7 Foods That Keep You Awake (No. 3 Is Probably The Best)

7 Foods That Keep You Awake (No. 3 Is Probably The Best)

If you’ve had poor sleep the night before then you could use some foods that keep you awake. For some people, a bad nights’ sleep can mean 1 or 2 unproductive days at the office. For others, it’s even worse. We all know coffee is our first choice but what do you do when there’s no coffee available for whatever reason? Don’t worry, you can always eat something from this list and at least improve your odds of staying awake when it matters. You don’t want your colleagues or worse, your boss, to find you sleeping on the job, do you? 

7 Foods That Keep You Awake And Focused

#1 Bananas and/or …

Who knew bananas could give you a boost similar to energy drinks? Yeah, according to a 2012 study, bananas are quite powerful when it comes to giving your system a jolt. So, if you find yourself falling asleep, just grab a bunch of bananas and start eating. Or… if you want something that tastes differently, try a few pears which are similar in effects. 

#2 Edamame

If you’ve never had edamame then you should know they’re full of folate, fibers and will boost your energy to the highest levels. They’re great for that scary, afternoon sleepy time. 

#3 Aged Cheese Plus The Secret Weapon 

Aged food (or fermented food) has tyramine which is an amino acid that helps the brain feel awake. Even a small piece of aged cheese will give you a boost of energy that will take you out of that slump. 

Just like aged cheese, tomatoes have tyramine. They release a chemical known as norepinephrine that engages your brain and keeps sleep away. These two are powerful on their own but when combined, they can be very effective and may very well be some of the best foods to avoid sleep.  

#4 Almonds

A couple of almonds will get you going and going and going. They’ll keep fatigue away and increase your energy so you can tackle whatever comes your way. 

#5 Salmon, anyone? 

We all need our omega-3 fatty acids that (among others) will lead to more energy. So, next time you feel sleepy, eat some salmon. On its own or in a salad, this is a great option to have close by. 

#6 Chia seeds

Chia seeds are amazing. We should all eat them daily. Just add some water and 1-2 spoons of chia seeds. Let them sit for 10 minutes and then eat them. It’s better you eat them this way because this way they are better digested by your body. You can also make chia pudding which is pretty cool. 

#7 Dark Chocolate 

Ah, dark chocolate. A fan favorite among a lot of people, it can wake you up from your slumber in minutes. But make sure you get the darkest chocolate you can find; so dark you’re barely able to see it in the dark ;). The high concentration of cacao will increase your energy level, help you focus better and also decrease stress. Isn’t that something?

Bonus Foods That Give You Energy And Keep You Awake 

#8 Kale

Kale is known as a superfood, with lots of vitamins like K and C, calcium, beta-carotene and others. It can also get out of a slumber. So have your bowl of kale ready next time you know you’ll be sleepy, ok? 

#9 Chili

Have you ever considered eating spicy foods (chili especially) to fight off sleep? They contain fat that disrupts sleep (so don’t eat it right before sleep at night) plus the spiciness will lead to an increase in body temperature which also keeps sleep away. 

So, does food keep you awake? And what are the foods that keep you awake in the morning or right when that afternoon slump starts to hit? We’ll all had nights when we couldn’t sleep or we choose not to and partied instead. But, next day comes knocking and what do we do then? We run for the coffee pot but guess what: it’s empty! For those moments and others, you should look for one (or more) of the foods that prevent sleep that we’ve talked about above. Don’t let sleep win (unless you do want to take a nap in which case you should check out our guide on how to fall asleep fast)! 

FAQ On Foods That Give You Energy And Keep You awake

What is the best thing to eat to keep you awake?

Probably aged cheese combined with some tomatoes. If that’s not available then go for some almonds. 

Do bananas keep you awake?

Yes, bananas act as an energy drink would. 

How can I stay up all night for fun?

By eating some of the foods we outlined or drinking coffee or both ;). 

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