Steam Humidifiers And Sleep – Yes, They Are Connected

Steam Humidifiers Intro

At a first glance, there is no connection between steam humidifiers and sleep.

If we dig dipper, it’s obvious that a cleaner, breathable air can improve greatly the quality of our sleep.

Steam humidifiers help your nose and therefore the sinus too by creating the perfect humidity level, help you breathe better, snore less and sleep much more relaxed. And the effects are not showed only when sleeping, but during the day also, giving you a state of good.

How much humidity is too much?

The level of humidity on your house can increase or decrease the level of comfort you feel so do not ignore it. Recent studies revealed that is best when the humidity level is greater than 30% but lower than 50%. Using a steam humidifier can help you maintain a constant level of humidity and can prevent many affection can than come out of too much or too little humidity.

Ok, but what humidity means more exactly?

To better understand this, you have to know what humidity is. It quite plain simple: humidity is the quantity of water vapors that are found in the air. These vapors come from fog, water that has evaporated from oceans etc. when speaking about indoor vapors, the sources are very different and they include: ironing your laundry, cooking, boiling water or even simply showering or bathing.

How steam humidifiers work

Next we will try to explain how a steam humidifier works. The process is quite simple, steam humidifiers simply injecting steam into the airstream. The vapor is produced in the humidifier by using a heating element that causes the steam to appear. Steam humidifiers are among the cheapest humidifiers because they do not require clean, dedurized water as they work with plain tap water.

Price… Can I afford to buy my own steam humidifier?

If you decide to give a try to those steam humidifiers you can choose from many producers, like Aprilaire steam humidifiers, Honeywell steam humidifiers, Ewc steam humidifiers, Nortec steam humidifiers and many others, depending on your preferences and the price you are willing to pay. The steam humidifier price can range from at low as $23 to more than $800 for powerful, elite humidifiers.

Search for online steam humidifiers reviews, ask your friends, relatives or colleagues what they use, read various article posted both on the web and in written press and decide which one to buy from the great variety of whole house steam humidifiers available out there.

Steam humidifiers warnings:

1. Keep in mind that too much or to less humidity can be harmful both for your health and for the house. It can cause mold, pests, rot, it can do harm to wooden floors, can cause reparatory issues, mildew, dust mites, allergies and unfortunately the list goes on. So if you notice that the level of humidity in your house is way higher than indicated, try using a dehumidifier and if not stick to buying a steam humidifier for home.

2.Using steam humidifiers implies extra high temperatures so be careful when using them, especially is you have small children or curious pets as they can cause serious burns.

PS: One of the best things about having a steam humidifier is that you will quickly learn how to fall asleep fast because of it being in the room you sleep in.

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