If you are looking for futon sofa beds it can be a sign that you are short on space.

Indeed, these furniture items can save up a lot of space and can fit in almost all decors.

The word futon is used today even when it’s not absolutely necessary and with products that have nothing to do with it. Futon is a Japanese term that originally referred to a certain type of padded mattress and quilts that could be folded in the morning to make more room. Throughout the years the designed of the futon sofa bed suffered some changes, a wooden/metal platform being added thus allowing it to be converted in a sofa or bed, depending on your needs. Normally the futon sofa bed has a frame which folds in the middle for a couch and flattens to become a bed.

Compared to the 70’s or the 80’s, now there are numerous models available with various patterns, colors, designs, shapes and sizes. If you like modern decorating, you can buy a futon bed sofa that has a modern, edgy look and easily incorporate it in the decor of your room. In case you are fonder of the traditional look there’s no point into buying a modern on, no matter how much you like its look because it will make your room look bad and instead of blending in nicely it will look like an elephant in the corn field.

The futon sofa beds can have wooden or metal frames but the wooden ones are most popular as they are sturdier. These frames should support your body weight and the mattress also so make sure it will pass the test of time. Check to see if the arms are screwed correctly and look if the stress supports board located underneath are strong enough because if not you might wake up on the floor.

Covers are a great solution because you can easily change the appearance of the room by using other covers for the futon. Think well before rushing into buying them: how often do you have guests, do you have kids or pets? Going for light colors might not be the best solution because sofas stain easily and if the cover is made form a sensitive material that doesn’t allow frequent washing you will have a dirty looking futon sofa bed. Depending on your budget and personal preferences, you can choose from cotton, polyester or even velvet. The best strategy here is to buy several covers and to avoid spending too much on them because it’s truly not worth it. You can find great looking covers for as low as $30-40 so there’s no point into spending hundreds of dollars on them.

Futons sofa beds are helpful if you don’t have a guest room or if you can’t squeeze a comfortable bed in there. Just look in a decor magazine and see how great these pieces look and how with some simple additional items, like a tall lamp or a nice painting you can easily revamp a corner/wall of the room making it cozy and perfect for a night of sleep. These are extremely practical especially if you have a small apartment and some friends that like to sleep over or if you have a kid as he/she can sleep on the futon sofa bed and during the day you can fold it to make more room to play.

Some disadvantages of these sofa futon beds are that it can be quite heavy and moving it around from place to place can prove to be a serious task and if you want to take it out you might notice that it doesn’t fit and you have to take it apart.

With prices ranging from $100 to $500, futon sofa beds are a great new addition if you live in small apartment/house or if you just want to have some more space for your friends.

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The platform bed frame is not the first option for most of us but in the few decades it became popular around the world and the whole minimalist look seems to catch up more and more.

The abundance of styles and designs you can choose from makes the whole shopping process a lot easier.

What is a platform bed frame
Platform beds is the same thing as platform bed frames because they are beds without box spring, they have only the flat surface on which the mattress is placed.

The basics
If the box spring wasn’t invented until the late 1860’s, the platform bed can be considered the oldest types of bed, a rudimentary form being found in the lots of pharaohs tombs. This is obvious because 10 or more centuries ago people built their own bed frame or used a solid base instead adding some blankets or whatever they had in hand to make it comfortable and sleep on it.

Platform bed frame types
There are basically four platforms, each one with its own features and designs but the minimalist look is kept in all of these.

* Traditional/transitional platform bed frame. The headboard is accented with various small sculptures or patterns that lead to traditional style. In some cases, the headboard might be upholstered with floral, geometrical or plaid materials which aren’t too shiny or too crowded.

* Modern platform bed frame. This is easy to spot due to the clean design and simple colors, the design is edgy and the lines straight.

* Storage platform bed frame. As the name implies, the bed has a storage unit under it, therefore this type of bed is slightly taller than the other ones. This is great and the drawers have a cute design and can save up a lot of space.

* Asian platform bed frame. This type of bed is the quintessence of the minimalist style and when you look at it you will have the impression that they used two sticks, put them together and called it a bed. This is the design that people seem to like most and it goes great with the whole eco and Asian trends that are so popular today.

