The Remstar CPAPAnd Its Uses

CPAP stands for Continuous Positive Airway Pressure and is basically a machine that is used in apnea treatments, more precisely, for home treatments.

It proved to be so effective in pumping air at a certain pressure that now CPAP machines are used even in hospitals, as a form of ventilation. While you sleep, your muscles relax, causing problems in the upper airway and reducing the amount of oxygen in the blood. All these will interfere with your sleep pattern and cause sleep apnea.

The CPAP device will pump compressed air in the airway and therefore help you breathe much better and even reduce or eliminate that awful and extremely loud snoring.

The REMstar CPAP device can be found as a full face mask, a nasal pillow or a nose mask. Still, no matter how effective and easy to use this mask may seem, you can not just buy it and put it on. A sleep physician is the only person that can say if you can wear the CPAP mask and what amount of pressure is required for you.

These are the some of the basic info regarding the CPAP machines and how they work. Following, we will discuss about REmstar CPAP devices, what features they have, who manufactures these products and why use them.

The Remstar CPAP machine is developed by the Philips Company and is part of the Philips Respironics brand.

REMstar CPAP machines

The Respironics sleep systems, meaning the CPAP, have a modern, smaller design and they are extremely easy to use. If you want to take it with you while you travel, you can do so by simply packing it in your baggage.

Below are some attributes of the Respironics REMstar CPAP:

– small, easy to use and nice design
– quiet mode
– 4 – 20 cm H2O pressure range
– washable filters and ultra-fine filters
– manual 3 position altitude adjustment setting
– etc

The Respironics brand has 3 types of REmstar CPAP machines:

1. REMstar Plus M Series with C-Flex

2. REMstar Pro M Series with C-Flex

3. REMstar Auto M Series with C-Flex or A-Flex

Their REMstar Plus M Series with C-Flex gives you
– optional humidification
– optional Encore Pro SmartCard capability that helps you a lot
– lighted controls for easier handling and using
– easy to use display
– the best of them, the C-flex technology
– nice design, easy to pack in your luggage if you want to travel.

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