How To Fall Asleep Fast For Kids

How to fall asleep fast for kids is something that parents are searching answers to every single day.

And you know what? Children can have an even more hard time to fall asleep than us adults. Why is that? I will tell, hold your hat on. Maybe you should first stop for a second and start thinking what it was like when you were a child. What were the things that made you want to do anything, but anything else instead of sleeping? Do you remember now? I think you are starting to get the idea here. Now, here are some things that might stop kids from falling asleep fast:

– cartoons that they want to watch
– they want to play some more
– their friends are not going to sleep this early, why should he/she?
– can’t sleep because they ate or drank too much
– etc, etc, etc

There are so many things that a child rather do than go to sleep, that it can sometimes turn to be a real miracle that you are able to make him fall asleep. Parents know how this is and know how hard it can be for them to convince their 5 little old kid (or almost any age, for that matter) to go to sleep. It’s just really hard to do!

For parents that are looking to learn new ways for helping children fall asleep, here are some tips on how to fall asleep for kids:

1. One of the basic things that a parent must do, but he/she usually forgets or does not take this into account, is to make absolutely sure that their child is prepared to go to sleep. This means that you must do some tests to see what is the perfect hour to put your baby to sleep. If it’s too early, you will have serious problems, and if it’s too late, then, your child will not be rested in the morning.

And I am sure that you know how bad it can get when you have kids that can’t fall asleep because they are not sleepy. This is why you must not force them to go to sleep, but rather, find ways of making them want to go to sleep. We all know and seen videos or pictures of cute kids falling asleep because they were too tired. That’s what you have to do.

2. Did you ever check the temperature inside the room where you child should sleep? If that was a “No. Why?” then hear me out. It is a good idea to keep that temperature some where inside the 68-72 degrees mark, as kids will sleep better inside a room that is a little cooler that what we would expect. It really pays off to keep this in mind, so try this out for a week or so and you will see what I mean.

3. Another good tip on how to fall asleep fast is to make the whole sleep thing seem like a routine. What this means is that you should make your child do some things over and over for a month or more, things that he/she only does before going to sleep. This way he/she will get used to those things and associate those with sleep. This means that he/she will get sleepier whenever she/he does one of those things.

What can you do? Read a particular book before bedtime. Make them wash their teeth and wash your own teeth also. Play a little game with them with 30 minutes before bed. This way you are also spending time with your child and making them get prepared for sleep. Do not play something that requires a lot of energy. Just something that will make the child sleepy.

4. Wear you child down so he will want to go to sleep, and who knows, maybe you will be the one who will make a new video about your own cute kids falling asleep, after this. Take them to a park, play soccer with them until they can’t walk, tickle them until they say stop. You get the idea. Figure out your own fun things to do with them before bedtime, so that they will get too tired to not fall asleep fast.

These are just a couple of things that a parent can do so that their children sleep better at night. How to fall asleep fast for kids for kids should not be hard, and by reading this page you will have enough information to help your children fall asleep faster.

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  1. Sophie fluffy unicorn

    Scientists say that if u Lay down and close your eyes it makes the same affect as actually sleeping. I always do that and it takes the tention away from it all 🙂 xx

    1. cuttie

      sophie tnxs for that awesome advice it actually worked on me thank u so much for now i can sooo sleep really easily .( (: )

  2. Yasemin

    hi. I can never sleep, I have searched up so many things to help me sleep and I swear none if them had worked.

  3. Anonymous guy

    I’ve been staying up till like 3:00am lately and I can’t get back on my normal shechule p.s. I’ve never fallen asleep in class before p.s.s I’m 11 and single 🙂

  4. Tink

    I have a brain virus witch causes me to have really bad headaches and twitches. I have not been able to sleep well from then on . Every time I try to count sheep and stuff in my head I get disstracted. I sleep with the tv on its part of my routine as I watch the same thing. I need some help as I’m not getting any sleep at all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please would like some advise

