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  • sleepy guy needs some foods that keep you awake

    7 Foods That Keep You Awake (No. 3 Is Probably The Best)

    If you’ve had poor sleep the night before then you could use some foods that keep you awake. For some people, a bad nights’ sleep can mean 1 or 2 unproductive days at the office. For others, it’s even worse. We all know coffee is our first choice but what do you do when there’s no coffee available for whatever reason? Don’t worry, you can always eat something from this list and at least improve your odds of staying awake when it matters. You don’t want your colleagues or worse, your boss, to find you sleeping on the job, do you?  7 Foods That Keep You Awake And Focused #1…

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    What Baby Sleep Patterns Are All Right And Which Are Not?

    Baby sleep patterns, sleep patterns for baby, changing baby sleep patterns, these are all phrases that scare most of the parents. Many future  parents think with fear at the moment they will have to say goodbye to those relaxing nights after the baby arrives. But this is not a general rule and with some work and devotion from both parents, they will be able to enjoy their sleep even with the baby in the room. Don’t think that there’s a gold rule, a hidden tip that some parents follow in order  to have quiet nights. No, it’s just a mix of some basic information every parent should know and some…