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    Affirmative Sleep Talk For Kids – Using Sleep To Make Your Kids Stronger

    As we all know sleep is essentially for us all and especially for children. But, did you ever consider the power sleep could have on a child’s self confidence?People have realized the immense power of positive affirmations planted during sleep could have on the attitude of a child. These case studies should be enough to spark your interest to give this a try and see what results you get. When should you use affirmative sleep talk for kids? Whenever the child has bed wetting problems, separation anxiety, speech or behavior issues. If your children receive complaints from school regarding homework, arguing, fighting. Sleep talk could be used in almost any…

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    Best Sleeping Positions {infographic}

    On a side, with the head tilted over the edge of the mattress, with the pillow over the head, completely under the blanket or without a blanket at all, it all depends on what makes you feel comfy and leads you to sleep. The room temperature is a great factor in all this as is the person you share your bed with. the soldier position is prone to snoring and waking up with dry mouth you get more oxygen when you sleep sitting but it fees uncomfortable and you can wake up with neck pain a pillow between your knees makes¬† sleeping on a side way more comfier    

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    Why You Need More Sleep {infographic}

    The average American spends 7.5 hours a night in bed, but actually sleep only 6.1. Week-ends are usually big culprits as most people tend to stay up late and sleep an extra couple of hours in the morning. This makes Mondays hard to come by and it equals less hours dedicated to sleep. A couple of weeks or even months of late nights sure didn’t kill anyone but when this turns into a lifestyle your body will take its own measures. sleeping only 6 hours a night increases the chances of being overweight a 20 minute nap is more effective than 200 mg of caffeine when you sleep less than…