    Thanks 🙂

  5. Connor

    Hi I’m 13 years old and can’t sleep . I’ve tried everything all this drink milk and even sleep with a pet ! . My parents are now making me go to bed at 7:30 and I still can’t get to sleep till like 3 . It’s made me really ill and I’ve had to seek medical advice , I have really important tests coming up and I need sleep . My headmaster has called my parents up about complaints from teachers that I’ve been sleeping on the desk and asking to go home :/ . For some reason I’m soooooooooooo tired during the day but still can’t get to sleep . I have once gone 4 days with out a wink of sleep and I had to go and see a doctor and get some drugs to make me sleep and then I slept for 19 hours flat. I really need help please guys 🙁

  6. Or Should I?

    Seth and Other People Reading This,
    Something else that might be able to help you is to slow your heart rate down. Your mind can be fooled by thinking that the slow taping on the leg that represents a slow heart beat should be the speed of your actual heart. After you feel your self relax, think of nothing. Picture a white space if you have to. Try not to move to much but make sure your comfortable. You’ll wake up the next day feeling refreshed and energized throughout the day. Hope this help.

  7. Calysta

    Hi, I’m eleven years old and I can’t sleep. I’ve tried everything. Nothing works. One time I didn’t fall asleep until it was time for me to get ready for school. I drink milk,just try, cuddle a stuufed animal (no real pets allowed in my room aftet dark) , watch tv,not watch tv, ipod,no ipod,count sheep,think, and everything else. What to do?????? Oh, and, sometimes when I do fall asleep I wake up at 1:00 almost every time. What should I do?!?!?!?!?

    1. Rachel

      I sometimes come up with little stories in my head or try to plan out the next day. If all else fails I take a normal dosage of midol pm around an hour or two before bed so it will start to make me feel drowsy. Sometimes little things can make a difference, like I cannot fall asleep with socks on, it’s just impossible for me. So you try some small things, start with what you wear like me and socks, and if that doesn’t work try with what you eat. Maybe drink some chamomile tea or peppermint before bed. Just calm yourself and your mind then pretend your on a cloud or something then drift off.

  8. Figure skater

    I can never sleep I’m 11 my dad tells me to just fall asleep but when u have all the thoughts about school, I go to Basis, and comps coming up I can’t even thing about hobbies. I have a dog but she is at my moms and people tell me to sleep with her. I’m wondering if sleeping in a loft at one house and a normal bed at the others and I usually sleep better in my loft

  9. Delilah

    Same thing happens 2 me! I just hate it when I can’t get 2 sleep. My friends always says JUST CLOSE YOUR EYES! And then I always end up going home and I am 11 years old! I know it’s sort of babyish to go home in the middle of the night at this age, but, I sorta get so used 2 it. Just DO NOT let your friends push u. One thing is get at least 190 hrs of playtime a day so that you are just so WORE OUT! One other thing is, NEVER EVER not sleep with you dog or cat. When you sleep with a soft, real animal, then, it gets soothing okay? So, HAPPY DREAMS and have a GREAT Easter!

  10. Samanth Babineaux

    I’m 12 and I want to fall asleep around 10:00 and wake up at 5:00. What should I do?

  11. kayla

    Plzz help I need to sleep

  12. Kat

    Okay first of all to all those comments saying “,help I’m 11 and i can’t sleep” don’t you know it is not safe to put your age on the internet!!!! 2 of all i fall asleep like this : i have all lights tv’s radios and all electronics off and i close my eyes and breath in and out and boom im asleep

    1. Samanth Babineaux

      I have tried that but it doesn’t work for me

  13. madison Gross

    please help me I can’t fall asleep I tried everything milk music but I just cant fall asleep my parents won’t let me watch t.v at 3 o’clock. I am up right now typing this and it’s 3:51 my stomach hurts it always bubbles even if i take a tums please help me someone and fast

    1. its me i will help you

      so try to put relaxing music not rock ones try to not have spicy food before bed time always go to the toilet before bed get confdbol and make sure the temrprit ture if your having problems vist my website how to sleep byeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Jess

    Hi I’m 12 and its half eleven and I can’t sleep cause I just watched the Human centipede I have tried all the above and I hate milk and honey and I get angry when counting please help I am desperate

  15. Brooke

    I am almost 12 years old. I have to fall asleep realy fast. I usually just till at 9:30 and then go to bed. I can never fall asleep. Please help my find ways to fall asleep ASAP. My email is
    Thank you and please help.