Make a platform bed frame

Yes. You can’t do this yourself with a little guidance and the proper tools. IF you want to save the hundreds of dollars that you would have spent on a platform bed, you can perform this DIY. In case you are not such a great craftsman, you can ask your friends to help you to make sure you don’t mess up and build a coffee table instead. Look for online tutorials and platform bed frame plans that will help you to start right and ask for help online. There are lots of carpenters and wood crafters that are happy to lend a hand to a man in trouble.

Make sure you have everything you need: the wood, screws, a saw, drill, tape, pencil and speedsquare and whatever you might need, depending on the design you want to bring to life.

The best advice I can give you is to be careful with measurements because you will have to buy a mattress for it and if you build it too small you will have to settle for a smaller mattress which might keep your feet in the air.

Having a platform bed frame in your bedroom helps you to change the design as often as you like because this bed will successfully fit any design and can be the main piece of the room if you use the right elements.

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The trundle bed frame is you way out of embarrassing moment when people suddenly decide to stay over and you have nothing else than an uncomfortable old sofa.

If your parents want to stay longer or the whether it’s just terrible and your guests can’t go home this bed is a life saver. Kids love it as they have more free floor to play on and you will be more relaxed.

Child’s room
The trundle bed frame is a popular purchase for people that have small children that share the same bedroom because it saves a lot o space and it also makes sleeping more fun. Kids can take turn to sleep in the lower bed and they can use the free space to play around during the day. This bed is also useful for sleepovers because the kids sleep better on the bed than on any other type of mattress, no matter how comfortable it may be.

If your friends don’t have a habit from sleeping at your place than you can get away with the trundle bed pop up frame. When you have just a friend sleeping over you can keep the bed just the way it is and whenever you have a couple visiting you can pop up the other bed. The main advantage of this bed is that it allows you to have the beds at the same height making it comfortable for the both of them and also more intimate. This is great as most people hate sleeping so close to the ground.

IF th second bed will be used sparingly you can buy a trundle bed frame that allows you to take the mattress and transform it into a drawer. This allows you to keep the bedding/pillows/blankets inside saving a lot of space but you will have to think where you can store the mattress. Make sure you read the storage guidelines and that it doesn’t deteriorate.

This is easy: we have the wood trundle bed frame and the metal trundle bed frame. Wood is recommended because it will last longer than metal and it has a nicer, warmer look which can be easily incorporated in any decor.

The most popular is the trundle twin bed frame as it easily fits even in a small bedroom but you can find them in all sizes because, unlike couple of years ago, now they are used by grownups too. The queen trundle bed frame is perfect for a medium height person as the 39×75 in (99×191 cm)    frame is enough for most people, except fro the case you are friends with NBA basketball players. IF you want to replace a mattress, take measurements before rushing to the shop because these are tricky and several inches might make a big difference.

The ideal thickness for the mattress is 8″ to provide the best comfort and in most cases they are regular foam mattresses but newest trundle bed frames can have innerspring mattresses. The air mattress is also a popular choice because it can easily be deflated and stored when the bed is not used and if you have someone sleeping over you just take the pump and in several minutes your guests are ready to go to sleep.

This is not the simplest thing you can do, but if you are a good carpenter or at least have a friend that knows how to use the saw, making your own trundle bed frame can be quite a challenge. You have some online tutorials that show you step by step how to build your own frame and if you have the right supplies you are hours away from actually finishing the project. The easiest thing is to build a trundle to the bed you already have, the lower bed acting much as a drawer. If this seems doable to you, than good luck!

Considering the fact you are actually buying a bed for two, these are very affordable: less than $500 for great looking trundle bed frames but high end designs can go as high as $2000. Keep in mind that they are usually sold without a mattress so you have to save some money for it.

Whether it’s for your kid or your guests, the rundle bed frame does its jobs saving you lot of space and delivering great comfort for those who sleep in it.

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The canopy bed is not the usual bed and making it to fit the design of your bedroom can be quite a challenge.

This decorative bed looks similar with the four posted bed but is not the same thing.

