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Moshi pillows are pillows made from nylon spandex or even lycra and filled with micro beads (polystyrene beads).

They are available in many sizes, shapes and colors and were first made in Japan but soon become a huge hit, now being sold worldwide. At first you can only buy them as a gift or a toy for your child because there were sold in funny shapes: heart, gloves, various flowers and animals but they soon became very popular as neck rolls as they were excellent for supporting the neck.

What does Moshi mean?

I don’t know what Moshi stands for but the expression “moshi, moshi” means “hello”. However, the name Moshi is now associated with almost all microbead pillows and

In fact, Moshi is a pillow brand which is designing pillows for children. Other brands that also sell microbead pillows are: Snooztime, Pike Street, HoMedics and Westminster but these are mainly microbead pillows for adults and are developed to provide the right support for your head and neck.

Microbead pillow

These types of pillows contain thousands and thousands of small microbeads and allow you to sink your head in it, literally. There are comfortable and after sleeping on those you won’t wake up with neck pain anymore. Find some cool ones here.

Shapes, sizes, colors

If when speaking about sizes, the options available aren’t that many, I can only say some of the most popular shapes for the moshi pillows: dogs, cats, ducks, hippos, elephants, rabbits, fishes, horses, caterpillars, ladybugs, dolphins, bears and so many others. The colors are either suited to the natural color of the animal they represent or it depends on the imagination of the one that created the pillow.

Designed for kids

As I said, the crazy shapes made it ideal for kids and parents soon noticed that their kids were sleeping much faster if they had their moshi pillow shaped like their favorite animal/cartoon character. But adults can enjoy these beauties too as they are excellent as funny gifts or to keep them on the bed and sofa for a nice, colored, childish feel.

Moshi neck pillow

Companies started manufacturing the neck pillow because studies shown that it provides great neck support after a sport injury or if you suffer from stress, anxiety or frequent headaches. The neck roll pillows are great if you travel a lot and the small size allows you to take them in the car, plane or even train.

Cleaning it

As said on the label, you shouldn’t put them in the washer as you might not get it out in one piece. In case you deal with a spot try to clean it off with some detergent and luke warm water. IF this doesn’t work, just think at it as a revamp.


These cuties cost $15-$30 and can be found both at your local mall/neighborhood market and online so you have so many pillows from which to choose your favorite one.

Watch out

I’ve tried finding details about the moshi pillow brand but I wasn’t successful as I found only unavailable websites. Before buying a moshi microbead pillow read the tag in order to make sure that there aren’t any materials that can harm your or your kid. The famous label with “Made in China” should make you even more careful especially if you buy the pillow for an extra small price. If you want to make sure you are buying a real Moshi, make sure that the label says so. If not, you are surely facing a copycat.

Moshi pillows are successful both with kids and adults and you just have to think of someone who will love this as a gift and make him/her happy.

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