Heated Mattress Pad – 3 Recommendations

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Winter may be charming with it’s snowy decor, Christmas holiday and all but when you have to sleep in a cold bed the first thing you think may be” Boy, I wish it was summer!”.

A heated mattress pad does the job of keeping your bed warm and cozy and it also cuts down on energy bills.

If you live in a big house you know how much it costs to heat all the bedrooms just for one night. Let’s face it, you need a warm bed, you don’t have to heat up the whole room. Use heated mattress pads in your kids bedrooms, in guestrooms, wherever you have someone sleeping and say goodbye to bed shivers.

The difference between a pad and a heating blanket is the fact that the first one keeps your bed warm instead of just having a warm blanket on top. The comfort is way better and if you have a busy sleep, constantly tossing and turning you don’t have to worry about the blanket not staying on.

1. The couple’s choice
Rest Secure Restwarmer Dual Control Mattress Pad from Westpoint Stevens

Rest Secure Restwarmer Dual Control Mattress Pad

Size: Full, Queen, King and California King

* Extra cushioning prevents the wire from disturbing your sleep
* Two controls that allow using different temperature setting on each side of the bed
* The matters is protected from the heat by the Fiver Wooven 100% polyester cover
* Automatically turns off after 10 hours to prevent any incident
* Forget spot cleaning, this pad is machine washable and dryable

Warranty: 5 years

If you share the bed with someone chances are that you won’t need the exact temperature in the bed. You might have cold feet when he feels just right or the other way around. This dual control heated mattress pad uses a zoned heating system that allows both of you to use the right settings for you. It can provide extra heat for the feet to prevent waking up with cold feet.

2. The thick mattress choice
Sunbeam Heated Electric Mattress Pad Sz. Queen

Sunbeam Heated Electric Mattress Pad Sz. Queen
Size: Queen only

* 10 temperature settings
* Great for mattresses up to 15″
* Expand-a-grip technology that keeps the pad from sliding
* Dual control

Warranty: 5 years

The Sunbeam heated mattress pad also features a dual control but it’s the best choice for thicker mattresses. It works great even for smaller mattresses because it keeps the pad in place so you don’t have to tuck it under the mattress each morning.

3. The low voltage choice
Soft Heat Electric Heated Warming Microplush Twin Top Mattress Pad, White

Soft Heat Electric Heated Warming Microplush Top Mattress Pad, White

Price: $87.25

Size: Twin, Full, Queen, King and California King

* It has ultra thin wires which makes them almost undetectable
* Low voltage technology
* Automatically shuts down after 10 hours
* It’s machine washable and dryable

Warranty: 5 years

The most “expensive” model is the best looking one also. A problem people seem to have quite often is a buzzing noise which comes from AC/DC adapter. Some are disturbed by it while others don’t even notice it. They claim that their low voltage technology is safer compared to others. In fact, this is somewhat a new system and people seem to be satisfied with it.

My take on it:

A heated mattress pad will warm up your bed in about 20 minutes and it will keep you warm throughout the whole night. You should feel comfortable, without being too hot or too cold. If one of these two things happens return the pad immediately. It either has a manufacturing issue or it’s a bad model.

Read whatever heated mattress pad reviews you can find for the model you intend to buy but don’t guide yourself after them. Each of us has personal preferences and while one might enjoy a super hot bed you might like a medium warm bed. As I’ve said, if you aren’t happy, refund it!

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