How To Fall Asleep Fast: 38 Ways People Use Daily

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These are 38 tips on how to fall asleep fast and sleep better. This list is constantly updated with the valuable help of our readers (thank you guys and gals) so check back from time to time to see what new ideas are included.

There are some lucky people that seem to already have learned how to get to sleep fast and sleep for a long time and some of the luckiest ones fall asleep the instant they put the head on the pillow.

The rest of us have to go through many minutes or hours of simply looking at the ceiling before being able to fall asleep. Testing lots and lots of sleeping positions, trying to have a clear mind, even counting sheep are useless tips on how to fall asleep fast if the person suffers from insomnia, sleep apnea or any other sleeping disorder so it is best to determine the causes and then start treating it.

Now, to learn how to make yourself fall asleep fast, you need to know what are the reasons why you can’t fall asleep.

Why can’t I fall asleep?

Besides sleeping disorders, there are many others elements that simply stop people in getting their deserved sleep. But this time is something that they are fully responsible for. I am talking about bad habits like:

– thinking at all the problems they have, all the debts, work problems, health issues, instead of concentrating on falling asleep.

– remembering something bad that happened to them, how someone insulted them or any other memory from the past that should stay in the past.

– getting into bed with one thought in mind: โ€œI will have one of those nights when I can’t fall asleep. Off, I wish I could sleep fast like my boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife. They are so lucky”. This just the type of attitude that is keeping you awake and keeps the sleep at a distance.

– going to bed full of stress after a hard day at the office or with the kids would keep you nervous and unable to sleep.

After a morning wake up and a lot of hours at work, we all want to just go home, take a shower, eat and enjoy a relaxing sleep. If you are one of those unlucky ones that crave for some sleep and most of the times you don’t get it, read the followings indications on how to fall asleep fast and apply them.

Important! This is an on-going list of ways to fall asleep fast and it will be improved in time until it has all the ways that people can use to fall asleep, so if you have a suggestion or some tips on how to fall asleep fast that would fit in here, just leave a comment bellow and your tip will be included on this page. Thank you!

You should use pills only when necessarily and make sure they are natural pills. If your doctor prescribed sleeping pills, that doesn’t mean you have to take them every night, without even trying to get to sleep naturally, without all those pills. Even if those pills help you sleep fast, you will be soon become addicted to them and you will be forced to take them every night, for the rest of your life.

In some cases, these sleeping pills create such an addiction that if the person in cause wants to have an afternoon nap, will have to take the sleeping pills in this case too. It is best learn to how to fall asleep fast naturally so why not give it a chance and read the tips below on how to fall asleep at night.

If you experience sever problems in falling asleep, sleeping pills may help you but also keep in mind that you have to be careful when administering them and always respect the prescription your doctor gave you. If you are willing to make some change in your lifestyle and in your daily routine you are surely to get your well deserved sleep soon.

How To Fall Asleep Fast – 37 Tricks To Fall Asleep Fast

1. Self Hypnosis.

If you haven’t yet tried this, you’re really going to love it! Who knew you didn’t need pills to fall asleep fast? All you need is a self hypnosis audio to listen to and you’ll sleep like a log, each night.

2. Just do it.

Click here to fall asleep fast every night
The best and simple tip on how to fall asleep quicker is to try to fall asleep. Some determination can really do miracles. Just think of all the good things that you will be able to do the next day if you only could learn how to fall asleep faster.

Imagine doing those things and feeling great about yourself, and just realize that you need to be rested if you want to have a great day tomorrow. Don’t try to put pressure on yourself! Just think of the end results that you will get if you could fall asleep faster tonight.

3. Read a peaceful book.

Or a boring one. They both work for me. But do this until you go to bed because the idea is to fall asleep fast and not to read 100 pages in bed and then go to sleep. The moment you feel tired, put the book down and put your head on the pillow. This is the answer if you wanted to know how to fall asleep when not tired.

4. Get rid of distractions.

A simple yet effective tip on how to fall asleep very fast is this : put all the magazines, the remote control, fliers, books or any distraction away from the bed because this way you won’t be tempted to use them and you can fall asleep faster.

5. Have sex!

This is one of those activities that once completed require recovery so a good night sleep is the best solution. Men are usually the ones who feel really tired after this, so if you are a man, try it. Who said that learning how to fall asleep fast should not be fun?