  16. Aaron

    Im 11 and i always try to listen to tv while im trying to sleep i dont leave the screen on and i always try to do stuff before i go to sleep but i cant sleep i sleep near windows with lights outside and leave the fan on but i still have trouble. please help i can never sleep!

    1. its me i will help you

      dont watch tv or listen to it because it will distract. you could also try to listen to relaxing music and do not leave the fan on over night it wakes me up all the time byee!

  17. John

    Ya um I’m 13 and for years I can’t sleep earlier than 10:00 pm it’s impossible for me. I’ve read a lot of tis on how to sleep fast but none really work at all. Is there something that can make me sleep fast and is proven to work. Please don’t mention milk, baths, relaxing, or imagining stuff I’m not good with these.

    1. madison Gross

      neither am i i just want to fall asleep and how is milk going to make you fall asleep and what parent would let their 11 12 or 13 year old take a bath in the middle of the night my parents would be ferious if i took a bath at 1:00 at night HELP PLEASE

  18. Meghan

    I’m eleven, I struggle aswell. The main cause of me not getting to sleep is worrying about- not getting to sleep, something is going to happen during the night, my bully (who bullies me and my bff) and just general poo. I still suffer and am constantly looking for more tops but heres a few from me. Spraying my bed and covers with my favourite perfume, thinking about my crush, being surrounded by teddies-you may think its babiesh, trust me. I also write a diary entry every night which really helps as it means not having to remember everything. Another problem though is the weather, I can’t control it and I’m in Britain…help?? xx

  19. Jackie

    I thought this would help I want to get to sleep now

    1. donny2417

      were earmuths before you sleep that will do the trick

  20. Mystery

    I can never sleep at bedtime I always fall asleep hours later and if I do fall asleep I wake up with headaches ,cold sweats ,and bags under my eyes.

  21. me

    Hi im 13 male i usally have teaspoon of honey before bed that helps. But if i forget like today it 10pm and i cant f**king sleep i have to sleep i have asthma arggh plz help all ideas but honey dont work!!! I’ll try to sleep 🙂

  22. Can't fall asleep

    Hi I am 11 and can’t fall asleep. I recently moved house and am not used to sleeping here. I have tried everything! I get really worried when it comes to sleep time. (because u am living in a new house and I get scared) my dad sleeps with me and I sleep for a while but then I wake up as soon as he leaves. Yesterday he slept with me the whole night, and I slept well. But he can’t always do that so can anyone give me any other ideas? I can fall asleep even if I am in a different bed but in the same room. Since I have moved I just can’t sleep by myself. I have tried everything above and listening to audiobook, reading, drinking milk, counting sheep..nothing works. Please help!

  23. Bethanie

    All of those did not help any one got any other ideas?

    1. its me i will help you

      relaxing music,have a nice temperature,get cozy,read a book before bedtime

  24. Bethanie

    I am the same I fall asleep in class. I just can not sleep at night I am 11.

  25. Mariah

    Hi I’m 12 and what I do to fall asleep is usually by laying down with my pillow on the cold side, with th fan on so its cold. Then I close my eyes and imagine erasing my body. Relax starting from your toes up.and erase them with your mind. Or, you can stretch. It usually helps. Hope this helps!

  26. Beck,JT

    I am 10 and I try to think of hard math problems to do in your head that will bore you

  27. Can't Sleep

    I feel the same way. I can NEVER sleep. I am just like you.WHat can help me??? I hat emilk, and Music NEVER helps. I always sleep in the dark. There is NOTHING I can do. What is a good thing that an 11 year old girl can do to get some sleep?

    1. ?

