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    Hot Flashes And Night Sweats – What’s The Connection?

    Hot flashes and night sweats are the most uncomfortable menopause symptoms women experience and they are somehow connected. You don’t have to be in your 40s to go through these, lots of women in their mid 20s complain about these two symptoms too. Hot flashes. They start with excessive sweating and an accelerated heartbeat and last from a couple of minutes to half an hour. They are usually located in your upper part of the body but they can spread throughout the whole body and make you feel like you are experiencing the worst flu ever. Hormonal changes are to blame for this, as the hypothalamus receives messages saying that…

  • Night sweats

    Night Sweats In Men – What Causes Night Sweats In Men?

    Night sweats in men can surely mess up the sleep routine and even cause hormonal changes. However, if you have the right attitude and you decide to consult your physician, you are several steps away from putting an end to it. Don’t overlook night sweats, especially if you notice a change in your body because an early treatment will help you to better deal with severe affections such as cancer or diabetes. What causes night sweats in men? Sleep hyperhidrosis is a fancy name for night sweats and the main and most important symptom is excessive sweating while sleeping and it doesn’t necessarily has to be connected to daily sweating.…

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    Night Sweats And Alcohol – Why Are You Waking Up Drenched In Sweat?

    Does alcohol cause night sweats? Yes and if you experience night sweats after drinking alcohol you must stop drinking or at least try to reduce the amount of alcohol you consume. In some cases, just by reducing the amount of alcohol all the night sweats related issues will go away. What is the connection between night sweats and alcohol? Lots of people are unable to sleep during the night because they experience night sweats, from mild to extremely severe sweating in sleep episodes that disrupt their sleep pattern. The night sweats and alcohol couple is the consequence of a party with way too much cocktails or the sign that your…