6. Avoid coffee.

Don’t fill you body with caffeine during daytime because you will feel the effects at night. Too much caffeine is both harmful for your health and sleep. You can also avoid having a coffee late in the afternoon as this will interfere with your sleep too.

7. Avoid drinking too much alcohol before sleep.

Boozing your body is not helping you sleep faster but will give you some well deserved headaches. Night sweats from alcohol are very common today when people abuse their bodies and drink too much.

8. Cut down on sweets.

One of the hardest tips on how to fall asleep fast without pills is to limit the amount of chocolate or candies that you eat. All that sugar will keep you very energized and unable to sleep.

9. Turn the lights off.

This is a no-brainer but so many people try to fall asleep with the night lamp on and is not a miracle they don’t succeed. This will, in most cases, be the answer to the how to fall asleep faster question that one may have. Some people can and prefer to sleep with the lights one, but, most of us can’t do that. We sometimes tend to forget that we sleep better without any lights on, so we need to remember ourselves that. If you have trouble sleeping even with the smallest sign of light peaking through your curtains, try using an eye mask.

10. Don’t waste time in front of the PC.

Avoid staying in front of the computer till later in the night if is not necessary. All that bright light coming from the computer won’t help you to fall asleep faster.

11. Exercise.

This is great for your health and is inducing sleep too. By exercising you will also reduce stress and you will have greater chances of falling asleep faster. This works for a small part of people, but the next tip is exactly the opposite of this one.

12. Don’t exercise close to bed time.

Most people will feel energized if they work out before bedtime and this will stop them from falling asleep. Because of the adrenaline that is created when we workout, we feel alive and a boost of energy fills our bodies and that is why you should not workout before bedtime unless you know that this will make you sleepy. If I start doing this, I can’t fall asleep too soon, and that’s why I exercise early in the morning. But, who knows how you will feel after this. Just try it and see.

13. Pamper yourself with a nice bath.

A warm bath can give us the answers to how to fall asleep faster. So, have a warm bath. You will feel relaxed and the sleep will come naturally. You should take a bath with 1 or 2 hours prior to going to sleep, because the steam and that hot water will make you sleepy about 1-2 hours after the bath has been taken.

Use bath oils to create a relaxing atmosphere or dip into a bathtub full of bubbles. Look for a bubble bath that smells like your favorite flowers or like bubble gum if you want a quirk moment.

Click here to check some bath oils or here if you want a tub full of bubbles.

You should always try this for a couple of nights and see how it works best for you. Maybe you can take a bath and go to bed right after that or maybe you need to have a warm bath with 4 hours before going to bed. Who could know what makes you feel better? Special thanks to Maria who pointed out that some people will sleep better if they take a bath with more than 3 hours before sleep time. I think this also represents one of fastest ways for children to sleep. Try to give your child a bath prior to sleep and see if it makes him sleepy.

14. Ssst!

Make sure that is quiet in the bedroom. Noise can disturb your sleep and if it continues, you may have a sleepless night. A white noise machine will cover all the unwanted sounds and replace them with what they call a “smooth sound of rushing air”. Here you will find some models and reviews to help you better decide.

15. Count sheep or anything else.

I know that this is one of well know ways to fall asleep faster, but it does work in some cases, so it’s worth a try. You can count your breaths, the breaths of your bed mate or any other thing that relaxes you. Try not to focus on counting. Sleeping will be piece a cake if you do this.

16. Close your eyes gently and act sleepily.

You probably know the old “fake it till you make it” rule, and this is a great time to use this to your own benefit. Lots of times I pretended to be asleep just to scare someone and while I waited to perform the prank with my eyes closed I ended up falling asleep.

17. Think of your hobbies.

How to fall asleep faster? Just imagine yourself doing something that you like. I, for example, I think of cleaning my closet, decorating the house etc. Think what works for you and be creative.

18. Have a light dinner.

An easy to follow tip on how to fall asleep really fast is to avoid having big meals before getting into bed. It takes a couple of hours or more to digest the food and you risk staying awake if you eat more than you need.

19. Drink a cup of hot tea.

I use Chamomile tea and it works. See what works for you and use it. Go the natural way and avoid teas that contain caffeine or have stimulating effects.

20. Be comfortable.

Did you know that wearing comfy pajamas might be a great answer to the question how to fall asleep fast and easy? If your top is too tight you are sure not to fall asleep anytime soon.

21. Have a good mattress.

Not too soft or too hard, big enough to allow you to move easily.

