A comparison between two pillows would be interesting, but one between Sobakawa cloud pillow and Total pillow can truly be of use to people. Because these two models are very known and a lot of people appreciate them, it would be interesting to take them head to head and see what the results are, wouldn’t it? If you also think this is a good idea, let us proceed to our comparison. We will compare 5 things, which should be enough for you to see a pattern.

1. Contents: What do these pillows have inside them?

Sobakawa cloud pillow

Looking at its commercial you would be inclined to think that the Sobakawa cloud pillow is filler with small air beads which offer a “soft as a cloud” sleep (thus the name of the pillow). Well, you will be amazed to know that within this pillow there aren’t any air beads at all. What you will find are very cheap Styrofoam balls. And, believe me, these won’t make you sleep so well!

Total pillow

The pillow is filled with tension easing micro beads which are able to support the head and neck area. This pillow will also prevent any morning soreness from appearing.

Cloud pillow rating for contents:  2

Total pillow rating for contents: 4

2. Noise factor: Are these pillows “noisy”?

Sobakawa cloud pillow

Unfortunately for people that really like this pillow and would wish to buy it, we have bad news. Because of the constant movement of those Styrofoam balls we talked about earlier, this pillow is very noisy and will disturb you during the sleep. Moving your head, turning from side to side or pushing it harder into the pillow will quite literally make you want to run for the hills.

Total pillow

This pillow is much different when it comes to noise. You will most likely never have issues in this area with this particular pillow because its components are of a better quality and regardless of your movements during sleep, you will not feel unease.

Cloud pillow rating for noise factor: 1

Total pillow rating for noise factor: 5

3. Size: What can be said about this?

Sobakawa pillow

Sobakawa comes in a lot of different sizes, which is actually a reason for its success. People like to have more alternatives to choose from and the cloud pillow gives them plenty. Small, full size, king or queen size are there for your picking. Some people are not aware of the fact that this pillow comes in such a wide variety of sizes and get tricked into buying the small size one. Who tricks them? The seller, of course, as he does not tell them there are different sizes to pick from.

Total pillow

At this chapter, this pillow is very weak, as it only comes in one single size, the 12 by 12. If someone does not like it, they will have to pick another pillow, and this is a real shame. The good part is that this pillow can very easily be bended in half and customized a lot, so people will appreciate this even if the initial size is not to their liking.

Cloud pillow rating for size: 5

Total pillow rating for size: 2

(Total pillow didn’t receive a 1 star here just because it is very versatile and can be transformed into a half sized pillow in a moment.)

4. Smell: Do any of them have a peculiar smell?

Sobakawa pillow

When it comes to smelling, Sobakawa seems to have a little problem which was signaled by some people who use(d) this pillow. It seems that sometimes the smell, either goes away after 4-5 days, or after approximately 2 weeks. But, there are cases, where people have sworn that this smell did not go away at all. It could be that some people are a little picky when it comes to smells, but it also raises some questions about this pillow.

Total pillow

This pillow has never had any complaints regarding a possible bad smell it could have. This means that either the materials from which it is made are very good, or it is packaged better, or both.

Cloud pillow rating for smell: 2

Total pillow rating for smell: 5

5. Versatility: Which pillow is more versatile?

Sobakawa pillow

It has an interesting shape, but nothing we have not seen before. It does offer a good sleep, but its shape was never its problem. It has problems in other areas like smell, contents or noise.

Total pillow

On the other hand, this pillow is really something innovative. With the shape of a flower, a daisy actually, which is empty in the middle, this pillow offers a level of versatility you will not believe. It can be twisted into all kinds of forms until the most suitable has been found. It is also perfect to take on travels when using the plane or car/bus as the means of travel.

Cloud pillow rating for versatility: 2

Total pillow rating for versatility: 5


Contents Noise Size Smell Versatility Total
Sobakawa 2 1 5 2 2 12 points
Total pillow 4 5 2 5 5 21 point

So, is Total pillow the second choice if it was compared to Sobakawa Cloud pillow or is it the other way around? The decision should ultimately be yours, and after you have examined the facts in this comparison you should be able to draw your own conclusions.

What’s your opinion? Which one of these pillows is better? If you have a review/testimonial about these two pillows, please leave a comment bellow.

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Backrest pillow, bed rest pillow, you can call it whatever you want, it’s the same reading pillow with arms. If you like to browse your favorite blogs in bed, to sit comfortable when you read bedtime stories to your kid, to breastfeed, play video games or when you watch TV, this pillow will do the job.

These pillows are popular amongst students as well because they provide the extra comfort without taking up too much space or having a huge price. You don’t even have to use it in the bed: place it against a wall or the desk and you have your own relaxing corner.

The spend some extra dollars options

1. BedLounge pillow from Cequal
A bed rest pillow with arms that has a fancy, more expensive look and it also comes with fully adjustable headrest and lots of settings that will help you to truly relax. The $143.95 price kind of speaks for itself: better quality, higher price.

