Is Excessive Sweating Stopping You From Having A Good Night’s Sleep?

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A multitude of persons complain about the fact that they can not have a good night’s rest because of their excessive sweating problem, also known as sleep hyperhidrosis.

For people that have this kind of problem, this post tries to be of help in finding remedies for this disorder.

Someone who goes through excessive sweating at night will first feel hot and then cold and then the cycle will repeat itself all over during the night. This, of course will make the person not be able to rest properly and wake up un-rested and nervous. Let us first address some of the causes of excessive sweating so that many people can get an idea of what they need to do in order to stop excessive sweating and sleep well at night. So, what causes excessive sweating?

Excessive sweating causes:

1. Our good friend, smoking, is also responsible for your excessive sweating, among other, many benefits that this bad habit has. It is clear that smoking is not good for anything and if you are a smoker and also experience excessive sweating at night, then chances are that you have found the main cause of your problem.

2. If you enjoy eating a lot of spicy foods, then you must know that these will also make you sweat more as they heat up your body. They will also make your sweat have a more powerful smell.

3. Do you normally drink one or two coffees a day? If you do, then know that besides rising your pulse, coffee and caffeine found in coffee and other products, will make you sweat more.

4. Drinking hot drinks on a regular basis will also rise the level of your sweat. It sounds kind of hilarious, but you should stop drinking hot beverages and make sure that their temperature is stable and normal.

5. Using new medicines may make you sweat more than usually and this can depend from person to person. It can also be that you just stopped taking some sort of pills and this leads to excessive sweating at night.

6. Consuming alcohol in great amount will also lead to excessive sweating and people that have this kind of issue should stop drinking alcohol beverages or they may end up making their problem more serious. Night sweats alcohol is something that people who drink alcohol on a daily basis experience and it is not pleasant.

All these things can cause excessive underarm sweating and excessive facial sweating. And waking up in the middle of the night because your were feeling sweaty and wet is never pleasant. Many people say that they can no longer sleep more than 3-4 hours per night because they have to wake up and change their clothes as they are wet.

Now, you know a little more about excessive sweating causes and that is great, but this is only the first step. The next one is to see what needs to be done. Just by not doing the bad things that were presented above, you can generally prevent excessive sweating and have a nice sleep. But there are also other solutions for the question: how to stop excessive sweating? In the following lines you will find a couple of cures for excessive sweating.

Excessive sweating treatments:

1. The basic treatment for excessive sweating is using an antiperspirant. But it does not do you any good to use one if you do not wash regularly and use an excessive sweating antiperspirant on a regular basis, right after you have washed.

2. Another one of the known cures for excessive sweating is the use of botox. Some people that have this issue use botox injections to get rid of it. These injections are effective, but they are both expensive and a little dangerous as if they are not done by a specialist and after a proper consult from a good doctor, you may end up with some other new problems of health.

So, you just learned about what causes excessive sweating whether it’s underarm, face or head sweating. You have also found out of two treatments for excessive sweating. This means that you now have the knowledge on how to stop excessive sweating and all you need to do next is to start applying what you have just learned here.

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