Bed Rest Pillow – Is A Backrest Pillow A Good Choice?

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Backrest pillow, bed rest pillow, you can call it whatever you want, it’s the same reading pillow with arms. If you like to browse your favorite blogs in bed, to sit comfortable when you read bedtime stories to your kid, to breastfeed, play video games or when you watch TV, this pillow will do the job.

These pillows are popular amongst students as well because they provide the extra comfort without taking up too much space or having a huge price. You don’t even have to use it in the bed: place it against a wall or the desk and you have your own relaxing corner.

The spend some extra dollars options

1. BedLounge pillow from Cequal
A bed rest pillow with arms that has a fancy, more expensive look and it also comes with fully adjustable headrest and lots of settings that will help you to truly relax. The $143.95 price kind of speaks for itself: better quality, higher price.

Dr. Robert Swezey, a famous expert when it comes to back and neck pain relief, is the one responsible for the design of this pillow. It’s sturdier and more supportive than the budget friendly pillows so if you can afford the price, than go for it.

One downside these pillows have is their size: they are big and bulky. However, the arms fold so you can place it in a corner when you don’t use it.

The budget friendly options for a bed rest pillow

1. The Brentwood bed rest pillow is available in colors such as navy, camel or pink or in nice patterns like camouflage or animal prints. Each pillow has a handle which allows you to easily move it from a room to another. If you want a soft pillow for a teenager, go for the plushy designs and a bold color. For adults bedrooms the twill or corduroy will work just fine, creating a classy look.

The average price for this backrest pillow is around $30, depending on the store you go to. On Amazon they have great deals while on Ebay you can find the same pillow for a higher price. You can also check the stores near your home and see if you can find a better deal.

2. Transformational backrest pillow cover allows you to create your perfect pillow. Use their cover and buy 3 super comfy pillows and you have your own patent pending pillow. It saves up a lot of space and you can assemble it when you need it. The backrest is visible narrower compared to the Brentwood models but the arm rest are bulkier so it’s one thumb up – one thumb down kind of situation.

If you experience neck or back pains that aren’t related to a health issue a bed rest pillow can solve your problem. Make sure that the store where you buy has a return policy of at least 30 days and buy one. Your relaxing moments will get even better with it!

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