Winter may be charming with it’s snowy decor, Christmas holiday and all but when you have to sleep in a cold bed the first thing you think may be” Boy, I wish it was summer!”.

A heated mattress pad does the job of keeping your bed warm and cozy and it also cuts down on energy bills.

If you live in a big house you know how much it costs to heat all the bedrooms just for one night. Let’s face it, you need a warm bed, you don’t have to heat up the whole room. Use heated mattress pads in your kids bedrooms, in guestrooms, wherever you have someone sleeping and say goodbye to bed shivers.

The difference between a pad and a heating blanket is the fact that the first one keeps your bed warm instead of just having a warm blanket on top. The comfort is way better and if you have a busy sleep, constantly tossing and turning you don’t have to worry about the blanket not staying on.

1. The couple’s choice
Rest Secure Restwarmer Dual Control Mattress Pad from Westpoint Stevens

Rest Secure Restwarmer Dual Control Mattress Pad

Size: Full, Queen, King and California King

* Extra cushioning prevents the wire from disturbing your sleep
* Two controls that allow using different temperature setting on each side of the bed
* The matters is protected from the heat by the Fiver Wooven 100% polyester cover
* Automatically turns off after 10 hours to prevent any incident
* Forget spot cleaning, this pad is machine washable and dryable

Warranty: 5 years

If you share the bed with someone chances are that you won’t need the exact temperature in the bed. You might have cold feet when he feels just right or the other way around. This dual control heated mattress pad uses a zoned heating system that allows both of you to use the right settings for you. It can provide extra heat for the feet to prevent waking up with cold feet.

2. The thick mattress choice
Sunbeam Heated Electric Mattress Pad Sz. Queen

Sunbeam Heated Electric Mattress Pad Sz. Queen
Size: Queen only

* 10 temperature settings
* Great for mattresses up to 15″
* Expand-a-grip technology that keeps the pad from sliding
* Dual control

Warranty: 5 years

The Sunbeam heated mattress pad also features a dual control but it’s the best choice for thicker mattresses. It works great even for smaller mattresses because it keeps the pad in place so you don’t have to tuck it under the mattress each morning.

3. The low voltage choice
Soft Heat Electric Heated Warming Microplush Twin Top Mattress Pad, White

Soft Heat Electric Heated Warming Microplush Top Mattress Pad, White

Price: $87.25

Size: Twin, Full, Queen, King and California King

* It has ultra thin wires which makes them almost undetectable
* Low voltage technology
* Automatically shuts down after 10 hours
* It’s machine washable and dryable

Warranty: 5 years

The most “expensive” model is the best looking one also. A problem people seem to have quite often is a buzzing noise which comes from AC/DC adapter. Some are disturbed by it while others don’t even notice it. They claim that their low voltage technology is safer compared to others. In fact, this is somewhat a new system and people seem to be satisfied with it.

My take on it:

A heated mattress pad will warm up your bed in about 20 minutes and it will keep you warm throughout the whole night. You should feel comfortable, without being too hot or too cold. If one of these two things happens return the pad immediately. It either has a manufacturing issue or it’s a bad model.

Read whatever heated mattress pad reviews you can find for the model you intend to buy but don’t guide yourself after them. Each of us has personal preferences and while one might enjoy a super hot bed you might like a medium warm bed. As I’ve said, if you aren’t happy, refund it!

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The latex foam mattress is the next big thing in the bedding industry and can even get to be the no.1 mattress in term of benefits, features, warranty, price and even customer ratings.

Natural vs synthetic rubber
Latex is extracted from the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) after the tree is at least 5 years old by making incisions in the trunk. Because latex allergies are quite common, mattress manufacturers started using synthetic natural which delivers the same end results as natural latex but it’s hypoallergenic so it’ completely safe to have a foam latex mattress. Natural rubber also caused massive clearance as those trees were exploited until they become worthless.

Pressure points
The foam latex mattress will provide up to 33% more pressure relief than any other mattress and this helps customers to alleviate their neck, hip, knee or back pain. If you have minor problems with your joints you might notice that the foam mattress ended them once and for all. Circulation will also be improved and if you get an extra pillow to put under your knees you will feel great.

Bed bugs, dust mites and allergies
Latex foam mattresses aren’t the perfect environment for bed bugs or dust mites which make them the perfect choice if you want to have a clean, allergy free sleep environment. This is great especially if you have kids because it keeps them away from unwanted allergies. Pets are also an issue because their hair can get into the mattress and disturb your sleep and cause serious health problems but the latex foam mattress keeps it from penetrating the outer layer of the mattress.

Motion transfer
The latex foam isolates your moves so that you don’t disturb your bed partner ion the middle of the night when you decide to turn on the other side. If you have trouble falling asleep or you have a habit of waking up to get something from the kitchen, you won’t have to get in a fight with your husband/wife because you waked him/her up.

Yet another feature of the latex foam mattress. This keeps the mattress warm in the winter and cold in the summer so you can sleep tight without tossing and turning. Bad odours aren’t a problem anymore and if you take the mattress outside every 4-5 months you can refresh it and have a nice, natural smelling mattress.

