insomnia, sleep problems Yes, 38%, about 119 million Americans have sleep disorders that interfere with their daily activities. A survey conducted by Replacement mattress had the following findings:

  • most affected are young women with a low income and living in a rural area
  • 40.8% of women admitted to having sleep disorders, compared to 36.6% of men
  • contrary to popular beliefs, more men (7%) than women (2%) complain that they’re unable to get some shut-eye because of their partner’s disrupted sleep
  • women have problem falling asleep and often experience daytime sleepiness
  • more women (9.2%)  than men (7.5%) wake up with aches and pains
  • young adults are experiencing more sleepless nights compared to elderly or middle-aged people

Top sleeping problems experienced by men and women

  1. Difficulty falling asleep and/or sleeping
  2. Sleep apnea or snoring
  3. Usually feeling sleepy during the day
  4. Waking up with pain in the morning
  5. Sleep issues due to partner’s sleep habits

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Hot flashes and night sweats are the most uncomfortable menopause symptoms women experience and they are somehow connected.

You don’t have to be in your 40s to go through these, lots of women in their mid 20s complain about these two symptoms too.

Hot flashes.
They start with excessive sweating and an accelerated heartbeat and last from a couple of minutes to half an hour. They are usually located in your upper part of the body but they can spread throughout the whole body and make you feel like you are experiencing the worst flu ever. Hormonal changes are to blame for this, as the hypothalamus receives messages saying that your body needs more heat and thus he does his job and increases your body’s temperature.

Nighttime hot flashes are called night sweats and mess up your sleep. if they occur each night or worse, several times a night, they can cause insomnia. Hot flashes and night sweats are hard to cope with, especially if they are very frequent and last for more than just several seconds or a couple of minutes.

Night sweats.
Also known as sleep hyperhidrosis, night sweats are the result of the detoxifying process and are usually harmless. They consist of excessive sweating while sleeping and will result in a sleepless night.

Spicy foods, caffeine, alcohol, hot drinks, hot showers or a warmer bedroom temperature will trigger night sweats.

If you notice a dramatic increase in your nigh sweats, especially if you wake up soaking wet, think of the changes your body went through. These can be diet, a stressful week or working out close to bedtime. Reverse them and see if night sweats still occur.

If so, check with your physician as there can be a medical reason for this. Night sweats are a very common symptom in diseases like flu, cancer, hypoglycemia, infections, HIV, epilepsy, pneumonia or tuberculosis. An early medical consult will
Identify your condition and you will be able to fight it. If you get used to night sweats and think that they will eventually go away than you are only worsening your condition.

Hot flashes and night sweats are also found in perimenopausal women. You can get into this phase in your mid 30s and thus start experiencing these menopause symptoms.

However, not all women go through night sweats or hot flushes. Some of them have experience them once or twice a week while others once a month, while the luckiest of all don’t even know what these symptoms are.

I recommend staying away from hormone replacing therapies as they can cause long term issues which are hard to deal with. Use natural or homeopathic remedies, use bed sheets and pajamas made from natural fiber, avoid meds that have night sweats listed as side effects, such as antidepressants, have a healthy diet and have the right mind set. All these are way better that stuffing your body with harmful meds and in most cases these measures are way more effective.

Natural remedies for hot flashes and night sweats

Black cohosh. This is a highly popular natural remedy used for painful menstruations and studies shown that not only it can stop night sweats, but it can also reduce depression.

Supplement your body with vitamin E, B, C, magnesium and potassium found in fruits and veggies or use supplements.

Evening primrose oil. Ask your doctor what dosage is best for you and start the treatment. This is also used by women who want to improve their PMS.

As I said, don’t rush into buying meds that claim to cure everything, try some of the remedies for hot flashes and night sweats that you know, ask your mother and friends, search on the web. The healthy way is always better and safer.

Hot flashes and night sweats usually appear due to a hormonal imbalance, bad diet or as you get close to menopause but they can also be the symptom of a health condition. Don’t get used to them, regardless of the cause behind them. Fight them back and start enjoying your sleep again.

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Night sweats in men can surely mess up the sleep routine and even cause hormonal changes.

However, if you have the right attitude and you decide to consult your physician, you are several steps away from putting an end to it.

Don’t overlook night sweats, especially if you notice a change in your body because an early treatment will help you to better deal with severe affections such as cancer or diabetes.

What causes night sweats in men?

Sleep hyperhidrosis is a fancy name for night sweats and the main and most important symptom is excessive sweating while sleeping and it doesn’t necessarily has to be connected to daily sweating.

Alcohol. If you consume alcohol on a daily basis and especially if you tend to go overboard, than night sweats is something you should expect. The alcohol in your body will be eliminated through sweat and this process will interrupt your sleep and cause hormonal disorders.

Bad diet. Spicy foods, red meat or fizzy drinks will surely “spice up” any meal, but will also mess up your sleep and make you wake up super grumpy. A nice, balanced diet and a couple of weekly gym sessions keep you both healthy and away from night sweats.

I recommend you pay attention to this and visit your physician because night sweats can also be a sign of many conditions, like:

If you are in your mid 40s than you should know that this condition is one of the most common causes of night sweats. It’s triggered by the hormonal changes and basically it transmits a message to the hypothalamus that your body has to sweat. Hormonal treatments will get your testosterone to regular levels and this will fix your problem.

Whether it is cancer, leukemia or lymphoma, night sweats are a common symptom and it’s also associated with daily sweats.

