Platform Bed Frame

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The platform bed frame is not the first option for most of us but in the few decades it became popular around the world and the whole minimalist look seems to catch up more and more.

The abundance of styles and designs you can choose from makes the whole shopping process a lot easier.

What is a platform bed frame
Platform beds is the same thing as platform bed frames because they are beds without box spring, they have only the flat surface on which the mattress is placed.

The basics
If the box spring wasn’t invented until the late 1860’s, the platform bed can be considered the oldest types of bed, a rudimentary form being found in the lots of pharaohs tombs. This is obvious because 10 or more centuries ago people built their own bed frame or used a solid base instead adding some blankets or whatever they had in hand to make it comfortable and sleep on it.

Platform bed frame types
There are basically four platforms, each one with its own features and designs but the minimalist look is kept in all of these.

* Traditional/transitional platform bed frame. The headboard is accented with various small sculptures or patterns that lead to traditional style. In some cases, the headboard might be upholstered with floral, geometrical or plaid materials which aren’t too shiny or too crowded.

* Modern platform bed frame. This is easy to spot due to the clean design and simple colors, the design is edgy and the lines straight.

* Storage platform bed frame. As the name implies, the bed has a storage unit under it, therefore this type of bed is slightly taller than the other ones. This is great and the drawers have a cute design and can save up a lot of space.

* Asian platform bed frame. This type of bed is the quintessence of the minimalist style and when you look at it you will have the impression that they used two sticks, put them together and called it a bed. This is the design that people seem to like most and it goes great with the whole eco and Asian trends that are so popular today.

Make a platform bed frame

Yes. You can’t do this yourself with a little guidance and the proper tools. IF you want to save the hundreds of dollars that you would have spent on a platform bed, you can perform this DIY. In case you are not such a great craftsman, you can ask your friends to help you to make sure you don’t mess up and build a coffee table instead. Look for online tutorials and platform bed frame plans that will help you to start right and ask for help online. There are lots of carpenters and wood crafters that are happy to lend a hand to a man in trouble.

Make sure you have everything you need: the wood, screws, a saw, drill, tape, pencil and speedsquare and whatever you might need, depending on the design you want to bring to life.

The best advice I can give you is to be careful with measurements because you will have to buy a mattress for it and if you build it too small you will have to settle for a smaller mattress which might keep your feet in the air.

Having a platform bed frame in your bedroom helps you to change the design as often as you like because this bed will successfully fit any design and can be the main piece of the room if you use the right elements.

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