Futon Sofa Beds

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If you are looking for futon sofa beds it can be a sign that you are short on space.

Indeed, these furniture items can save up a lot of space and can fit in almost all decors.

The word futon is used today even when it’s not absolutely necessary and with products that have nothing to do with it. Futon is a Japanese term that originally referred to a certain type of padded mattress and quilts that could be folded in the morning to make more room. Throughout the years the designed of the futon sofa bed suffered some changes, a wooden/metal platform being added thus allowing it to be converted in a sofa or bed, depending on your needs. Normally the futon sofa bed has a frame which folds in the middle for a couch and flattens to become a bed.

Compared to the 70’s or the 80’s, now there are numerous models available with various patterns, colors, designs, shapes and sizes. If you like modern decorating, you can buy a futon bed sofa that has a modern, edgy look and easily incorporate it in the decor of your room. In case you are fonder of the traditional look there’s no point into buying a modern on, no matter how much you like its look because it will make your room look bad and instead of blending in nicely it will look like an elephant in the corn field.

The futon sofa beds can have wooden or metal frames but the wooden ones are most popular as they are sturdier. These frames should support your body weight and the mattress also so make sure it will pass the test of time. Check to see if the arms are screwed correctly and look if the stress supports board located underneath are strong enough because if not you might wake up on the floor.

Covers are a great solution because you can easily change the appearance of the room by using other covers for the futon. Think well before rushing into buying them: how often do you have guests, do you have kids or pets? Going for light colors might not be the best solution because sofas stain easily and if the cover is made form a sensitive material that doesn’t allow frequent washing you will have a dirty looking futon sofa bed. Depending on your budget and personal preferences, you can choose from cotton, polyester or even velvet. The best strategy here is to buy several covers and to avoid spending too much on them because it’s truly not worth it. You can find great looking covers for as low as $30-40 so there’s no point into spending hundreds of dollars on them.

Futons sofa beds are helpful if you don’t have a guest room or if you can’t squeeze a comfortable bed in there. Just look in a decor magazine and see how great these pieces look and how with some simple additional items, like a tall lamp or a nice painting you can easily revamp a corner/wall of the room making it cozy and perfect for a night of sleep. These are extremely practical especially if you have a small apartment and some friends that like to sleep over or if you have a kid as he/she can sleep on the futon sofa bed and during the day you can fold it to make more room to play.

Some disadvantages of these sofa futon beds are that it can be quite heavy and moving it around from place to place can prove to be a serious task and if you want to take it out you might notice that it doesn’t fit and you have to take it apart.

With prices ranging from $100 to $500, futon sofa beds are a great new addition if you live in small apartment/house or if you just want to have some more space for your friends.

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