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    Insomnia Statistics

    Insomnia statistics are getting more and more complex as this sleeping disorder affects more people every year. These statistics about insomnia are from various years so you can compare its evolution through the years. Some of them are country related but the numbers are approximately the same in all countries. Insomnia statistics – 20 to 40% of all adults encounter insomnia problems during a year time. – More than 2 million children suffer from various sleep disorders. – Almost 35% of people suffering from insomnia have a family history of insomnia. – We now sleep 20% less than we did 100 years ago. – 60% of American people admitted to…

  • Insomnia

    Remedy For Insomnia

    If you are looking for a natural remedy for insomnia then look no further, as all you need to do is to sit down for a couple of minutes and read this short, yet useful article about a good remedy for insomnia. People have had problems with insomnia and not being able to sleep at night since the end of time probably, but we can not be sure of that. But, thinking that back in the early days, people had to kill wild animals to provide food for them and their families and also had to do this to protect their own lives, so they did not end up as…

  • insomnia statistics

    The History Of Insomnia

    Insomnia and some other sleeping disorders are part of our lives for many centuries but have you ever realized that the history of insomnia is so fascinating? Come have a look and you'll see what this means!

  • Insomnia

    Insomnia Symptoms: When Should You Be Worried?

    The symptoms of insomnia are very different from person to person and can make some people think that they have other issue not related to sleeping when in fact they suffer from insomnia. Individuals which have this issue will probably wake up early in the morning, feeling very tired and nervous because their lack of sleep. People with insomnia are less active than others and have a lower working rate than most people. Why is this? That’s obvious. Lack of proper sleep and the fact that while they should be sleeping they start thinking about all sorts of things, some of them very stressful. If you add this stress to…