• Sleep know-how

    Internet + Bed = Poor Sleep

    Smartphones, tablets, laptop, all these gizmos are now part of your daily life. You wake up and instantly check your phone and you go to bed at night browsing your favorite websites. It’s addicting and it also affects your sleep! Bright lights interfere with the production of melatonin, delaying your sleep and making you sleep deprived night by night. This article explains the relationship between lights and sleep; I think it’s worth at least testing this and see if you start to get better sleep.

  • Sleep know-how

    Yoga Your Way Into Sleep

    Yoga keeps your body young and flexible but it seems it may also affect your sleep. Studies shown that yoga acts over bad thought, allowing positive thinking to take take over. You don’t have to be an expert as these poses are simple and require just a bit of practice.     Go here to see 10 yoga poses that deal with insomnia and a complete guide for each pose.

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    14 Free White Noise & Ambient Sounds Websites

    White noise is “a signal that contains equal power within any frequency band with a fixed width” (via) and studies shown that it has great impact on your sleep. A relaxing background noise  helps you sleep by covering all disturbing sounds that keep you awake, such a cars driving by or noisy neighbors. We compiled a list with some of the best websites with FREE ambient music  and white noise for those that don’t own a white noise machine. BONUS: GreatYoutube videos with amazonian rain, birds in the woods or relaxing piano music. ______________________________________________________________ Raining FM Features: This one is for those of you that love the rain. Rain Fm…