In this case, you deal with excessive sweats that wet your sheets and make you toss and turn and wake up in the morning feeling like a mess.

Nighttime hypoglycemia is unpleasant to deal with because it can cause night sweats, nightmares, all leading to a sleepless night. Your doctor can give you some effective advices that will prove to be highly effective, like having a late night snack that will supply your body with enough sugar.

These conditions will increase the body temperature and thus develop those annoying night sweats.

Lots of medications have night sweats listed under side effects and if this condition doesn’t get better after you’ve stopped taking the pills, than I recommend seeing a doctor.

High fever is always associated with pneumonia and night sweats can also occur from time to time, if not on a regular basis. It all depends on your body’s immune system.

Sleep apnea. Night sweats, along with daytime sleepiness or loud snoring are clear signs of sleep apnea. In this case, night sweats in men are more frequent as men are more exposed to suffering from this condition.

Stress. Anxiety and stress are surely hard to cope with but if you keep on having a stressed life, than night sweats are nothing compared to what you will have to deal with. Heart conditions are just several of the problems linked to living in stress.

There are a lot of other causes of night sweats in men, like mental conditions, anxiety, influenza or a simple back pain. Your physician will be able to determine immediately if your night sweats are caused by a health condition or they have the simple purpose of detoxifying your body.

Consulting your doctor will help you to find the real cause of your night sweats and use the right weapons to cure them. However, there are lots of night sweats in men cases that don’t have a medical condition behind it. My advice is to try to find out what changes you made to your diet, lifestyle or environment and see if you can ease you condition. A colder shower, a lower room temperature or lighter pajamas are just a couple of small changes you can make but they can prove to be quite effective.

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Have you ever wondered why do people snore or why do kids snore?

I mean, grownups, I can understand they are snoring because of several reasons, which we will talk about later, but why do kids snore?

Maybe the problems that grownups have are also affecting children. Could be. Now, let us get back to the main factors that make people snore.

I’ll start with a simple question: Do you snore? Because if you do then you are surely going to find interesting what I am about to tell you. You will learn the main factors that seem to be responsible for most people’s snoring. Knowing the reasons people snore is a great step in the right direction, and the right direction in this case is to stop snoring.

So, what do you think makes you snore? It could be almost anything, and your snoring can be triggered by many, many things, but there are some main reasons people snore that over 90% of people find to be the actual causes of their snoring. Eliminating these causes can lead to a better sleep and the elimination of your snoring, but this is not always the case.

Why do people snore when they sleep? They could be snoring because they do not know the meaning of the word moderation. This is a very interesting word, than in our current society, we seem to not understand. This words calls to us and tells us that all things in life should have moderation in them. You should eat with moderation, sleep the same and work the same.

You should also workout and do some physical movement each day. Take a walk each day. All these things are going to keep you healthy, and too much excess is going to lead to trouble like snoring.

So, how do you stop someone from snoring if you know that they have a life filled with excesses? You just stay by their side and show them what moderation means and how they can apply that to their life and the results will be amazing. If they want to stop snoring they will accept your help, and if not, then at least you have tried to help them, but no one can help those that do not want to be helped.

But, we were talking about why do people snore, so let us get back to that and see some other reasons people snore. Another answer to the question why do people snore in their sleep is because they really like to smoke. Smoking, as you may already know is very, very bad for our health and will damage everything inside your body.

It is a shame that so many people allow smoking to destroy their lives, when they could just stop smoking and get on with their lives. Because you smoke, you will have problems with your nasal cavity and they you will have problems with your throat and this will make it difficult to breathe and you will start to snore.

Someone asked the question do fat people snore and I think the answer should be provided. People that are fat are generally people that do not exercise or people that have a medical affection, and in both cases, these people will most likely snore. To stop snoring, they can start to exercise daily or/and see a doctor if they have a complex affection that requires special care.

Many people also ask how do you stop snoring and the answers are all over the internet. There are countless ways to stop snoring, according to what the causes of snoring are. When you find the cause you can search for a cure, but it is essential that you also use the cure and treat yourself for as long as you must, and most people do not so this. But, in my opinion, the question that people should be asking is how do you prevent snoring. Starting early and trying to prevent this problem can save you a lot of sleepless nights and wasted time and money.

Medication can also be an answer to why do people snore, because in some cases, the medication one takes will make him or her snore at night. Sleeping pills or antihistamines are known to produce snoring, but there are others as well and you should always ask your doctor if a certain medication that he is prescribing will make you snore. If it will, you can ask him if he can give you something with similar effects, except for the snoring part. In some cases this is possible, so it is worth a try.

Do fat people snore? Hey! Haven’t we answered this question already? I think that we just said that among reasons people snore, the lack of exercise and some affections can induce snoring in overweight persons. But, there is also another reason why people may snore and that is because of eating too much. And there we go again with the whole moderation thing and we get back from where we started. Moderation is the key, not only for snoring but a lot of other health related things.

So, why do people snore? Can you answer this yourself now? Do you also know the answer to the question how do you stop someone from snoring? Why do kids snore? You should be able to answer all of these questions and to the one about children and snoring you should answer that children can experience the same things as adults, and they can also snore like them and sometimes even worse. When and if this happens, parents should search for the cause of snoring and eliminate them as soon as possible.

I have an answer to the why do people snore question. They snore because they want to “annoy” the other people which are trying to learn how to fall asleep fast :)) This is a joke, but this is kind of what really happens unless snoring is stopped, so you would better start finding ways to stop snoring instead of asking yourself why do people snore.

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