When you sleep in this bed you feel protected as it provides more intimacy than the regular bed and you feel somewhat related to those beautiful princesses that we’ve all seen in cartoons and in the Robin Hood movies.

Canopy bed designs

The canopy beds are usually either traditional or modern and it’s easy to spot them because the traditional ones have that colonial, vintage look while the modern canopy bed is usually made of metal and has funky, different designs.

You can go for the whole four poster type or you can choose a half canopy, depending on the level of coverage you want to attain.

IDF you decide you want a canopy bed frame make sure you ca incorporate it in your bedroom design. You don’t want it to look like it was placed there by mistake as the other furniture items that already exist have to be in the same note. Height is also a factor because you can’t squeeze them in as much as you want too. If you decide to settle for a smaller height when you’ll be laying in the bed you will feel constrained because the lower canopy won’t allow you to have as much air inside. Indeed, it provides better intimacy but I don’t think it’s worth it.

Canopy beds for girls

With the drapes and the whole romantic feel, this bed seems to be the perfect candidate for a little girl. They are rightfully associated with castles and princess as this is where their history began. The drapes were an excellent shield against drafts and cold and in the summer thinner materials like silk were used to keep mosquitoes and other insects away.

Canopy beds for boys

Yes! Boys can enjoy sleeping in this bed too.  By choosing simple, blue, green or red colored drapes and a neutral bed color you can create a great bed for your boy. Keep in mind that kings slept in these beds too! If you don’t find a design that you like, you can get one custom made as there are lost of ideas from which to jump start: the base can resemble a car and the drapes can be garage or you can make it look like a tree house.

The price issue

People think that these beds are expensive so they give up searching for models they like but the thing is that for merely $300-$500 you can find a great twin canopy bed. The sheets and drapes might cost as much as the bed in some cases, but it will be the center piece of the bedroom.

Canopy bedding

You can personalize your bed as you want by simply changing the bedding: light pink for a princess look, strong red if you want to bring some passion in your bedroom or even green to keep up with spring. Depending on the type of material and the complexity of the design, these beddings can go as high as $2000, the most sold ones being about $400.

Look for the canopy bed that you like most and if you think it will be a great purchase for you, buy it and wake up it the morning just like royalties did.

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If you have already heard about the power that owning a futon bunk bed can give someone, then you might be thinking of buying one.

If that is what you want to do, then you should also have a little knowledge of the things you want to look out for when you are preparing to buy futon bunk beds. Maybe you are looking for kids futon bunk bed, then you should know that not all the children will be able to sleep on futon beds. The best way to do things in this case is to somehow give futon a try.

How to do this? You can either buy futon bunk bed for your own use and tell your child to sleep on it for a couple of nights. If he/she likes that, then you can go ahead and buy his own wood futon bunk bed or metal futon bunk bed according to your preferences. Remember: It is always better to test this out and not end up buying a bed in which your child will not want to sleep.

Now, let us get an idea of what anyone should be thinking of when buying futon bunk beds, whether this is a full size futon bunk bed, kids futon bunk bed or just a normal futon bed:

1. One thing that you want to know about getting any kind of bed is will it be put in place by someone else or by yourself? Is it hard to put together if you have to do that? A futon bunk bed will need a little involvement from your part, and you will need some tools for doing this. This does not mean that this is hard because it is not. It will probably take you 15-20 minutes the first time you make the bed, but after that, anytime you want to prepare the bed, 5 minutes will be enough.

2. There are some futon bunk beds which can be swiftly converted in 2 beds. If you like the idea of having this option then you should always ask the salesman about a bed that has this capacity. This can save you some money and you can buy something that is more useful for your particular needs. You can also ask if they have a twin futon bunk bed and see how that feels to you.

3. Do not forget that you will also have to get a futon mattress for the lower bunk, that needs to be folded over. You must pick a good one as this is pretty important for the whole bunk bed with futon.

4. One very important thing you must know about futon bunk beds is that you will need to make sure that the top mattress has 9 inches at most. Never get one that is over that number because you will have problems sleeping on it. 9 inches is more than enough for anyone’s needs, and you could even get less than that, like 7 inches or 8.

Now you can go ahead and get yourself a futon bunk bed!

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