Why Would A Bedside Table Make You Sleep Better?

  • Post last modified:June 21, 2020
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That’s a good question actually. Why would someone need a bedside table in order to sleep better?

Well, there are a couple of reasons for that and one of them, although it may seem funny at first, it is that there is a special bedside table that will make you feel more safe while you sleep. I know, I know. You are wondering what this is all about. Just hold on and read the rest of this post and you will understand the whole deal.

A designer named James McAdam has created a modern bedside table that makes you feel safer. And now comes the interesting and funny part of this whole story: this round bedside table is able to protect you in case you are being attached!!! Does this sound weird? Out of the ordinary? Well, it is, but now, thanks to this designer’s invention, called the Safe Bedside Table, you will be protected, or to say it more accurately, you will have the tools to protect yourself.

This unique bedside table, is mainly addressed to people that feel a constant

safe bedside table intact
safe bedside table intact

fear that someone is going to break into their homes, and because of this, they can not sleep for too long at night or even sleep at all. There are also people that have a sort of paranoia that they are going to be invaded by monsters or aliens which are hidden under their beds or bedside tables.

Maybe this sounds unbelievable to you, who have no problem sleeping at night, but for people that have these types of fears, it is very difficult to close their eyes. Did you know that there has been made a study on the population of London and it turns out that almost 50% of this city’s population is afraid or at least worried that someone if going to break their homes and that’s why they sleep with at least one tool to protect themselves against possible intruders?

You probably did not know that, and yet if that many people feel this unsafe

safe bedside table opened
safe bedside table opened

in a major city like London that is quite well protected, just imagine how many others might feel the same way? This is probably why the designer made this small bedside table, that can be turned into a real weapon when needed. But enough with the talking, let us really see what this bedside table can do for you.

The Safe Bedside Table is made out of a removable leg which is just a club. Yes it is really a club that can be used to protect yourself against intruders. But this is not all. The top of the table can be turned into a shield as it has two handles to place the shield on your arm. So you will look like a gladiator when you have that shield on one hand and the club in the other. And when you are done you will have a not so tall bedside table that looks just fine near your bed. This is a modern bedside table that can really protect you from unwanted events.

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