Night Sweats And Alcohol – Why Are You Waking Up Drenched In Sweat?

Does alcohol cause night sweats? Yes and if you experience night sweats after drinking alcohol you must stop drinking or at least try to reduce the amount of alcohol you consume. In some cases, just by reducing the amount of alcohol all the night sweats related issues will go away. Here’s an easy way to reduce alcohol consumption or even eliminate it

What is the connection between night sweats and alcohol?

Lots of people are unable to sleep during the night because they experience night sweats, from mild to extremely severe sweating in sleep episodes that disrupt their sleep pattern. The night sweats and alcohol couple is the consequence of a party with way too much cocktails or the sign that your alcohol addiction went too far.

Individuals which have these issues sleep less, toss and turn every couple of minutes and can’t seem to be able to enjoy a good night of sleep. This leads to a stressful life and can cause numerous health problems.

If you are asking does alcohol cause night sweats, then you should know that the answer is yes, alcohol can cause night sweats. Night sweats or excessive sweating are also known as sleep hyperhidrosis and can be caused by a multitude of factors. It has been proven that daily alcohol consumption will increase the chances of night sweats.

What do night sweats and alcohol have in common and why do I sweat so much at night?

A glass of red wine while you enjoy that delicious dinner or one or two glasses of beer when you watch your favorite team play  won’t harm you. You just have to avoid going to bed right after you’ve drank any sort of alcohol beverage because you have to allow your body to acknowledge it. It has been proven again and again that alcohol can lead to many serious diseases if the intake is more than just a simple glass and the night sweats and alcohol issue can be just the beginning.  

Alcoholism affects tens of millions of people and each years the number grows. Why do people drink alcohol in the first place? Some have serious reasons, but none is serious enough to destroy your life. Some say that because they lost their job, their wife or husband, their loved ones and so on, that they want to drink to forget all about it. This is not the way to solve problems. Excessive drinking should never have any excuses because night sweats alcohol will be the last thing to worry about.

If the problem is serious your first step should be acknowledging the fact that you need help. Ask your family and friends for support and work towards an alcohol free life.

Here’s something to help you reduce alcohol consumption or even eliminate it And if you live with an alcoholic husband, this can help

Even so, the night sweats and alcohol problem can still continue

Night sweats are one of the symptoms of the alcohol withdrawal syndrome so even if you’ve stopped drinking your battle against it aren’t over yet. Allow your body the necessary time to adjust to the new alcohol free lifestyle and the problem will fix by itself. You have to be strong and faithful to your purpose and if you fight with the right weapons you will be able to sleep like a baby once more.

Bottom line: Why do I sweat when i sleep and how to stop night sweats?

* If you’ve partied last night and had a hard time falling asleep you should know that this is happening for one night only. Night sweats alcohol problems occur only when you pump your body with alcohol and if alcoholism is the one to blame than you definitely have to put an end to your addiction.

night sweats
night sweats

* If you experience night sweats after drinking alcohol you must stop drinking or at least try to reduce the amount of alcohol you consume. In some cases, just by reducing the amount of alcohol all the night sweats related issues will go away. If you get back or/and neck sweats at night and you like to drink often, then it’s time to cut down on it otherwise you’ll keep waking up drenched in sweat. 

* If you are an occasional drinker and enjoy a glass of wine from time to time the night sweats alcohol phenomena doesn’t affect you. The night sweats you experience might be caused by smoking, drinking coffee, drinking beverages that have caffeine, eating spicy foods,  taking some new pills or even stop taking some pills . If you are not able to spot the culprit yourself, check with your physician because untreated night sweats can result in various affections. You also have to regain your sleep back, don’t you?

Night sweats are a real issue and should be treated as soon as possible whether they are caused by alcohol or something else. Treating excessive sweating will save you from a lot of other diseases that can come as an effect of the former. Even if mostly men complain of night sweats from alcohol, this condition can affect women as well.  So, can alcohol cause night sweats? Yes, if consumed irresponsible or if alcoholism is behind all this.

Still having night sweats after months of sobriety? Definitely consult a doctor right away. It might not be anything serious but better safe…

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  1. Paul

    Night sweats happen when you stop drinking alcohol cause your body is trying to heal itself. Remember, alcohol is a poison where if you drink all the time, your body is still in “being damaged” mode. This is why people that quit smoking go through withdrawals. Same thing as with alcohol, it’s your body trying to heal itself.

  2. John Q Public

    I’m an alcoholic and I agree with the above commenter who reported that night sweats are a only a problem when not drinking. Every time I try to quit, I have a problem with night sweats. I’m sorry I ever started drinking. I really am.