No sagging
Unlike innerspring mattresses, latex foam won’t sag so you can sleep on them without worrying that you have to flip and rotate them every couple of months. This saves you time and energy and keeps you away from a nervous breakdown because they are quite heavy to move, especially if you have a king size one.

This is definitely a winner as latex foam mattresses usually have a 20 year warranty keeping you on the safe side for many years. Yes, they are extremely durable and can conserve they initial shape and maintain the same level of comfort for years to come.

In most cases you get what you pay fro but there’s no need into paying $5000 on a mattress if you can find it at a smaller price. Look for latex foam mattress reviews online and see what customers have to say about a certain model: was it ok or you should stay away from it? Compare prices online and see where you can get better deal. Sometimes companies offer free shipping and this surely counts considering the fact that they are usually shipped for shipping taxes between $100-500. Also you should try to avoid mattresses that seem too good to be true because in most cases this is true. Counterfeit latex mattresses are sold for several hundreds dollars but this is easy to spot because the warranty will be for just several years and the overall aspect of the mattress is suspicious.

You can go for latex foam mattress topper which is made from synthetic latex or from a combination of natural and synthetic latex. This allows you to get the same comfort you will benefit if you had a latex foam mattress without having to replace your old mattress which is comfortable enough but needs just a bit of help to have that nice, comfortable , luxurious feel.

Talalay vs Dunlop
These are two methods used to manufacture latex foam mattresses: Talalay and Dunlop. The talalay method uses liquid latex which is poured in a mold and then it’s processed until it becomes the latex used in mattresses. The Dunlop method uses the liquid latex which is then mixed with air to produce foam and then it’s poured into a mold and heated until it’s vulcanized. The best latex foam mattress is the one made using the Talalay method as it offers the best orthopedic support but this is also the most expensive latex foam mattress.

The latex foam mattress provide better comfort, healthier sleep, pain relief and is definitely a winner on today’s mattresses market.

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You have to be extra careful when you buy a cradle mattress because any manufacturing flaws will prevent your baby from enjoying his/her sleep and it will keep you awake all night.

Cradle vs bassinet
Cradles are beds suited for babies up to four, five months at most but there not the same thing as bassinets. The main difference between the two of them is that the bassinet is lighter and portable while the cradle is sturdier and therefore less portable. Both of them are usually made from light wood or wicker and are great for babies because they clearly feel cozier in a smaller bed but this is just for several months. When the baby is able to rollover without your help he/she should be moved to a crib to avoid any unwanted accidents.

Buying the right cradle mattress
You should be extra careful when buying any type of mattress, especially a baby cradle mattress because in their first months babies do only two major things: sleep and eat. The mattress should provide the right support so the baby’s body develops normal.

1. As in most cases if you buy various infant beds you won’t also get matching cradle mattresses. Make sure to talk to the sales representative and see if you get one or not. Sometimes the mattress is displayed but it’s just for commercial purposes.

2. The cradle mattress size is also on issue. You have to measure the cradle and make sure that the mattress will be a perfect fit as any empty corners can be extremely dangerous because the baby might get her/his foot stuck in there . Make sure that the size of the mattress is among the most popular types of mattress: 18 x 36 cradle mattress and the 15×33. This will make your job easier and have lots of models from which to pick.

3. These cradle mattresses are specially designed for small children and they are waterproof and flame retardant. Improvising a mattress with some foam and what you might have handy is the worst option you can choose because these can seriously hard the infant. Usually you can find cradle mattresses for less than $150 so it’s not worth all the hassle.

4. You might think about getting a cradle mattress pad too because it will provide extra absorption and comfort and it will also protect the mattress so you don’t have to worry about changing the mattress every time the baby messes it. These things run from bout $5 to $20 so you might think about getting more than one because in the long run they will save you lots of money and time. You just put them in the washing machine and you’re done.

5. You should consider buying an organic cradle mattress made from organic cotton or natural rubber in order to prevent your baby from sleeping in a polluted atmosphere. They protect the baby from germs and mites and they can also come with a waterproof protector. Nowadays there are so many organic products from which you can choose that you don’t have an excuse not to buy them.

Advice: Don’t use an old cradle mattress from your other kids because they will most surely decreased the level of comfort and can cause sever allergies and infections because they’re the perfect environment for mold, dust, mildew and lots of bed bugs.

The cradle mattress, especially if it’s organic helps your baby to get a healthy start and you an both enjoy comfortable sleep as sudden awakening during the night will be less often.

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If you want to have a softer mattress, the egg crate mattress pad can do wonders.

For less than $50 you can revamp your mattress and enjoy comfortable, restful sleep once again. This pad is made from foam and it has lots of bumps and dips that proved to be very effective.

They are called egg crate mattress pads because the foam is shaped like an egg carton, reducing pressure points and proving proper spinal support. People have often the wrong impression that the little dimples are uncomfortable and avoid buying them but after you will sleep on an egg crate pad you won’t go back to the regular foam pad.

