Insomnia Statistics

Insomnia statistics are getting more and more complex as this sleeping disorder affects more people every year.

These statistics about insomnia are from various years so you can compare its evolution through the years. Some of them are country related but the numbers are approximately the same in all countries.

Insomnia statistics

– 20 to 40% of all adults encounter insomnia problems during a year time.
– More than 2 million children suffer from various sleep disorders.
– Almost 35% of people suffering from insomnia have a family history of insomnia.
– We now sleep 20% less than we did 100 years ago.insomnia-statistics

– 60% of American people admitted to have driven even they were sleepy and almost 37% of them actually fallen asleep while driving, all these being show by a National Sleep Foundation Poll in 2008.
– 55% percent of all adults have problems with insomnia inn their lifetime.
– More than 70 million Americans suffer from various sleeping disorders insomnia being one of them.
-Out of those 70 million, almost 60% of them have a severe sleeping disorder.

– 30 to 40% of children can get the required 9-10 hours of sleep every night.
– Pregnancy can mess up your sleep too and if you already have insomnia or you have noticed that you have insomnia signs and symptoms you should ask for a medical advice as soon as you can as your child’s health is endangered.

– Approx 90% of those who suffer from depression also experience insomnia.
– More than 93% of the people that have problems with insomnia admit that their performances are greatly affected by this and almost 90% say that they are more exposed to accidents and injuries due to this.

The  insomnia statistics show that people that have 15 to 55 years old are more affected by this sleeping disorder.
– A person suffering from insomnia sleeps about 6 hours or less daily.
– 50% of people over 65 years have various sleeping disorders.
– In the Top 3 of countries affected by insomnia America is situated on the 1st place, Germany comes in second being followed by UK.

– 85% of insomnia suffering people state that they had various other health problems that occurred form their lack of sleep caused by insomnia.
– There are more than 80 classification of sleeping disorders affecting people in the whole world.
– Hospital statistics show that more than 90% of people that seek medical treatment for their insomnia are hospitalized.

– The hospitalization period for insomnia is about 7 days.
– More than 10 million Americans use prescriptions sleeping medication to sleep.
– If you have trouble sleeping and suffer from sleeping deprivation you have 27% to be overweight.
– Women are more exposed to having insomnia problems then the opposite gender. The exact numbers are: 40% of women and 30% of men.
– 90% is the percentage of people that agree with the fact that they have trouble socializing.

Insomnia statistics America: The Costs of Insomnia

– The Institute of Medicine stated that every year are spent hundred of millions of dollars on costs that involve only sleeping disorders.
– The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration statistics revealed that only in a year time almost 1500 people die and 100 thousands vehicle accidents occur because people drive even if they are very tired.

– Employers spend $3200 more with health costs for employees that have insomnia problems than on those who don’t encounter any trouble sleeping.
– The US industry loses approximately $150 billion dollars due to workers that have insomnia, that miss work or that do not work their maximum productivity.

These insomnia stats are very useful for the medical industry as they have the approximate numbers of people that suffer from various sleeping disorders, which gender and age segment are most affected and so on. As soon as you notice that you have some of the insomnia symptoms make an appointment with your doctor and see what is happening. You will discover the source of your insomnia and the best way to deal with it, whether if it’s a natural remedy, a sleeping pill or anything else.

Even if these insomnia statistics might scare you, it’s a good thing as you will be aware of the damage this sleeping disorder can make and you won’t deny your disease and start treating it to avoid being part of those statistics of insomnia. You have already made the first step in learning how to fall asleep fast and sleep more at night by visiting this site. Keep reading around here and you will find some solutions to your problems.

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