Zebra Pillows

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Prints can change the whole look and zebra pillows are definitely a great place to start.

Now the design is not so fixed and you can find lots of twists to the overall aspect.

What to choose from the whole zebra print pile

Opt for zebra throw pillows you can strategically place on the sofa, on your bed or on the chairs. If you are moderate in the whole print thing, one or two pillows is definitely enough but if you feel in heaven when you see such a print go for zebra galore. Get a couple of pillows on the couch while putting others on the ground, next to a plant and the list is endless.

Zebra cushions will go nicely on the patio furniture, near the pool or in the garden. If you have lots of plants you can create a theme in which to blend the prints or you can leave them as a standalone piece. You can use them for boats, as pet cushions on the porch or in your winter cabin.

It’s all about the colors

Now when you say zebra print you basically refer to the pattern not necessarily to the colors themselves as you can find pink zebra pillows, brown and black, blue/green stripes on a white background and even sequined print. A popular print is the tan one but the dark color makes it more appropriate for a vintage decor of for a room with light colored walls and furniture. If you look in any pillows store you will find an overwhelming number of pink zebra pillows but the surprise is the fact that they actually look good.

Round, square, make your pick

The decorative zebra pillows are mostly square or rectangular, as this thing look great with the whole stripe design but you can also find round pillows (sometimes with  a button in the middle), neckrolls or boxed pillows.

Zebras for the kids

If your child is fond of zebras or maybe horses, you can place a zebra pillow in his/her room and create a special design. You can decorate a corner in the room keeping the whole zebra or jungle theme by adding a rug or even a plsuh zebra. For a more childish look you can buy instead pillows with funny cartoons showing zebras doing their stuff.

Don’t go overboard

Yes, zebra pillows look great but if your eye hurts when you enter the room you should cut on the whole zebra thing. Use just several elements that can go with the decor, like a painting of Africa or you can the pillow as a statement piece and use elements that don’t necessarily relate to prints, like a big plant or some wooden boxes.

Save zebras

Killing animals just to have their skin in the living room so we can amaze our guest is cruel, insensitive and against the law. Zebra skin pillows, more precisely real skin look horrid, smell bad and have a sad story behind them. Why have this when you can buy lots of zebra print pillows that look awesome and that didn’t any animal in the manufacturing process?

If you decided to go for zebra pillows you clearly like to be different and to stand out and these pillows definitely do the job for you.

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