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A very dangerous affection that is affecting tens of thousands of people worldwide is sleep apnea. To find sleep apnea solutions, one must search through many options that people have in treating this problem.

There are many such options, but not all are good for all people. Each person is unique and so it’s problem is also unique and what someone found useful for their problem, can be not so useful in other cases.

Sleep apnea settles in once the airway of someone which is sleeping just collapses, which means that no air is entering in that person’s lungs. This causes repeated breathing stops in the time of sleep for this person. If within an hour’s time, there are recorded more than 20 such stops of breathing, then the person will feel very tired when he or she wakes up.

While when we are talking about severe sleep apnea, there always should be consulted a medical specialist for solutions, when the sleep apnea is at the beginning stages, you should also consult a doctor to get his/her opinion about it and besides this you have a couple of solutions for sleep apnea that might work for you.

Sleep apnea natural solutions that one can turn to without taking pills

Sleep apnea solution 1: Get rid of that extra 10%

This is a sleep apnea solution that can be done by you without any medicine. All you need to is to set a goal for yourself to loose at least 10% of your body fat. What this does for sleep apnea is that it improves the quality of your sleep and reduces the number of nights when you feel restless. Loosing these extra pounds will also provide added benefits for your health, but when it comes to sleep apnea, this is what it does.

Sleep apnea solution 2: Sleeping at the same hours

If you are sleeping at different hours each night, then this can be a time to stop doing that. By doing this you are actually affecting your own sleep cycles. when having sleep apnea you must try to sleep at the same hours each night and also make it very quiet while you sleep so you will not be disturbed at any time. This is a sleep apnea solution that works well for many people.

Sleep apnea solution 3: Don’t mix these in!

Sleep apnea and tobacco or alcohol do not match in any way, so if you are smoking or drinking too much alcohol, it is time you stopped this for your own good. Not taking any sleeping pills is also recommended as these can be the reason why you stop breathing and should not be taken.

Sleep apnea solution 4: Change position

Among the solutions to sleep apnea, there is one that is so simple that many people have though that it could not work at all. This says that you should avoid sleeping on your back and always sleep on the side and you can even use an object beneath the mattress so that it makes you sleep on a side. This will elevate your head and you will have less chances of breathing stops during sleep.

Sleep apnea solution 5: Dental sleep apnea device

What this does is it quite stops your tongue from falling back into your throat which is the actual reason why you can stop breathing for a short period of time. There are a lot of different dental sleep apnea devices available, but all of them do the same thing.

Sleep apnea solution 6: The last resort

One of the last resort sleep apnea solutions that one should never use before going through all the other solutions out there or only in cases where obstructive sleep apnea solutions are required are the surgical procedures. What most of these do is to open your airway. Maxillomandibular advancement, Tonsillectomy and/or Adenoidectomy or Uvulopalatoplasty, are just some of these procedures.

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