      I’m 11 too. I can’t get to sleep very often. Try listening to a cd that is just 10 hours of free rain sounds (get this on YouTube) this usually helps me get to sleep. If not I think about what would happen if… Hope I helped 🙂

    2. Sophster

      Look I can never sleep and its always cause I get distracted I play with my stuffed toys or go on my phone or even just think I reckon the best way Is to empty your mind and only think about sleeping but nothing more how to empty your mind is easy just breath in and put with put thinking about anything and if you have to think of something make it sleeping or breathing then if you think of something get angry at your self if yneed

      1. Sophster

        Never finished my other one…

        If you need to pinch your self go aged but not to hard and then make your self
        Restart the progress all over again If your doing this five times a night forget about it…

        1. Sophster

          Wow ok

          Empty your mind by thinking about nothing except maybe sleeping or breathing take deep breaths if you think of something else get angry at your self and pinch your self but not to hard cause that will wake you up after you get angry make your self restart the whole progress if u do this 5 times a night FORGET ABOUT IT!!!!!! Thank you

  28. danielle

    Hi I’m danielle and I 13 but I still jave a hard time sleeping what should I do? Help me please!

  29. Caedan

    Wow I’m 10 and its impossible to sleep for me
    I listen to audible on my iPad
    and none of those things suggested work
    For me.

    1. its me i will help you

      relaxing music,have a nice hot bath,get conforball make sure the tempriture isjust about right

  30. Wolf

    Ugh I’ve been staying up till 3:00 am every night for a few months and I have to wake up at 5:30. I can’t sleep at all and I have visited many many sites. Don’t suggest milk because I hate the stuff or that think and listen stuff I just have to “do” something not the count sheep or listen to something calming. Plz I really need help I have been falling asleep in math the only thing in math that keeps me awake is my constant competitively and I think that boost my energy and I seem to just build up energy through out the day. I’m tired but I still just can’t sleep I do have fears of somebody breaking into my house and I always feel like there is a ghost following me in my house so that makes me uncomfortable too. I’ve tried everything but I still can’t sleep. I am really desperate and have been trying different technics every night, I just end up falling asleep at 3 from my exhaustion. So PLZ HELP ME

    1. Help

      Hi there maybe you ought to think of good things rather than bad it might help you sleep better
      Maybe you should aim to go to bed earlier ( 7:30 ) so you have more time to relax
      Get a good book and read it your eyes should become tired and you will sleep
      Buy an eye mask use it

      Hope this helped you and anyone else

  31. toni

    i get a hot drink, and have it next to my bed so that when i am in bed i can relax with a cup of tea etc. i also use a mask (dont know what it is called) to cover my eyes because even with my eyes closed it still seems lighter, so with the light blocked out it helps me get to sleep

  32. Emma

    Hey so i have tonsilitis right now havent taken anything for it, my mum hasnt even noticed. im 12 btw. I dont have an i pod, all i have is a very VERY sore throat and congested nose, meaning its impossible to get to sleep. Its 11pm now and i need to be up at 7am meaning i am going to get a really poor amount of sleep. Ive tried all the methods said above, i just CANT sleep. Help!!!! :'(

  33. lilly


  34. lilly

    this really helped me sleep. but i always had a hard time sleeping. one of those things u cant really help. u know. i want to just shut my eyes and im asleep. u know. well hope this helped u guys. 🙂

  35. notellingmyname

    Jere are a couple of tips I think could help you:

    1-Make your bed youll feel comfortable and it relaxes you

    2-Think of the GOOD things like your hobbies,Your achivements etc.

    3-Think of your crush if you have one

    4-Think of the good and happy things you will do the next day youll feel exited and go to sleep

    Hope this helps yall!!


  36. Beth

    All i do is i turn my pillow over to the over side-the cold side- then i open my window a tiny bit, i take off my socks so that the quilt is nice and cool on my feet, i get into bed,close my eyes and think of my favorite TV program and i imagine i am in it and i end up dreaming that i am in it so that gets me too sleep. Hope it helps. xxxxx

  37. gianna

    so sleepy just cant sleep omg I NEED HELP i have been trying for hours

  38. anastasia

    I tried everything nothing helped please help.