22. Avoid afternoon naps.

You will risk sleeping way too much in the daytime and you won’t be able to sleep at all at night.

23. Listen only to ambient music.

It might sound a bit dull at first, but if you have patience you will see the results. On Amazon you will find thousands of MP3s or audio CDs with the proper type of music. Click here to check their products yourself and learn how to fall asleep fast tonight.

24. Have your sweet one in mind.

Another tip that will help you fall asleep fast is to think at your loved one. This will definitely relax you and you can fall asleep faster.

25. Pray.

Focus on what you pray and donโ€™t let your thoughts to run away. Think of all the things you are grateful for and you will feel relaxed and stress free.

26. Sing your favorite song in your head.

Think at the clip, at the singer, at the dance. But feel relaxed and wait for the sleep to come. Use this and you won’t ever ask yourself how can you get to sleep quickly.

27. Say no to noisy clocks.

One of the good ways on how to fall asleep fast is to avoid having clocks in your bedroom. You won’t be tempted to look at the time and you will fell less pressure. The second solution will be a silent, no tick clock, like these here.

28. Do some stretching while in bed.

Think at what a cat does before going to sleep. The cat will do some really good stretching before she goes to sleep, and the question is how does this thing help the cat? Well, by stretching like, the cat is relaxing her muscles and getting ready to get some sleep. Cats can teach anyone a thing or two about how to go to sleep at night quickly. And this may help you too.

29. Watch horror movies. Just kidding!

Don’t watch horror movies before getting to bed. You will think at them all night and no wonder you won’t be able to fall asleep fast. You need happy thoughts, not the The Texas chain saw massacre.

30. Practice deep breathing.

Plain simple trick on how to fall asleep faster than ever.

31. Have a pet with you.

They are great sleeping pills for their owners. They can give you a positive boost of energy and make you sleepier after you play with them. You could learn a thing or two from them on how to fall asleep fast.

32. Use aromatherapy.

This will relax you and create a good atmosphere in your bedroom, just perfect for sleeping. Here you will find tons of products.

33. What’s your best sleeping posture?

It seems that sleeping in your favorite position is also very helpful for a good sleep. Finding a good position is which you feel comfortable and you are also relaxing your jaw will help in both falling asleep fast and sleeping great. Your jaw has been working for an entire day so it needs rest as well as you, so make sure that it has a good position so that it can relax. This tip was sent by Judy. Thank you, Judy!

34. Use ear plugs.

Get a pair or ear plugs so that no one or nothing will disturb your sleep. Even if you do fall asleep, if you are sensitive to outside noises and something happens during the night, you will probably wake up and this is why you need ear plugs. Here are some ear plugsย that will do the trick and decently priced as well.

Just give them a try and you will see why they are so good. These could even help you to fall asleep faster, because as soon as you put them inside your ears, you will hear nothing and you will probably want to sleep, and with no one to bother you, you will get sleepy and fall asleep. Thanks for this tip, John!

35. Use Lavender to fall asleep

Spray a light mist of lavender around the room you are sleeping in and maybe even on your sheets. This worked for Annaabelle. Thanks for the tip!

36. Count backwards

One commenter suggested counting backwards from a 1000 and we will realize we are sleepy when we start mixing numbers and begin counting forward! Thanks for this tip, David!

37. Make some noise

It seems that some people find it difficult to fall asleep when they don’t have any kind of noise around them. User Kaoru Hitachiin said that he can’t sleep without a fan going on and a small waterfall sound in the background. Maybe this will work for you as well.

38. Avoid distraction.
Don’t look at TV or listen to music as it’s most likely these will keep you awake more than it should. So yes, learning how to fall asleep faster does require some sacrifices, but it will all be worth it.

You can use one tip at a time or try to combine more than one tip and soon you will teach others how to fall asleep fast. Remember, if you have a tip that you would like to share, just leave a comment bellow and it will be included in this page, if it is good and not already in here. Thank you! If you wish to try out a good way to fall asleep fast for free then you can try it here.

PS: I’ve added a how to fall asleep fast video with 10 of the most helpful ways to fall asleep fast. Hope this helps you!

