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The Sobakawa Cloud pillow is an “As seen on TV” product and like most of the products indorsed it fails to deliver the benefits it claims.

The TV commercial focuses on the many benefits of the pillow: the 20,000,000 of air beads that make your sleep cool, offers proper alignment for your whole body and has a lifetime guarantee.

The pillow that will be delivered to your door is just a bad copy of the Sobakawa pillow that you’ve seen in the commercial. It’s not comfortable or supportive, in fact a 5$ pillow that you can find at Target, Walmart or online On Amazon is a better choice than this presumed cloud pillow.

Yes, there are some Sobakawa cloud pillow reviews that say that the pillow worked well but all of them mention at least one disadvantage the pillow has. It may work for a couple of days, but in the long run it will succeed into bringing only neck pains and sleepless nights.

Here the main flaws of the Sobakawa cloud pillow that customers often point to.

Cheap Styrofoam balls.
Forget the so called air beads, the pillow is stuffed with styrofoam. This means that you can make your own Sobakawa cloud pillow at home, without having to spend all that money on the product and shipping fees.

Travel sized pillow.
You may not be aware of this, but the pillow is available in more sizes and the one that you se on TV is a lot more expensive than the price they display. Unless you have an unnaturally small head, you will find this pillow way too small.

The microbeads come out.
This is extremely annoying because you will find these tiny beads allover the bed, in your hair or on your face. Your health can also be affected because you can accidentally inhale them in your sleep.

When you’ll take the Sobakawa cloud pillow out of its wrapping you will notice that it has a bad, toxic smell. They advise you to let it out in the air and the smell will go away but in most cases it doesn’t.

Too firm.
I personally don’t understand why they’ve decided to use the word “cloud” when this pillow is nothing but comfortable. I don’t know, maybe at first, when the pillow was launched, it was the kind of pillow we’ve seen in the commercial and as time passed by they became greedy and started making this the uncloud pillow. Forget the smell or the size, customers would have been happy if the pillow was at least comfortable.

Noisy beads.
When you move around, from a side to the other you might hear the beads clinking. In fact, this is a common feature with most microbeads pillows and I personally don’t find it so annoying.

Wake up soaking wet.
They claim that the pillow stays cool all night and there’s no need to flip it over. Well, another fail. There were cases when customers complained of the fact that even they didn’t had problems with night sweats before, they woken up soaking wet. The beads inside the pillow increase their temperature and because they aren’t s breathable as they should be they make you break a sweat.

No additional pillow cases for sale.
You will get a free air flow pillow case with your order but there’s no way to order a second one if the old one becomes unusable. The only solution would be to order a second pillow which is quite dumb.

Weird warnings.

Notes such as very flammable, note recommended if you are under 14, to immediately throw the pillow if it develops any tears and to never use the pillow case with any other pillows. Except for the flammable one, I find that the other warnings help you to better understand that this pillow has a bad design, it doesn’t work as it should and in fact it can cause health problems on the long run.

The word sobakawa means “buckwheat hulls” so this pillow should contain them, right? No, it’s full of microbeads so if you are looking for a buckwheat pillow this is not what you need. All this sounds like false endorsing to me.

My advice is to forget about the Sobakawa cloud pillow and look for pillows that indeed deliver the comfort that you long for. It can be a buckwheat pillow, a memory foam or just regular down pillows. Just make sure that it’s worth the price you are paying for it.

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