a white noise machine.

BONUS: GreatYoutube videos with amazonian rain, birds in the woods or relaxing piano music.


Raining FM


Features: This one is for those of you that love the rain. Rain Fm has a super easy interface, all you have to do is choose between the three options. You can also schedule it for as many hours as you want and they intend to add slideshow to make it more appealing. Now they only allow you to hide panels and enjoy the rainy background which  is a good start.




Featuress: Focus@will is more complex and less repetitive because each category has lots of tracks;if you don’t like a certain track you can skip it. It’s free but you have to sign in with Facebook, Google+ or email and it only takes a couple of seconds to do so. If you click on the clock it will be programmed for one hour but if you right click on it it will allow you to listen to it for four hours at most.


Nap Sounds

Power_Nap_NapSoundsFeatures: There’s no mentioning about how long can you listen to these sounds because this website is targeted for nap music but it’s worth a try. I personally like the classic sounds and they’re great for work music as well. They used Neuro Linguistic Programming because ” NLP techniques[…] provide ways to directly talk to your subconscious mind while letting your conscious mind slowly drift away. This enables you to feel more relaxed in a shorter amount of time and increase the benefits of your quiet time.”


Simply Noise


Features: Simply Noise lets you choose between white, pink and brown noise and seems to be very popular.  Recently they released  Simply Rain and even developed an app that is ranked #1 in 37 countries and has extra features and more customization options.


Free white noise


Features: Here you have it. You click on the sound you like, a popup image appears and you should be snoozing away.


Nature sounds for me


Features: Not quite nature sounds as it also features household and music tracks but you get the picture. You can also listen to compositions made by other users and maybe you’ll find something you like.


Rainy Mood


Features:  Talk about keeping things simple! The moment you open Rainy Mood you will hear the relaxing rain BUT they don’t have any controls. You can’t adjust volume, thunder intensity or frequency, basically you listen to what they give you and adjust the volume from your speakers.

White noise player

Free_white_noise_player_WhiteNoisePlayer.comFeatures: If you like buttons, this one is for you. Hair dryer, clock, vacuum or crickets, these are only a couple of the available options. In case you like it, help the developer by making a small Paypal donation to help him keep his website up for our fellow insomniacs.


Sound sleeping


Features: Here you have 37 sounds to choose from and some of my favorites are heartbeat and cat purr. You mix up to 5 sounds, save the mix if you want to and enjoy a relaxing night of calming sleep.


 Sounds of nature


Features: Here you can listen to ocean, rain or forest and if you have an Android device you can get their free app here.


White noise 24/7

White_Noise_24_7_nature_soundsFeatures: This one took me by surprise as I didn’t expect to find “rain with large drops” option available anywhere but when you think of it it … Otherwise it’s plain simple and it also lets you to download the sounds to listen them on any device you have.

TIP: It might ask you to install some plugins to be able to hear the sounds but it only takes a few minutes.


Ambient mixer


Features: Ambient mixer has lots and lots of free endless audio loops from a simple storm to human sounds (a restaurant, a busy street or even a world cup) and it allows you to change all the sounds you hear. For example, if you listen to a fireplace you can increase the volume of the burning torches and mute the fire cracking if you want.




Features: This one isn’t necessary a white noise or a relaxing ambient one, it’s just light ambient noise from a coffee shop. Research showed that people are more creative when they have some calm, chilling ambient noise to and so this website was created. You can either use it for work or see if it puts your insomnia to rest.


White noise FM


Features: Yes, they are somewhat plain but I had to share this with you as well because you never know what you guys like. But it seems they plan to add more noise in the future and try to compete with the bigger websites. Although we’re focusing on white noise at the moment, we have plans to add more colored sounds to our programs in the future : pink noise, brown noise, and grey noise.”


Bonus! 7 YOUTUBE videos

Sleep well 9 hours of Sounds from the Allegheny National Forest in Tidioute Pennsylvania

Sleep with the ocean – 8 hours of sea sounds

10 Hour Recording of a gentle rain

Fire Sound – 8 hours of a fireplace sound

Long Playlist of Sleep Music – Relaxing Calm Piano Music

Cricket sound 8 hours of nature forest sounds

9 hours of Sleep to Sounds of Pennsylvania Peepers

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As we all know sleep is essentially for us all and especially for children. But, did you ever consider the power sleep could have on a child’s self confidence?People have realized the immense power of positive affirmations planted during sleep could have on the attitude of a child. These case studies should be enough to spark your interest to give this a try and see what results you get.

When should you use affirmative sleep talk for kids?
Whenever the child has bed wetting problems, separation anxiety, speech or behavior issues. If your children receive complaints from school regarding homework, arguing, fighting. Sleep talk could be used in almost any situation where the child is affected, lacks in self confidence or has a behavior that is unwanted by the parent.


How is this done?
Everything is rather simple. All that is needed are 5 minutes to be invested each night while the child is asleep. When you are certain the child is asleep, you should sit by him or her and start talking to them. Telling them how loved they are and that they can always depend on you for anything they need, is a great start.

You should never use negative words when doing this! Only positive words must be used so that the exercise works.

How much time should you be doing this?
5 minutes every night for at least 1 month should be enough to begin seeing very positive results. But you shouldn’t stop there! The affirmative sleep talk needs to be done regularly so that it sticks to the child’s mind and continues to provide results.

The sleep consultants from SleepTalk consider it’s best to use this approach until your child is 12 years old but you can decide this for yourself.

“Sleep Talk: A Breakthrough Technique for Helping Your Child Cope With Stress and Thrive Through Difficult Transitions” by Lois V. Haddad offers great insight into this field and has lots of examples that give you an idea of the best approach in your case.

Check the book here.

Some practical examples

Let’s say Robert has a little problem with fighting at school. You should say something like this:
“Robert knows that his parents love him greatly. He feels their love everyday. Robert is calm and likes all his classmates. Robert is a friendly boy.”

What we shouldn’t say:
“Robert doesn’t hit his colleagues.”

What if Jane is talking too fast? We just say:
“Jane feels loved by her parents and knows they listen to her every time. Jane always talks slowly.”

You can adapt this to any situation. The important thing is to keep with it for at least 30 days to see how it works. 30 days multiplied by 5 minutes means a 150 minute investment on your part as parents. Is 150 minutes too much per month for a change in our children’s lives? It shouldn’t be.

Will affirmative sleep talk work? Most likely yes if the 150 minutes monthly are invested. Children will begin acting “strange” and actually feel better about themselves.

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On a side, with the head tilted over the edge of the mattress, with the pillow over the head, completely under the blanket or without a blanket at all, it all depends on what makes you feel comfy and leads you to sleep. The room temperature is a great factor in all this as is the person you share your bed with.

  • the soldier position is prone to snoring and waking up with dry mouth
  • you get more oxygen when you sleep sitting but it fees uncomfortable and you can wake up with neck pain
  • a pillow between your knees makes  sleeping on a side way more comfier



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