  3. Slaytanist

    I also am an alcoholic at only 25 years old and have been since i was 20. it runs deeply in my family. Ive had night sweats for years and after a friend telling me alcohol could be to blame and reading up on it here ive finally found a legitamit reason why it could be happening. its pretty shitty having to wake up at least twice a night because of freezing in your own sweat. the only nights i dont are the nights i drink (which is every other day). correct me if im wrong, but i think alcohol leaving your system causes u to sweat, thus making people wake up freezing from the moisture of their own sweat.

  4. Travis

    You don’t need to be an alcoholic to experience alcohol related night sweats. I am not an alcoholic, but I do occasionally get plastered at the bar. Night sweats have a tendency to occur when I drink in excess of a dozen beers, although they seem to be linked to both my sobriety level and the amount of alcohol I have actually consumed; I only experience night sweats when I am fully overcome by alcohol induced stupor and contain an excessive amount of alcohol within my body.

  5. mike

    I have gone through a period of a few years where I was going to bed drunk almost every night. During that time I never had night sweats. Now I’m gradually cutting back a lot on my drinking and the nights I don’t drink at all or only have a few I almost always have soaking wet night sweats. the nights I still do drink and go to bed drunk I DO NOT have night sweats.

    One thing I’ve possibly attributed this to is dreaming. I don’t really dream when I go to bed drunk. It’s pretty much a dead sleep until I wake up. When I’m not drunk, I’m actively dreaming and I believe this is what causes the sweats. It’s almost an anxiety in my sleep.

    I’ve also had problems in the past (pre-alcoholic days…since puberty to about 21-22) where my armpits would sweat abnormally, drenching my shirts. I solved that with a prescription deodorant I found online (BRILLIANT by the way! changed my life!) stopped that problem all together…even after I stopped using the deodorant and never use it again.

    And sometimes if I get nervous or anxious during the day, in the past, I’d get really hot flashes and start sweating. I guess I still do actually.

    In general, I’ve always been “sweatier” than most people like when doing physical activity…even well before I’ve ever drank alcohol. But never night sweats like this.

    Anybody know a solution to the night sweats while I’m going thru this period of cutting WAY back on drinking???

    I’m choosing a more practical way to control my alcohol consumption which is to drink the way we are intended. in moderation. and that’s working really well for me. I can go several days without drinking and be fine. And even when I do I don’t get blackout “drunk” anymore. don’t even like to do that. just a little alcohol buzz every once in a while like the rest of us. I can remember the night, have fun and laugh with friends, etc. and wake up refreshed and not hung over. To me, I think I’ll always like that. So that’s my goal.

    I realized that after I just made a semi-conscious choice to not blindly stop at the liquor store every day and buy booze it really wasn’t that hard. Anyone who gets drunk every night knows that it’s not that enjoyable after a while. it looses the whole purpose. and so that kind of made it easy for me to start to cut back a lot and realize that’s more enjoyable. like social drinking every once in a while.

    So yea. Any solutions anyone has found out there??? I’d even be open to taking some type of pill for a while if I knew that after my alcohol consumption is back to that of a healthy person (maybe a couple times a month) I could stop taking it.

    My sheets, my mattress and my pillows (and my wife! ;)) will thank you!

    …oh one side note maybe not related is that I’ve also quit smoking during the same time. I do now and then still have a cigarette, but again…maybe 10 a week instead of 250 a week. And again, I realized that I do enjoy smoking again. in MODERATION.

  6. sweats

    I am an alcoholic and do not sweat at night when I drink. It seems to only be really bad (covered head to toe in sweat) on night when I don’t drink. I have also read that if you have chronic heartburn (I do) or take any of the medications for it (I do) night sweats my be a byproduct of doing so.

  7. kris taylor

    The fact is also after a number of months or even years of drinking alcohol every night could be a case where the body gets use to it on a certain level, and if you minimize the alcohol you consume to a minimum this i think can cause sweating at night as your body is use to it.. this should also gradually get better the less alcohol you consume!!

  8. sleepawake

    It probably takes more than a week to figure this out for sure and I think that the best way to get rid of night sweats from alcohol is to just quit drinking alcohol in large amounts for ever. Alcohol was and will never be good in excessive amounts, so it’s best to just stay away from it.

  9. Robin

    The question is how long you need to quit drinking to determine if the alcohol is causing the night sweats or not. Some doctors say if you don’t drink that day and you still sweat that night, then it’s not the alcohol. Other doctors say you need to stop drinking for a couple of months to be sure.

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