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  1. some little dude

    again i came up with another one you could get up early in the mornings do some exercise and avoid naps and hopefully you will have the best night sleep ever
    anyway i really loved everyone’s comments and they really helped me so i hope to repay you by my comments

  2. some little dude

    hi i have been having alot of sleepless nights but i find getting really really bored really really help because like you think well what better to do then go to sleep thats is funner than the rest of the stuff i do so then you get a good nights sleep it really worked for me i hope it will work 4 u 2
    xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx or doing some like meditating helps aswell again it really worked 4 me so i hope it will work 4 u 2xxxxxxxxx

  3. amanda

    My dad is working on my mom’s computer it was messed up because it would never go on the internet.I hear every sound it makes and it is freaking me out for a few seconds then I realize what it is and I get annoyed.also I saw some chain mail about bloody Mary so now I’m afraid to go to the bathroom with the lights off and I get scared in my room because I didn’t pass it on…omg I’m so insecure about certain things…Lol.I’ll try to quit thinking about it…ok, I’m gonna keep talking it makes me feel better, this next part will be rambling just as much as the first part…alright, so I’m really scared of spiders even one that areas small as that s…even smaller…I had a dream where there was a spider as big as my foot and I wear a size 9 women’s, it was light brown and had a skull and crossbones on it, can you please click that reply button and explain the dream? Oh, also, it was in my kitchen and I was screaming bloody murder and my mom was going, “awww, it’s so cute,” and OMG IT WAS THE SCARIEST DREAM EVER again please explain a vague explanation of what it might mean…okay? Thanks for reading my ramble! Bye!

  4. amanda

    I have one…turn off the lights and use a tablet keep going after you feel tired then when you can’t stand it anymore turn it off and lay down and clear your mind and listen to the non-stop sounds of cars driving in about 2 minutes you will fall asleep

  5. Simon.

    I know this might put some readers off but smoking some medicinal marijuana prescribed by my doctor before bed really helps me, not only does it make me sleepy, It makes me have a gorgeous sleep almost every night. Medicinal marijuana was originally my last resort, i tried almost every natural sleeping theory and none of them worked, i’d recommend a light smoke for those who are becoming desperate for a good nights sleep.

  6. Fei

    I cant goo to sleep 3 nights in a row,when I try to sleep it seems my body (especially my foot) would twitch every once in a while… And what’s more is that I keep on thinking what if I cant sleep?! it just keeps on popping on my head when Im almost asleep and my eyes would keep on moving even if I tried not to… I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO!!! the last time this happened was last year it took me I think 1-2 months of no proper sleep or no sleep at all and now its happening again…

  7. Ditte

    I’ve read in a book that if you have problems relaxing and falling asleep, you should try the “Kung-Fu-breathing”. You yawn twice, take two deep breaths, and do it all over again. I can’t help getting sleepy when doing this, and I hope it’ll work for you too.

  8. Stacey

    Hi, just read this and I was wondering how it’s going now? I have trouble sleeping and tend to find that the only way I can sleep is to put my favourite tv show-which I know by heart-on the tv. This helps with noise troubles too So I’m more relaxed. The house behind was burgled last year and the thieves used my garden and drive as a getaway. Woke me up and I didn’t sleep for ages after that. I find I can lay and imagine the tv screen while listening, takes my mind off of the days work among other things.
    I hope you’re ok now and the bullying has stopped. If not I’d be happy to chat about it.

  9. Emily

    I’m 13 and I find playing on my ipad just before bed helps. I do it in a dark room so the light hurts my eyes which makes me want to close them which makes me fall asleep. Quick and easy!

    1. amanda

      Exactly what I do

    2. Hetty

      Same here. I play on my iPod and google stuff I like or want to find out about.

  10. Sleepyhead

    Let your mind wander, but don’t think about anything to intently. When a random thought comes to your mind, follow it, and just continue doing that until you fall asleep!

  11. Ashley

    I can’t sleep, i’ve tried no tv which made it almost a little worst. i’m 13 and go to sleep at 2 or 3 in the morning and i have to wake up at 6:30. Please somebody help me…

  12. Ruby

    I’m about 11 years old and I can’t get to sleep.I keep thinking about being alone.And descusting things and weird noises i heard before. I go into my mum and dads room but they say i’m getting to old for this crack (but they let me in anyways) I’ll try some of these hopefully they’ll work…..

  13. Jackson

    eat a snack to relax your brain.

  14. Jackson

    imagine being on a really fast roller coaster in feel the wind blowing in your face.

  15. Zachary

    Drinking water before bed helps lead to a great sleep!

