• Pillows

    Moshi Pillows

    Moshi pillows are pillows made from nylon spandex or even lycra and filled with micro beads (polystyrene beads). They are available in many sizes, shapes and colors and were first made in Japan but soon become a huge hit, now being sold worldwide.

  • Beds

    Futon Sofa Beds

    If you are looking for futon sofa beds it can be a sign that you are short on space. Indeed, these furniture items can save up a lot of space and can fit in almost all decors. The word futon is used today even when it’s not absolutely necessary and with products that have nothing to do with it. Futon is a Japanese term that originally referred to a certain type of padded mattress and quilts that could be folded in the morning to make more room. Throughout the years the designed of the futon sofa bed suffered some changes, a wooden/metal platform being added thus allowing it to be…

  • Beds

    Platform Bed Frame

    The platform bed frame is not the first option for most of us but in the few decades it became popular around the world and the whole minimalist look seems to catch up more and more. The abundance of styles and designs you can choose from makes the whole shopping process a lot easier. What is a platform bed frame Platform beds is the same thing as platform bed frames because they are beds without box spring, they have only the flat surface on which the mattress is placed. The basics If the box spring wasn’t invented until the late 1860’s, the platform bed can be considered the oldest types…

  • Beds

    Trundle Bed Frame

    The trundle bed frame is you way out of embarrassing moment when people suddenly decide to stay over and you have nothing else than an uncomfortable old sofa. If your parents want to stay longer or the whether it’s just terrible and your guests can’t go home this bed is a life saver. Kids love it as they have more free floor to play on and you will be more relaxed. Child’s room The trundle bed frame is a popular purchase for people that have small children that share the same bedroom because it saves a lot o space and it also makes sleeping more fun. Kids can take turn…

  • Beds

    Canopy Bed

    The canopy bed is not the usual bed and making it to fit the design of your bedroom can be quite a challenge. This decorative bed looks similar with the four posted bed but is not the same thing. When you sleep in this bed you feel protected as it provides more intimacy than the regular bed and you feel somewhat related to those beautiful princesses that we’ve all seen in cartoons and in the Robin Hood movies. Canopy bed designs The canopy beds are usually either traditional or modern and it’s easy to spot them because the traditional ones have that colonial, vintage look while the modern canopy bed…