How do snipers stay awake for 72 hours (Fantasy Integration)

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How do snipers stay awake for 72 hours?

Answer: A sniper is able to stay awake for 72 hours by using “fantasy integration”, a mental exercise they are taught in training. A sniper will create various scenarios that involve a target. These scenarios vary and keep the sniper’s mind focused, trying to anticipate any outcome. 

The scenarios can be anything from doing something together with the target like playing a tennis match to going surfing, building a car, etc. As soon as the sniper receives a target, he/she gets busy and nothing else will distract them for 72 hours or more. This is the closest thing to a fantasy integration definition we could find.

How do snipers stay focused for so long?

By undertaking extensive training where their mind is strengthened to be able to resist without moving for long periods of time. 

How do snipers stay alert?

To prolong their awake time some snipers will chew on dry coffee grounds, use RedLine juice, drink coffee (if possible), use energy bars, etc. During the Vietnam war snipers used medicated mixtures that would prevent them from falling asleep. These drugs would often be the last resort as they can have serious side effects. 

Sometimes, snipers need to use advanced sniper techniques to stay awake. 

How do snipers stay awake for so long?

1. By putting instant coffee on their lips to help stay awake

2. Sprinkling Tabasco sauce onto the finger and rubbing it under the eyes for a burning sensation that will wake them up instantly. 

3. If nothing works then a sniper can try pinching or inflicting moderate levels of pain on themselves so that the body can start secreting adrenaline and keep them awake for longer. 

How long can snipers stay awake?

72 hours or even more but in some cases, after 72 hours of awake time one can start hallucinating which means effectiveness goes way down. After this much time awake it is very difficult to make decisions because of the extensive time behind a scope. Brain fatigue sets in and it is extremely difficult to continue looking through the scope without breaks. 

Why do snipers need spotters and how do they help a sniper stay awake for longer?

Sometimes a sniper will have a spotter. This person needs to be close by so they can both communicate by whispering. To avoid fatigue and increase awake time and depending on the scenario, one can take cat-naps every 20-30 minutes or more while the other keeps scoping the target. In some cases, catnaps become impossible (for example the Captain Phillips movie where the snipers needed to be ready to take down 3 attackers in seconds). 

A sniper will receive advanced training to improve their willpower. Concepts such a lack of sleep, boredom or pain will not be present for them once they learn to enter advanced mental states. As soon as they receive an order, this is all they think about. 

When do snipers sleep?

If they are not alone on the field which usually happens, snipers will sleep when they rotate to the rear of their unit. This is the time when they can eat, shower and sleep. They can’t remain in the field for a very long time since this would decrease their eye-sight, lead to injuries, capture or even to death. 

Here are some other FAQ people often ask: 

What do Snipers do when they have to poop?

Usually a waste pit is dug where the excrements are buried. The sniper will try making sure that this spot is not obvious so it won’t be seen by the enemy. 

What do Snipers do when they have to pee?

The preferred tactic is to unroll a rubber and use it to take a pee and then take it with them. The idea is to not leave any urine odor after/if the sniper has switched positions. Doing this at night will minimize the risks involved. 

How do female soldiers pee?

By using the FUDD or female urinary diversion device, a woman can urinate while standing up or leaning back.

In conclusion, are snipers trained to stay awake for 72 hours? Yes and they can do this although it is very difficult and can lead to hallucinations.  

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