    1. just another kid

      imagine that your bed is a pool of hot fudge (or something like that) and your sinking into it deeper and deeper but it is so soft

  39. Courtney

    Hey. I’m Courtney, and I’m thirteen turning fourteen in two monthes, and for some strange reason there is no possible way for me to sleep. I have looked on most websites and have found nothing useful. And I have tried most of them. I won’t drink milk, because I never had the fast use for it, so please don’t suggest that. Thanks for any replyed in advance…

    1. abby

      thats how i am but a few comments ago a girl said to pretend to have your favorite color and paint a picture in your head. it actually helped. hope it helped u

  40. insomniac

    i would
    1.just try
    3.turn all lights off
    4.count sheep
    5.fake it till u r actually asleep

  41. cailey

    It also helps if u rock yourself to sleep and listen to Adele and think of a dance routine to that song I’m 12 too and i love dancing so that is what i do

  42. Anahit

    Also another trick is to feed them yougert. Give them reagular yogert that is doesnt have sugar and they will fall asleep quickly.

  43. Olivia

    That sucks, That happens to me a lot, mostly cause I am energetic but really, I often can’t sleep or I am actually SCARED to because what if something bad happens and my mom or dad dies? Or there is a fire? Or my cat dies? I can’t sleep thinking about all those things because it builds anxiety and I do have anxiety but just don’t think, READ

    1. Alyssa

      Think of things. Good things! I am about the
      Same age too. What helps me fight anxiety
      -thinking of upcoming fun events
      -giving my parents a hug before bed
      -hug a pet or even sleep with them
      – listening to your favorite songs
      Hope this helped! Alyssa

    2. NotProvidingAName

      The same thing is happening with me, my anxiety has been wearing down though, but I still take around 1-2 (sometimes Even More) hours to fall asleep, not necessarily because of anxiety just because I am not tired (I mostly pass out though)
      An hypothesis I have is that if I keep the door closet and other openings in COMPLETE view I sleep a LOT better, something I know that has worked for me though is that I took out all the distractions in my room, I even painted over the wolf paws I had painted in my room!

      Hope this helped, msg me back if it did! xD

  44. Fiona

    Hi Abbey, I’m also 12 and I really like your paintbrush idea-I think it works well for me! Thank you very much for posting it,
    Fiona xx

  45. johnbrown

    try to drink a glass of milk and if you have an ipod, listen to your favorite music while in bed just make sure it isn’t fast and loud

    1. kacy

      i really have trouble sleeping im very concerned about it & so is my mom what should i do?

  46. Abbey

    Hi Seth, I’m 12 and i used to have difficulty sleeping at night to.
    But now i can fall asleep fast by these 2 easy tricks
    – Picture your hand holding a paint brush dipping it in your favourtie colour
    then start painting Go To Sleep Seth over and over again and you will
    quickly fall asleep.
    – People say to count sheeps, but what really works is picture a line of your
    favourtie animal and one by one they jump over a fence really slowly.

    Now make sure your eyes follow both of these ideas because they eye movement
    Will make you fall asleep.
    Hope i helped happy sleeping

    1. tashina

      thanks abby that helped alot

    2. Blaire

      Thanks abby that paint brush idea really helped

  47. seth

    well seth, before you go to bed drink a cup of milk then water. after that go to bed and try to fall asleep and relax. after that go to a comfortable position in bed and just think of good times and go deeper and deeper and you will just realize when you wake up that you fell asleep.

  48. India

    Okay. I’ll help you Seth. Make a list of things you think is keeping you from getting sleep. If you feel making lists aren’t your thing just turn off your television. If you don’t want to just try counting sheep or thinking of fireworks.

  49. PANDA

    try to whisper to little kids about 30minutes to an hour before bed time. If your talking in a loud or normal voice then they will want to stay awake. Also get thier bed set up with a cup/sippy cup with only water no juice(juice has lots of sugar).

  50. kelly

    i would also try working them. like, for example, have hem do a few chores before but not so bad that they bitch, moan, and complain. maybe even yard work like pickin up sticks and seeing who had the most or pinecones and make birdfeeders out of them. have calm music playing while doing this or if they are older like 12,13 and up, let them listen to their iPods while in bed because it soothes them to hear calmer voices and it has a beat to it thats calming. have them take a hot shower or bath or even relax in the hottub with you. it’s soo relaxing

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