Latex Foam Mattress

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The latex foam mattress is the next big thing in the bedding industry and can even get to be the no.1 mattress in term of benefits, features, warranty, price and even customer ratings.

Natural vs synthetic rubber
Latex is extracted from the rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis) after the tree is at least 5 years old by making incisions in the trunk. Because latex allergies are quite common, mattress manufacturers started using synthetic natural which delivers the same end results as natural latex but it’s hypoallergenic so it’ completely safe to have a foam latex mattress. Natural rubber also caused massive clearance as those trees were exploited until they become worthless.

Pressure points
The foam latex mattress will provide up to 33% more pressure relief than any other mattress and this helps customers to alleviate their neck, hip, knee or back pain. If you have minor problems with your joints you might notice that the foam mattress ended them once and for all. Circulation will also be improved and if you get an extra pillow to put under your knees you will feel great.

Bed bugs, dust mites and allergies
Latex foam mattresses aren’t the perfect environment for bed bugs or dust mites which make them the perfect choice if you want to have a clean, allergy free sleep environment. This is great especially if you have kids because it keeps them away from unwanted allergies. Pets are also an issue because their hair can get into the mattress and disturb your sleep and cause serious health problems but the latex foam mattress keeps it from penetrating the outer layer of the mattress.

Motion transfer
The latex foam isolates your moves so that you don’t disturb your bed partner ion the middle of the night when you decide to turn on the other side. If you have trouble falling asleep or you have a habit of waking up to get something from the kitchen, you won’t have to get in a fight with your husband/wife because you waked him/her up.

Yet another feature of the latex foam mattress. This keeps the mattress warm in the winter and cold in the summer so you can sleep tight without tossing and turning. Bad odours aren’t a problem anymore and if you take the mattress outside every 4-5 months you can refresh it and have a nice, natural smelling mattress.

No sagging
Unlike innerspring mattresses, latex foam won’t sag so you can sleep on them without worrying that you have to flip and rotate them every couple of months. This saves you time and energy and keeps you away from a nervous breakdown because they are quite heavy to move, especially if you have a king size one.

This is definitely a winner as latex foam mattresses usually have a 20 year warranty keeping you on the safe side for many years. Yes, they are extremely durable and can conserve they initial shape and maintain the same level of comfort for years to come.

In most cases you get what you pay fro but there’s no need into paying $5000 on a mattress if you can find it at a smaller price. Look for latex foam mattress reviews online and see what customers have to say about a certain model: was it ok or you should stay away from it? Compare prices online and see where you can get better deal. Sometimes companies offer free shipping and this surely counts considering the fact that they are usually shipped for shipping taxes between $100-500. Also you should try to avoid mattresses that seem too good to be true because in most cases this is true. Counterfeit latex mattresses are sold for several hundreds dollars but this is easy to spot because the warranty will be for just several years and the overall aspect of the mattress is suspicious.

You can go for latex foam mattress topper which is made from synthetic latex or from a combination of natural and synthetic latex. This allows you to get the same comfort you will benefit if you had a latex foam mattress without having to replace your old mattress which is comfortable enough but needs just a bit of help to have that nice, comfortable , luxurious feel.

Talalay vs Dunlop
These are two methods used to manufacture latex foam mattresses: Talalay and Dunlop. The talalay method uses liquid latex which is poured in a mold and then it’s processed until it becomes the latex used in mattresses. The Dunlop method uses the liquid latex which is then mixed with air to produce foam and then it’s poured into a mold and heated until it’s vulcanized. The best latex foam mattress is the one made using the Talalay method as it offers the best orthopedic support but this is also the most expensive latex foam mattress.

The latex foam mattress provide better comfort, healthier sleep, pain relief and is definitely a winner on today’s mattresses market.

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