Trundle Bed Frame

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The trundle bed frame is you way out of embarrassing moment when people suddenly decide to stay over and you have nothing else than an uncomfortable old sofa.

If your parents want to stay longer or the whether it’s just terrible and your guests can’t go home this bed is a life saver. Kids love it as they have more free floor to play on and you will be more relaxed.

Child’s room
The trundle bed frame is a popular purchase for people that have small children that share the same bedroom because it saves a lot o space and it also makes sleeping more fun. Kids can take turn to sleep in the lower bed and they can use the free space to play around during the day. This bed is also useful for sleepovers because the kids sleep better on the bed than on any other type of mattress, no matter how comfortable it may be.

If your friends don’t have a habit from sleeping at your place than you can get away with the trundle bed pop up frame. When you have just a friend sleeping over you can keep the bed just the way it is and whenever you have a couple visiting you can pop up the other bed. The main advantage of this bed is that it allows you to have the beds at the same height making it comfortable for the both of them and also more intimate. This is great as most people hate sleeping so close to the ground.

IF th second bed will be used sparingly you can buy a trundle bed frame that allows you to take the mattress and transform it into a drawer. This allows you to keep the bedding/pillows/blankets inside saving a lot of space but you will have to think where you can store the mattress. Make sure you read the storage guidelines and that it doesn’t deteriorate.

This is easy: we have the wood trundle bed frame and the metal trundle bed frame. Wood is recommended because it will last longer than metal and it has a nicer, warmer look which can be easily incorporated in any decor.

The most popular is the trundle twin bed frame as it easily fits even in a small bedroom but you can find them in all sizes because, unlike couple of years ago, now they are used by grownups too. The queen trundle bed frame is perfect for a medium height person as the 39×75 in (99×191 cm)    frame is enough for most people, except fro the case you are friends with NBA basketball players. IF you want to replace a mattress, take measurements before rushing to the shop because these are tricky and several inches might make a big difference.

The ideal thickness for the mattress is 8″ to provide the best comfort and in most cases they are regular foam mattresses but newest trundle bed frames can have innerspring mattresses. The air mattress is also a popular choice because it can easily be deflated and stored when the bed is not used and if you have someone sleeping over you just take the pump and in several minutes your guests are ready to go to sleep.

This is not the simplest thing you can do, but if you are a good carpenter or at least have a friend that knows how to use the saw, making your own trundle bed frame can be quite a challenge. You have some online tutorials that show you step by step how to build your own frame and if you have the right supplies you are hours away from actually finishing the project. The easiest thing is to build a trundle to the bed you already have, the lower bed acting much as a drawer. If this seems doable to you, than good luck!

Considering the fact you are actually buying a bed for two, these are very affordable: less than $500 for great looking trundle bed frames but high end designs can go as high as $2000. Keep in mind that they are usually sold without a mattress so you have to save some money for it.

Whether it’s for your kid or your guests, the rundle bed frame does its jobs saving you lot of space and delivering great comfort for those who sleep in it.

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