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  • Sleep know-how

    Could You Survive With Just 2 Hours Of Sleep Daily?

    Technology Journalist Mark Serrels wanted to change his sleeping plan from an average of eight hours of sleep per night to polyphasic sleep schedule. So, he wanted to go from eight hours to having 20-minutes naps every four hours. How long do you think he lasted? Well… This small project began in July  2012 after Mark got the approval from his doctor and wife but didn’t lasted as long as he expected. The first day was a bit challenging but the hell followed the next couple of days with inability to focus and speak clearly while feeling exhausted and looking like a zombie. By day six he decided to shut the whole experiment down because…

  • Just for fun

    Early To Bed, Early To Wake

    Replace “lady” with “gent” and this Power Puff Girls sugary quote applies to everyone, everywhere. If sleep decided to run from you in the last couple of days, counterattack. Go to bed earlier than usual and try to see yourself actually falling asleep.

  • Sleep products and gadgets

    11 Sleep Monitors You Should Consider

    Because lack of sleep has become a rather serious problem affecting millions of people, some companies have reacted and developed sleep monitors. These are devices that can monitor the quality and quantity of sleep a person is having each night. What people fail to understand is that a sleep monitor, like any other health monitoring device, is not going to solve any issues. When dealing with sleep related affections one should always consult a doctor. And after reading the data provided by a sleep monitoring device, you can take the right approach towards fixing the issue. Most sleep trackers collect data regarding breathing, heartbeat, motion during sleep, brain waves, and…

  • Sleep know-how

    Internet + Bed = Poor Sleep

    Smartphones, tablets, laptop, all these gizmos are now part of your daily life. You wake up and instantly check your phone and you go to bed at night browsing your favorite websites. It’s addicting and it also affects your sleep! Bright lights interfere with the production of melatonin, delaying your sleep and making you sleep deprived night by night. This article explains the relationship between lights and sleep; I think it’s worth at least testing this and see if you start to get better sleep.