The mattress pad egg crate has specific attributes that allow it to create the perfect environment for your sleep:

* You can use on all types of mattresses, except the memory foam mattress because the pad will basically sink into the foam. It goes great instead with the inner spring mattress, the latex, air, water and even regular foam.

* The whole egg crate looks increases the breathability of the pad as you don’t have to worry about bad smells. This feature also prevents heating which is great, especially in hot summer nights.

* Keep your body aligned, reducing pressure points and those annoying back and neck pain that bug us in the morning.

* The egg crate mattress pad improves your circulation by evenly distributing your body weight.

* You get excellent support for your back and this is why the egg crate mattress pads are successfully used in hospitals with patients that underwent severe surgeries and need to have proper spinal support.

* You can find high end quality pads are made using only urethane foam which is plastic free.

* It’s available in many sizes and color so you won’t have trouble finding the right one for your bed.

* The pad has a flat back thus preventing it from sliding from a side to another.

* They are frequently used by students who can’t afford to buy a new mattress and need a better place to sleep than that old, incredible uncomfortable mattress.
The cleaning process is extremely easy and can be done in two ways:

* Fill a spray with some detergent and water and spray the mattress. Now let it work for about an hour and then either hose it down or keep it under the shower. Gently squeeze it so you get al the excess water out and let it dry.

* If you don’t like to use chemicals you can mix some lemon juice with baking soda and water and spray the mattress. Let it soak for an hour and let it dry by itself. to get rid of bad smells you can mix some vinegar with water and repeat and spray the mattress using the same steps as above.

Tip: 1. Don’t dry it in the dryer as the foam will melt and you will be in big trouble.
2. Let the egg crate mattress pad dry completely to avoid any mildew or mold.
3. If you don’t where to dry the pad, you can use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner to get most of the water out.

The egg caret mattress pas is definitely a great investment and after you sleep on it just for a night you will wonder why you haven’t bought one until now. It will last for more than just a couple of years and the comfort and support it provides makes it the best addition to your old mattress.

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Buying a cot mattress for your child is way more difficult than buying a mattress for you as you can’t do any compromises.

You can’t say: “Well, it might get bulky, but I’ll manage, I’ll get used to it”. You have to think at the child’s safety and level of comfort and this might end up being a difficult task. The following list contains some key issues that you have to be careful about so your baby feels great in the long run:

1. Level of comfort. Cot bed mattresses should pass this test as a bulgy, edgy mattress will make your child toss and turn instead of enjoying his/her sleep and can even cause serious health issues, more precisely the child can develop spine problems.

2. Size. This is simple. Most cot mattresses have a standard 55.1in X 27.6in (140cm X 70cm) and the 120 x 60 cot mattress is also a favorite being the second most popular size. If you like to have a bigger one, there’s no need to be worried as most companies started manufacturing them in more sizes and you can even get a custom made one if you need a perfect pit. This will be enough for most kids until they reach the preteen age and it will have enough space to play in the bed and to enjoy a restful sleep. Don’t go shopping without having the actual cot mattress size thinking you will find the right one as you have big chances of coming home with a mattress that doesn’t fit. An ill fitting cot bed mattress can also cause accidents as your child might get a leg or an arm stuck under it or it can even get under it.

3. Price. The price usually runs between $100 and $500, depending on the size and quality of the mattress. If you look more deeply, you might find some that are under the 100 mark or you can benefit from free shipping. In most cases, buying an used baby cot mattress is not a good idea because it’s not healthy and these mattresses have a moderate level of usage so they will not last long and aren’t comfortable. Kids are passionate jumpers and the bed seems to be the best accessory in the room and a secondhand mattress might not be the best idea for this.

4. Cot mattress protector. You will be so glad that you bought this thing. Even if your child passes the toilet training test, he still has a gazillion things to spill on it: a drink and the cereal bowl are just some pointers. If you have a crafty child, the danger is even more as all those crayons, pens, glues and other supplies can seriously mess up the mattress. Depending on your needs and the child’s age, you can go for waterproof protector a regular one, but think twice before deciding.

5. Label. Companies nowadays seem to forget the client and use all sorts of cheap, productive materials that can help them make lots of mattresses that can be sold at a more attractive price. A cot mattress has to be anti allergic, hygienic and the materials have to ensure the child’s safety.

6. Materials. Foam, wool, coir or sprung coat are some of the available options and your budget and preferences will be the deciding factor. Foam is usually non-allergenic and has holes that increases the airflows but it’s a tricky element as foam cot mattress are sold for a low price but having a low quality. IF you want a foam mattress, be careful to test it carefully and to make sure you are buying from a reputable company so in case of nay problem you can ask for a refund. Natural fillings like coir and wool are the option for parents that like to have a natural, ecofree lifestyle while the sprung cot mattress provides the best types of support for the spine and they also have the most advantages: durability, best support and safety but they’re also the most expensive.

These advices will help any parent into choosing the cot mattress they think is suited for their child and the whole store browsing process will be reduced if you know what to look for.

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