Sleep Deprivation Effects – Why Should You Sleep For 7+ Hours A Night?

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Sleep deprivation effects can be quite serious when someone is experiencing lack of sleep.

One can experience different health issues that can be present in a mental or physical form. Among the effects of sleep deprivation there are: lack or a decrease in our ability to think properly or handle stress. This is not good news for people that have to work a 9 to 5 job and are always feeling that they do not have enough time to rest properly.

Although there are some very special cases were short or long term sleep deprivation effects are not present at all even if the person did not sleep enough according to our beliefs, these cases are very, very rare and one can not draw a conclusion from them. It may interest you to know that there is actually a case in which a person hasn’t slept at all in over 32 years!

If this sounds very strange and quite unbelievable, you’d better read this article from the thanhniennews and see for yourself.

Thai Ngoc is the main character here and he has not slept for a second since he was 31 years old, back in 1973, when he had a strange fever that was the cause of his lack of need of sleep since then. He did not sleep at all for over 32 years and most importantly, he seems to not have any sleep deprivation health effects, being in a greater shape then most people that sleep 7-8 hours per night.

Like I said, this is an extraordinary case and normal people, like you or me, will probably stand no chance in living a decent life if we do not sleep for a couple of hours per night. But, let us talk a little bit more about some of the sleep deprivation side effects.  Among the negative effects of sleep deprivation, there are:

– irritability and a general state of feeling bad
– lack of concentration
– hallucinations can also be present among the sleep deprivation effects on the brain
– the effects of severe sleep deprivation can be deadly, and that actually means that if one does not get enough sleep, then that person could actually die. This is the result of a constant weakening of the immune system, which is determined by the constantly decreasing number of white blood cells from our body. The body can no longer metabolize sugar and turns this into fat and all of these factors combined with other ones will determine the inability to sustain life for our body.
– heart disease and other related illnesses
– slow reaction times
– the presence of tremors in the body
– a state of depression can also be present
– among other sleep deprivation effects on the body people can also experience a slurred speech
– a dramatic weight change is also one of the known physical effects of sleep deprivation

Did you know that…

… if we do not sleep for more than 24 hours than our metabolic activity will drop down to almost 11%?

…experiments have determined that rats can not live longer than 5 weeks when they experience severe sleep deprivation. Forced to sleep very little per night, the rats proved incapable of sustaining life for more than 35 days, in some cases dying after 2 weeks.

…over50% of individuals that are over 64 years old are suffering from some form of sleep disorder?

Sleep deprivation effects can range from mere problems to several very serious issues. Long term sleep deprivation effects are probably the worst and these are the ones that you must look out for.

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