When should you take a sleep disorder test? Should you wait for your doctor’s approval or should you do it without it?

What exactly is a sleeping disorder test and how does it help? How come I have to take one (it this mandatory)? These are part of the questions that you or someone that has some trouble sleeping might be thinking about and the answers are not far away.

You should be taking such a test because it is always a good idea to see if you may have some sort of sleep issue and this little sleep disorder quiz can lead you into the right direction. You can take the test and then you can also consult a doctor, if you are ensure or in doubt about the results. You must always play it safe and if you feel that something may be wrong than the best thing to do is to see a specialist. The test is completely mandatory and you are not obligated to take it.

Did you know that…

…we sleep more than 1/3 of our lives? Wow! That seems a lot of time for zzz! Because we sleep so much out of our daily schedule, you can only imagine what kind of impact will a lack of sleep do on our health. This is why sleep is essential for our well being and should be put high on our priority list.

…1/3 of the population from the US have some sort of sleeping disorder and most of them do not even know that they have a sleeping problem. This is why it is so important that you take a sleep disorder test and see if there are some chances that you might be having sleep disorders symptoms that will probably mean that you should consult a doctor to see if you really have some kind of sleeping disorder like obstructive sleep apnea disorder or circadian rhythm sleep disorder.

Who knows what kind of problem you may have? You won’t know until you have gone to a doctor and gone through a series of tests to see exactly what is the matter with you. A sleep disorder testing that you can do anywhere and anytime you want is just going to let you know that maybe something is wrong and you should take a closer look at it. A very easy solution is an online sleep disorder test that can be done on the internet in a matter of minutes and can lead you to see if you do have some of the sleep disorders symptoms that require more detailed information and study. Here is an useful sleep disorders test that you can take right now – take test here

Before you go and take the test, please remember that the sleep disorder test should never be considered medical advice and if you think or feel that you may have a sleep disorder, then you should immediately see a specialist for a proper testing. When in doubt, you should consult a doctor who can help you.

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The symptoms of insomnia are very different from person to person and can make some people think that they have other issue not related to sleeping when in fact they suffer from insomnia.

Individuals which have this issue will probably wake up early in the morning, feeling very tired and nervous because their lack of sleep. People with insomnia are less active than others and have a lower working rate than most people.

Why is this? That’s obvious. Lack of proper sleep and the fact that while they should be sleeping they start thinking about all sorts of things, some of them very stressful. If you add this stress to the one that they get at work, you will get the idea. These people must search for help and they should only resort to sleeping pills or other insomnia pills just as a last resort as there are other ways to get a quality sleep without using pills.

Insomnia is one of the most important causes of many illnesses thought the

insomniac man
insomniac man

world today, and that is why it is even more important to treat it and stop it as soon as possible. Whenever detecting any insomnia symptoms, all the people that see this must go and consult a doctor so that they can treat insomnia in a proper way and defeat it.

Bellow you will find a list of the most important symptoms of insomnia, and you can use them to see if you or someone close to you may suffer from insomnia. After you read the list and if you decide that you or someone you know may have insomnia, schedule him/her for an appointment with a doctor. Do not hesitate and do not delay! Just do it and you will do a good to someone dear to you or maybe even to yourself!

Insomnia symptoms:

1. One of the most known insomnia symptom is the difficulty in falling asleep at night that some people have.

2. Any related sleep problems that may affect your sleep may mean that you actually suffer from insomnia.

3. A constant feeling of drowsiness is probably a sign of insomnia.

4. If you realize that while at work or even at home you feel a difficulty in concentrating on projects or even basic activities that you used to do fine with, then this means that you either have a lack of sleep or insomnia.

5. If you wake up nervous and irritable and feel that nothing works your way, you may be experiencing this because of the lack of sleep.

6. Another insomnia symptom is the daytime tiredness which makes you want to take naps after naps every day.

7. An unreasonable amount of fatigue that you may feel can also be one of the symptoms of insomnia.

8. If you have frequent nocturnal awakenings you may suffer from insomnia.

9. Mood alternations can also come from lack of sleep.

10. Maybe you feel like you sleep well but just need to wake up early. It is like something is making you get up and you can not sleep anymore than a certain hour. This could mean the “i” word too.

11. If you feel the need to wake up frequently in the middle of the night.

12. Some of the insomnia symptoms also include a difficulty in returning to sleep.

These are a couple of the symptoms of insomnia that one can experience when dealing with this affection. Now, some of these symptoms may seem a little contradictory to some people that because of their age, are prone to sleeping a lot less than they were sleeping years ago.

This is not the case, as this is a natural tendency and we are talking about things that happen un-naturally and without any warning. Things that are out of the ordinary like starting to wake up in the middle of the night and so on.

Whenever you feel that something is not in order you should seek the advice of a doctor so that you do not end up with chronic insomnia. The best thing to do is to tell a specialist about the problems that you have and together you will find the proper way to deal with it.

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Sleep deprivation effects can be quite serious when someone is experiencing lack of sleep.

One can experience different health issues that can be present in a mental or physical form. Among the effects of sleep deprivation there are: lack or a decrease in our ability to think properly or handle stress. This is not good news for people that have to work a 9 to 5 job and are always feeling that they do not have enough time to rest properly.

Although there are some very special cases were short or long term sleep deprivation effects are not present at all even if the person did not sleep enough according to our beliefs, these cases are very, very rare and one can not draw a conclusion from them. It may interest you to know that there is actually a case in which a person hasn’t slept at all in over 32 years!

If this sounds very strange and quite unbelievable, you’d better read this article from the thanhniennews and see for yourself.

Thai Ngoc is the main character here and he has not slept for a second since he was 31 years old, back in 1973, when he had a strange fever that was the cause of his lack of need of sleep since then. He did not sleep at all for over 32 years and most importantly, he seems to not have any sleep deprivation health effects, being in a greater shape then most people that sleep 7-8 hours per night.

Like I said, this is an extraordinary case and normal people, like you or me, will probably stand no chance in living a decent life if we do not sleep for a couple of hours per night. But, let us talk a little bit more about some of the sleep deprivation side effects.  Among the negative effects of sleep deprivation, there are:

– irritability and a general state of feeling bad
– lack of concentration
– hallucinations can also be present among the sleep deprivation effects on the brain
– the effects of severe sleep deprivation can be deadly, and that actually means that if one does not get enough sleep, then that person could actually die. This is the result of a constant weakening of the immune system, which is determined by the constantly decreasing number of white blood cells from our body. The body can no longer metabolize sugar and turns this into fat and all of these factors combined with other ones will determine the inability to sustain life for our body.
– heart disease and other related illnesses
– slow reaction times
– the presence of tremors in the body
– a state of depression can also be present
– among other sleep deprivation effects on the body people can also experience a slurred speech
– a dramatic weight change is also one of the known physical effects of sleep deprivation

Did you know that…

… if we do not sleep for more than 24 hours than our metabolic activity will drop down to almost 11%?

…experiments have determined that rats can not live longer than 5 weeks when they experience severe sleep deprivation. Forced to sleep very little per night, the rats proved incapable of sustaining life for more than 35 days, in some cases dying after 2 weeks.

…over50% of individuals that are over 64 years old are suffering from some form of sleep disorder?

Sleep deprivation effects can range from mere problems to several very serious issues. Long term sleep deprivation effects are probably the worst and these are the ones that you must look out for.

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