Latex Foam Pillows

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Sleep is extremely important for our bodies and bad choices of mattresses and pillows could make you hate going to bed but Latex foam pillows are easy peasy solutions to this problem.

Latex is extracted from rubber trees that are grown in warm regions such as Africa, Indonesia or South Africa. Pillows that are made using only organic rubber extracted from these rubber trees are the best choice because are great allergy/insect repellents but natural latex foam pillows can severely damage the environment. Lots o companies state that they make their latex foam pillows using organic latex which has been carefully extracted from rubber tree without damaging the trees but only several of them do so. Synthetic latex is made mixing various chemicals together and qualifies as ecological but some customers reported that it can cause respiratory/skin affections.

Getting used to it

If you never slept on a latex foam pillow you will need a couple of nights to get used to it so don’t give up after just one try. Latex ahs a different structure and feeling compared to down pillows for example so you might find it too soft, or uncontrary, too hard.


When you sleep on Latex foam pillows will hug you feel that they actually hug your body without being too soft too cause neck pains. Your body weight with be perfectly distributed so that you get the proper support for your neck, shoulders and back. This means that you will be able to wake up in the morning feeling relaxed instead of running in the bathroom to get your massage cream to ease the neck pain.

Allergies and parasites

Foam latex pillows keep bed bugs and dust mites away and they also offer mildew protection. Researchers showed that they are 300% more effective against dust mites compared to other materials. But this is not all. These pillows are also hypoallergenic so if your allergy is preventing you from enjoying your sleep, this pillow is your way out of the problem. The foam latex pillow is recommended if you have kids as it provides a safe sleep environment and it will also keep pet hair out of the pillow so you don’t inhale it while you sleep.


The foam structure allows air currents to easily pass through it therefore maintaining the right temperature. If you tend to sleep with the face on the pillow you won’t have trouble falling asleep because you will breathe easily. In the winter latex foam pillows keep you warm and in the summer prevent excessive sweating


This is their main benefit: they fit your body so great that it relieves all pressure points keeping you relaxed and they easily come back at their initial shape. You can get latex foam pillows to support your neck, back or knees, depending on your needs.

Health benefits

Its flexibility feature is great for arthritis or back pains because it can offer total or partial relief. If you have problems with your circulation, you can use these under your feet to easily keep them elevated while you sleep.

Long lasting

Foam pillows last three times more than normal pillows maintaining their original shape and comfort without developing lumps or smelling bad. Having a pillow that doesn’t need to be replaced one or two times a year will save you both money and time.


As latex foam pillows are designed to last a lot more than regular pillows, it’s no surprise that they are more expensive. But don’t imagine that you will have to spend a fortune on them! Their price tag runs from $30 to $250 for luxurious, extremely comfortable pillows. If you think that you will have them for many years, it’s totally worth it.


Foam products don’t require washing but if you want to clean your latex foam pillow you can hand wash it with some detergent, keep it under running water and gently press on it to remove any excess water. Let it dry by itself because the dryer can melt the foam and you will be faced with a bad chemical experiment. Changing the pillow covers every week will also help because it will keep the pillow fresh and clean.

Look for latex foam pillows online or in local bedding shops near you, depending on your preferences. Test the pillow before buying it and carefully read the label to make sure it’s not made by a bogus company. The next and final step is to take it home and enjoy comfortable, luxurious sleep for many years to come.

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