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  • sleepy guy needs some foods that keep you awake

    7 Foods That Keep You Awake (No. 3 Is Probably The Best)

    If you’ve had poor sleep the night before then you could use some foods that keep you awake. For some people, a bad nights’ sleep can mean 1 or 2 unproductive days at the office. For others, it’s even worse. We all know coffee is our first choice but what do you do when there’s no coffee available for whatever reason? Don’t worry, you can always eat something from this list and at least improve your odds of staying awake when it matters. You don’t want your colleagues or worse, your boss, to find you sleeping on the job, do you?  7 Foods That Keep You Awake And Focused #1…

  • Pillows

    Sobakawa Cloud Pillow Versus Total Pillow

    A comparison between two pillows would be interesting, but one between Sobakawa cloud pillow and Total pillow can truly be of use to people. Because these two models are very known and a lot of people appreciate them, it would be interesting to take them head to head and see what the results are, wouldn’t it? If you also think this is a good idea, let us proceed to our comparison. We will compare 5 things, which should be enough for you to see a pattern. 1. Contents: What do these pillows have inside them? Sobakawa cloud pillow Looking at its commercial you would be inclined to think that the…

  • Pillows

    Bed Rest Pillow – Is A Backrest Pillow A Good Choice?

    Backrest pillow, bed rest pillow, you can call it whatever you want, it’s the same reading pillow with arms. If you like to browse your favorite blogs in bed, to sit comfortable when you read bedtime stories to your kid, to breastfeed, play video games or when you watch TV, this pillow will do the job. These pillows are popular amongst students as well because they provide the extra comfort without taking up too much space or having a huge price. You don’t even have to use it in the bed: place it against a wall or the desk and you have your own relaxing corner. The spend some extra…

  • Pillows

    Sobakawa Cloud Pillow

    The Sobakawa Cloud pillow is an “As seen on TV” product and like most of the products indorsed it fails to deliver the benefits it claims. The TV commercial focuses on the many benefits of the pillow: the 20,000,000 of air beads that make your sleep cool, offers proper alignment for your whole body and has a lifetime guarantee. The pillow that will be delivered to your door is just a bad copy of the Sobakawa pillow that you’ve seen in the commercial. It’s not comfortable or supportive, in fact a 5$ pillow that you can find at Target, Walmart or online On Amazon is a better choice than this…

  • Pillows

    Total Pillow Review

    Forget the old “cute as a button” saying, the total pillow is “cute as a daisy”. Shaped like a daisy, this pillow is more versatile than you might think when you look at it for the first time. The product fits in the “As seen on TV category” and you can change its shape in just a couple of seconds and enjoy superior comfort. This total pillow review is going to help you find out if this is one that is worth the money. There are plenty total pillow reviews online that you can read to get an idea about the level of quality of this particular product, but, you…