38% Of Americans Have Sleep-Related Problems

  • Post last modified:March 7, 2018
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insomnia, sleep problems Yes, 38%, about 119 million Americans have sleep disorders that interfere with their daily activities. A survey conducted by Replacement mattress had the following findings:

  • most affected are young women with a low income and living in a rural area
  • 40.8% of women admitted to having sleep disorders, compared to 36.6% of men
  • contrary to popular beliefs, more men (7%) than women (2%) complain that they’re unable to get some shut-eye because of their partner’s disrupted sleep
  • women have problem falling asleep and often experience daytime sleepiness
  • more women (9.2%)  than men (7.5%) wake up with aches and pains
  • young adults are experiencing more sleepless nights compared to elderly or middle-aged people

Top sleeping problems experienced by men and women

  1. Difficulty falling asleep and/or sleeping
  2. Sleep apnea or snoring
  3. Usually feeling sleepy during the day
  4. Waking up with pain in the morning
  5. Sleep issues due to partner’s sleep habits

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