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    Moshi Pillows

    Moshi pillows are pillows made from nylon spandex or even lycra and filled with micro beads (polystyrene beads). They are available in many sizes, shapes and colors and were first made in Japan but soon become a huge hit, now being sold worldwide.

  • Pillows

    Adjustable Bed Mattress

    The adjustable bed mattress became more and more popular these days and adjustable beds are gaining field over regular types of beds. Still, they aren’t for everyone and most certainly not all of us can afford to have them. Even if these beds were first used at the beginning of the 20th century, you could find them only in hospitals and only in the late 1960’s they were available for all customers. Usage. Adjustable bed mattresses are very comfortable and you can have one without having health issues. Just the fact that you can stay comfortable while reading a book, having your breakfast in bed, while browsing the web on…

  • Pillows

    Latex Foam Pillows

    Sleep is extremely important for our bodies and bad choices of mattresses and pillows could make you hate going to bed but Latex foam pillows are easy peasy solutions to this problem. Latex is extracted from rubber trees that are grown in warm regions such as Africa, Indonesia or South Africa. Pillows that are made using only organic rubber extracted from these rubber trees are the best choice because are great allergy/insect repellents but natural latex foam pillows can severely damage the environment. Lots o companies state that they make their latex foam pillows using organic latex which has been carefully extracted from rubber tree without damaging the trees but…