Dr. Robert Swezey, a famous expert when it comes to back and neck pain relief, is the one responsible for the design of this pillow. It’s sturdier and more supportive than the budget friendly pillows so if you can afford the price, than go for it.

One downside these pillows have is their size: they are big and bulky. However, the arms fold so you can place it in a corner when you don’t use it.

The budget friendly options for a bed rest pillow

1. The Brentwood bed rest pillow is available in colors such as navy, camel or pink or in nice patterns like camouflage or animal prints. Each pillow has a handle which allows you to easily move it from a room to another. If you want a soft pillow for a teenager, go for the plushy designs and a bold color. For adults bedrooms the twill or corduroy will work just fine, creating a classy look.

The average price for this backrest pillow is around $30, depending on the store you go to. On Amazon they have great deals while on Ebay you can find the same pillow for a higher price. You can also check the stores near your home and see if you can find a better deal.

2. Transformational backrest pillow cover allows you to create your perfect pillow. Use their cover and buy 3 super comfy pillows and you have your own patent pending pillow. It saves up a lot of space and you can assemble it when you need it. The backrest is visible narrower compared to the Brentwood models but the arm rest are bulkier so it’s one thumb up – one thumb down kind of situation.

If you experience neck or back pains that aren’t related to a health issue a bed rest pillow can solve your problem. Make sure that the store where you buy has a return policy of at least 30 days and buy one. Your relaxing moments will get even better with it!

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The Sobakawa Cloud pillow is an “As seen on TV” product and like most of the products indorsed it fails to deliver the benefits it claims.

The TV commercial focuses on the many benefits of the pillow: the 20,000,000 of air beads that make your sleep cool, offers proper alignment for your whole body and has a lifetime guarantee.

The pillow that will be delivered to your door is just a bad copy of the Sobakawa pillow that you’ve seen in the commercial. It’s not comfortable or supportive, in fact a 5$ pillow that you can find at Target, Walmart or online On Amazon is a better choice than this presumed cloud pillow.

Yes, there are some Sobakawa cloud pillow reviews that say that the pillow worked well but all of them mention at least one disadvantage the pillow has. It may work for a couple of days, but in the long run it will succeed into bringing only neck pains and sleepless nights.

Here the main flaws of the Sobakawa cloud pillow that customers often point to.

Cheap Styrofoam balls.
Forget the so called air beads, the pillow is stuffed with styrofoam. This means that you can make your own Sobakawa cloud pillow at home, without having to spend all that money on the product and shipping fees.

Travel sized pillow.
You may not be aware of this, but the pillow is available in more sizes and the one that you se on TV is a lot more expensive than the price they display. Unless you have an unnaturally small head, you will find this pillow way too small.

The microbeads come out.
This is extremely annoying because you will find these tiny beads allover the bed, in your hair or on your face. Your health can also be affected because you can accidentally inhale them in your sleep.

When you’ll take the Sobakawa cloud pillow out of its wrapping you will notice that it has a bad, toxic smell. They advise you to let it out in the air and the smell will go away but in most cases it doesn’t.

Too firm.
I personally don’t understand why they’ve decided to use the word “cloud” when this pillow is nothing but comfortable. I don’t know, maybe at first, when the pillow was launched, it was the kind of pillow we’ve seen in the commercial and as time passed by they became greedy and started making this the uncloud pillow. Forget the smell or the size, customers would have been happy if the pillow was at least comfortable.

Noisy beads.
When you move around, from a side to the other you might hear the beads clinking. In fact, this is a common feature with most microbeads pillows and I personally don’t find it so annoying.

Wake up soaking wet.
They claim that the pillow stays cool all night and there’s no need to flip it over. Well, another fail. There were cases when customers complained of the fact that even they didn’t had problems with night sweats before, they woken up soaking wet. The beads inside the pillow increase their temperature and because they aren’t s breathable as they should be they make you break a sweat.

No additional pillow cases for sale.
You will get a free air flow pillow case with your order but there’s no way to order a second one if the old one becomes unusable. The only solution would be to order a second pillow which is quite dumb.

Weird warnings.

Notes such as very flammable, note recommended if you are under 14, to immediately throw the pillow if it develops any tears and to never use the pillow case with any other pillows. Except for the flammable one, I find that the other warnings help you to better understand that this pillow has a bad design, it doesn’t work as it should and in fact it can cause health problems on the long run.

The word sobakawa means “buckwheat hulls” so this pillow should contain them, right? No, it’s full of microbeads so if you are looking for a buckwheat pillow this is not what you need. All this sounds like false endorsing to me.

My advice is to forget about the Sobakawa cloud pillow and look for pillows that indeed deliver the comfort that you long for. It can be a buckwheat pillow, a memory foam or just regular down pillows. Just make sure that it’s worth the price you are paying for it.

