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The canopy bed is not the usual bed and making it to fit the design of your bedroom can be quite a challenge.

This decorative bed looks similar with the four posted bed but is not the same thing.

When you sleep in this bed you feel protected as it provides more intimacy than the regular bed and you feel somewhat related to those beautiful princesses that we’ve all seen in cartoons and in the Robin Hood movies.

Canopy bed designs

The canopy beds are usually either traditional or modern and it’s easy to spot them because the traditional ones have that colonial, vintage look while the modern canopy bed is usually made of metal and has funky, different designs.

You can go for the whole four poster type or you can choose a half canopy, depending on the level of coverage you want to attain.

IDF you decide you want a canopy bed frame make sure you ca incorporate it in your bedroom design. You don’t want it to look like it was placed there by mistake as the other furniture items that already exist have to be in the same note. Height is also a factor because you can’t squeeze them in as much as you want too. If you decide to settle for a smaller height when you’ll be laying in the bed you will feel constrained because the lower canopy won’t allow you to have as much air inside. Indeed, it provides better intimacy but I don’t think it’s worth it.

Canopy beds for girls

With the drapes and the whole romantic feel, this bed seems to be the perfect candidate for a little girl. They are rightfully associated with castles and princess as this is where their history began. The drapes were an excellent shield against drafts and cold and in the summer thinner materials like silk were used to keep mosquitoes and other insects away.

Canopy beds for boys

Yes! Boys can enjoy sleeping in this bed too.  By choosing simple, blue, green or red colored drapes and a neutral bed color you can create a great bed for your boy. Keep in mind that kings slept in these beds too! If you don’t find a design that you like, you can get one custom made as there are lost of ideas from which to jump start: the base can resemble a car and the drapes can be garage or you can make it look like a tree house.

The price issue

People think that these beds are expensive so they give up searching for models they like but the thing is that for merely $300-$500 you can find a great twin canopy bed. The sheets and drapes might cost as much as the bed in some cases, but it will be the center piece of the bedroom.

Canopy bedding

You can personalize your bed as you want by simply changing the bedding: light pink for a princess look, strong red if you want to bring some passion in your bedroom or even green to keep up with spring. Depending on the type of material and the complexity of the design, these beddings can go as high as $2000, the most sold ones being about $400.

Look for the canopy bed that you like most and if you think it will be a great purchase for you, buy it and wake up it the morning just like royalties did.

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