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Forget the old “cute as a button” saying, the total pillow is “cute as a daisy”.

Shaped like a daisy, this pillow is more versatile than you might think when you look at it for the first time. The product fits in the “As seen on TV category” and you can change its shape in just a couple of seconds and enjoy superior comfort.

This total pillow review is going to help you find out if this is one that is worth the money. There are plenty total pillow reviews online that you can read to get an idea about the level of quality of this particular product, but, you only need 3 minutes to read this one and it’s going to be enough to make a decision.

The Total pillow is filled with tension easing micro beads that support your body and helps you to say goodbye to morning pains and sleepless nights.

In the car, in the plane, at the computer, in the bed, you can use the Total pillow wherever you need to. Just bent it in the desired shape and enjoy unexpected comfort. It can be easily placed on your suitcase’s handle so you don’t have to worry about it when traveling.

You can use it 5 different shapes and change the position whenever you feel like without worrying that the seams might break.

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Total Pillow. It’s like having 5 Pillows in One!

How can you shape it

* Like an 8 for better lumbar support

* Bend it in half for double neck support

* Fold it in half an use it onto your old pillow for better spine alignment

* Fold the pillow in half and gently lift both extremities if you want to support your knees or ankles

* You can also use it as it is

Once you’ve chosen the shape you want, Total pillow will stay this way so you don’t have to worry that the pillow might fall back to its daisy shape.

The compress

The pillow comes with a gel compress that can be heated in the microwave if you need a warm compress or in the fridge if you need to cool down. You will also get a matching fleece cover for the gel pack.


There are lots of Total pillow reviews that say the pillow is uncomfortable, too hard or the seams break off easily. I’ve noticed that there are several pillows that resemble the original one and the negative reviews are almost all linked to them.

On Amazon there’s a blue pillow that’s uses the “As seen on TV” name but there’s no proof that is manufactured by the same company. It also doesn’t come with a compress so it’s easy to spot the counterfeit. Read the reviews this product has and you will find all the flaws mentioned earlier.

The real Total pillow has two sides: a brown and a beige one and this is the only way you will see it so be aware. Whether you buy it from the original website or from stores such as Target or Walmart, make sure that you get the real deal.

At this moment there’s a deal on the Total Pillow website where you can get two pillows and two compresses for only $19.99 but you have to pay separate shipping and handling fees. For more details, you can always read more total pillow reviews.

Total Pillow. It’s like having 5 Pillows in One!

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