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Forget the old “cute as a button” saying, the total pillow is “cute as a daisy”.

Shaped like a daisy, this pillow is more versatile than you might think when you look at it for the first time. The product fits in the “As seen on TV category” and you can change its shape in just a couple of seconds and enjoy superior comfort.

This total pillow review is going to help you find out if this is one that is worth the money. There are plenty total pillow reviews online that you can read to get an idea about the level of quality of this particular product, but, you only need 3 minutes to read this one and it’s going to be enough to make a decision.

The Total pillow is filled with tension easing micro beads that support your body and helps you to say goodbye to morning pains and sleepless nights.

In the car, in the plane, at the computer, in the bed, you can use the Total pillow wherever you need to. Just bent it in the desired shape and enjoy unexpected comfort. It can be easily placed on your suitcase’s handle so you don’t have to worry about it when traveling.

You can use it 5 different shapes and change the position whenever you feel like without worrying that the seams might break.

Total Pillow Banner - 468x60
Total Pillow. It’s like having 5 Pillows in One!

How can you shape it

* Like an 8 for better lumbar support

* Bend it in half for double neck support

* Fold it in half an use it onto your old pillow for better spine alignment

* Fold the pillow in half and gently lift both extremities if you want to support your knees or ankles

* You can also use it as it is

Once you’ve chosen the shape you want, Total pillow will stay this way so you don’t have to worry that the pillow might fall back to its daisy shape.

The compress

The pillow comes with a gel compress that can be heated in the microwave if you need a warm compress or in the fridge if you need to cool down. You will also get a matching fleece cover for the gel pack.


There are lots of Total pillow reviews that say the pillow is uncomfortable, too hard or the seams break off easily. I’ve noticed that there are several pillows that resemble the original one and the negative reviews are almost all linked to them.

On Amazon there’s a blue pillow that’s uses the “As seen on TV” name but there’s no proof that is manufactured by the same company. It also doesn’t come with a compress so it’s easy to spot the counterfeit. Read the reviews this product has and you will find all the flaws mentioned earlier.

The real Total pillow has two sides: a brown and a beige one and this is the only way you will see it so be aware. Whether you buy it from the original website or from stores such as Target or Walmart, make sure that you get the real deal.

At this moment there’s a deal on the Total Pillow website where you can get two pillows and two compresses for only $19.99 but you have to pay separate shipping and handling fees. For more details, you can always read more total pillow reviews.

Total Pillow. It’s like having 5 Pillows in One!

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Prints can change the whole look and zebra pillows are definitely a great place to start.

Now the design is not so fixed and you can find lots of twists to the overall aspect.

What to choose from the whole zebra print pile

Opt for zebra throw pillows you can strategically place on the sofa, on your bed or on the chairs. If you are moderate in the whole print thing, one or two pillows is definitely enough but if you feel in heaven when you see such a print go for zebra galore. Get a couple of pillows on the couch while putting others on the ground, next to a plant and the list is endless.

Zebra cushions will go nicely on the patio furniture, near the pool or in the garden. If you have lots of plants you can create a theme in which to blend the prints or you can leave them as a standalone piece. You can use them for boats, as pet cushions on the porch or in your winter cabin.

It’s all about the colors

Now when you say zebra print you basically refer to the pattern not necessarily to the colors themselves as you can find pink zebra pillows, brown and black, blue/green stripes on a white background and even sequined print. A popular print is the tan one but the dark color makes it more appropriate for a vintage decor of for a room with light colored walls and furniture. If you look in any pillows store you will find an overwhelming number of pink zebra pillows but the surprise is the fact that they actually look good.

Round, square, make your pick

The decorative zebra pillows are mostly square or rectangular, as this thing look great with the whole stripe design but you can also find round pillows (sometimes with  a button in the middle), neckrolls or boxed pillows.

Zebras for the kids

If your child is fond of zebras or maybe horses, you can place a zebra pillow in his/her room and create a special design. You can decorate a corner in the room keeping the whole zebra or jungle theme by adding a rug or even a plsuh zebra. For a more childish look you can buy instead pillows with funny cartoons showing zebras doing their stuff.

Don’t go overboard

Yes, zebra pillows look great but if your eye hurts when you enter the room you should cut on the whole zebra thing. Use just several elements that can go with the decor, like a painting of Africa or you can the pillow as a statement piece and use elements that don’t necessarily relate to prints, like a big plant or some wooden boxes.

Save zebras

Killing animals just to have their skin in the living room so we can amaze our guest is cruel, insensitive and against the law. Zebra skin pillows, more precisely real skin look horrid, smell bad and have a sad story behind them. Why have this when you can buy lots of zebra print pillows that look awesome and that didn’t any animal in the manufacturing process?

If you decided to go for zebra pillows you clearly like to be different and to stand out and these pillows definitely do the job for you.

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