Sobakawa Cloud Pillow Versus Total Pillow

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A comparison between two pillows would be interesting, but one between Sobakawa cloud pillow and Total pillow can truly be of use to people. Because these two models are very known and a lot of people appreciate them, it would be interesting to take them head to head and see what the results are, wouldn’t it? If you also think this is a good idea, let us proceed to our comparison. We will compare 5 things, which should be enough for you to see a pattern.

1. Contents: What do these pillows have inside them?

Sobakawa cloud pillow

Looking at its commercial you would be inclined to think that the Sobakawa cloud pillow is filler with small air beads which offer a “soft as a cloud” sleep (thus the name of the pillow). Well, you will be amazed to know that within this pillow there aren’t any air beads at all. What you will find are very cheap Styrofoam balls. And, believe me, these won’t make you sleep so well!

Total pillow

The pillow is filled with tension easing micro beads which are able to support the head and neck area. This pillow will also prevent any morning soreness from appearing.

Cloud pillow rating for contents:  2

Total pillow rating for contents: 4

2. Noise factor: Are these pillows “noisy”?

Sobakawa cloud pillow

Unfortunately for people that really like this pillow and would wish to buy it, we have bad news. Because of the constant movement of those Styrofoam balls we talked about earlier, this pillow is very noisy and will disturb you during the sleep. Moving your head, turning from side to side or pushing it harder into the pillow will quite literally make you want to run for the hills.

Total pillow

This pillow is much different when it comes to noise. You will most likely never have issues in this area with this particular pillow because its components are of a better quality and regardless of your movements during sleep, you will not feel unease.

Cloud pillow rating for noise factor: 1

Total pillow rating for noise factor: 5

3. Size: What can be said about this?

Sobakawa pillow

Sobakawa comes in a lot of different sizes, which is actually a reason for its success. People like to have more alternatives to choose from and the cloud pillow gives them plenty. Small, full size, king or queen size are there for your picking. Some people are not aware of the fact that this pillow comes in such a wide variety of sizes and get tricked into buying the small size one. Who tricks them? The seller, of course, as he does not tell them there are different sizes to pick from.

Total pillow

At this chapter, this pillow is very weak, as it only comes in one single size, the 12 by 12. If someone does not like it, they will have to pick another pillow, and this is a real shame. The good part is that this pillow can very easily be bended in half and customized a lot, so people will appreciate this even if the initial size is not to their liking.

Cloud pillow rating for size: 5

Total pillow rating for size: 2

(Total pillow didn’t receive a 1 star here just because it is very versatile and can be transformed into a half sized pillow in a moment.)

4. Smell: Do any of them have a peculiar smell?

Sobakawa pillow

When it comes to smelling, Sobakawa seems to have a little problem which was signaled by some people who use(d) this pillow. It seems that sometimes the smell, either goes away after 4-5 days, or after approximately 2 weeks. But, there are cases, where people have sworn that this smell did not go away at all. It could be that some people are a little picky when it comes to smells, but it also raises some questions about this pillow.

Total pillow

This pillow has never had any complaints regarding a possible bad smell it could have. This means that either the materials from which it is made are very good, or it is packaged better, or both.

Cloud pillow rating for smell: 2

Total pillow rating for smell: 5

5. Versatility: Which pillow is more versatile?

Sobakawa pillow

It has an interesting shape, but nothing we have not seen before. It does offer a good sleep, but its shape was never its problem. It has problems in other areas like smell, contents or noise.

Total pillow

On the other hand, this pillow is really something innovative. With the shape of a flower, a daisy actually, which is empty in the middle, this pillow offers a level of versatility you will not believe. It can be twisted into all kinds of forms until the most suitable has been found. It is also perfect to take on travels when using the plane or car/bus as the means of travel.

Cloud pillow rating for versatility: 2

Total pillow rating for versatility: 5


Sobakawa2152212 points
Total pillow4525521 point

So, is Total pillow the second choice if it was compared to Sobakawa Cloud pillow or is it the other way around? The decision should ultimately be yours, and after you have examined the facts in this comparison you should be able to draw your own conclusions.

What’s your opinion? Which one of these pillows is better? If you have a review/testimonial about these two pillows, please leave a comment bellow.

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