  16. Erika

    Hi my mom told me a great solution. So you start with your hair, then you try to relaxe it. If you can’t that’s okay it just hair. Then you move on to your eyes. Make sure they’re relaxed and not tense. Move on to your mouth, nose, ears, face, throat, fingers, hands, forarms, biceps, shoulders, chest, ect. The point is to get your whole body relaxed slowly. I usually fall asleep in the proccess. Hope this helps ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Lucifer

    I’m 19, Male, Live in England and have suffered from a rare muscular-wasting disorder, where I couldn’t sleep because I diddnt have the strength to move myself into a comfy position and so had to lie on my back, which gave me great difficulty sleeping. I was sleeping in a private hospital room at the time and was right beside the main desk so there was a light shining through my window all night. Plus if I needed anything I had to call a buzzer to fetch a nurse to help, and to top it all off, a senile old man kept walking into my room late at night because he thought it was his. I was given sleeping medication which helped a little.
    I was 16 then and had only just finished my GCSE’s and had alot on my mind at the time. The trick was to focus purely on sleeping and nothing else, hard as it may be to forget about your troubles.

    I, too had been bullied in school as for two years almost all my fellow students mocked me and this caused damage to my confidence and self esteem that severely hampers my progression and living now, 8 years later. I don’t recall that time very well, perhaps due to a mental block, but I don’t think my sleeping suffered much.
    If anyone is being bullied, you have to sort it out right away. Modern bullies often don’t realise they’re doing it or that it’s bothering you, or in fact have their own issues they are trying to deflect attention from. Don’t fight back, just talk to someone, alert your teachers and try your darnedest to make it look like it doesn’t bother you if you know they are doing it out of spite.
    I helped my ex-girlfriend (who lives in America) with her bullying issues over long distance as she received no help from her teachers, often simply talking about being bullied helps, and sometimes you can gain advice on how to handle the situation from someone else.

    Currently, I have had to leave college prematurely because of depressive, motivational and stressful conditions I am under as a result of the accumulation of the repressed emotions and consequences from the bullying, illness, subsequent deaths of 3 family members and 2 close family friends. I have trouble getting to sleep every night but don’t necessarily realise it as I have an activity before I try to sleep which usually tires me out.
    None of the above methods work for me; sleep comes when it comes and any intentional sounds (music, ambience, sleep audio, etc) prevent my ability to sleep entirely.

    Finding your own medium is key.

    Finally, if you are around 11-14, and don’t know why you are struggling to sleep, it is likely just puberty and the associated hormones, maintaining a sleeping pattern and being patient will speed the sleep-related aspects, at least from your perspective.
    Also, in terms of being too hot, I have no heating in my bedroom and usually have an open window but in summer this is not enough and henceforth use a light sheet instead of a duvet to cover me. Your choice in Pajamas is also important in terms of comfort and temperature.

    If you have any more questions or wish to get advice or simply talk about bullying, family loss or any other problems, feel free to email me at and I will get back to you when I can.

    Hope this helps, sometimes knowing you’re not alone is important.

  18. jerrie

    i just think about justin bieber and me and him getting married and i fall asleep

  19. Marley

    I have had trouble getting to sleep, but what I do is read a chapter of a book, watch an old Disney movie, face the opposite way of the television, go to the loo so that I will not have to go again in the middle of the night, adjust my pillows, put on pajamas, clear my mind, focus on the blanket around me, count sheep, and breathe slowly. Now I get to sleep fast.

    1. can't sleep

      i will try that

  20. emily

    I have tried most of these i just cant sleep

  21. Ren

    Heather – I’m the same way and I’m 21. My doctor told me it’s a form of anxiety disorder, but instead of hyperventilating when I go into a panic attack, I get nauseated and throw up. I also have OCD so I can’t help but fixate on things that make me nervous.

    I’m not suggesting you take pills – I hate taking meds so I refused – but speak to your doctor and see if they can recommend a good counsellor. They can help find techniques to calm you down when you start getting crazy.

  22. Rowan

    I’m 10 and I have insomnia, I fall asleep around 12:00 and get up at 5:00! Can you guys help me?

  23. alia01

    listen to soft music or read a boring book ๐Ÿ˜›

  24. ambience

    I like to use a website call rainymood, google it! Basically its just a site that plays soft rainy storm sounds. I find that coupled with deep breathing makes it extremely relaxing and i fall asleep in minutes.

  25. Brad

    Listen to audio books.

  26. Madisom

    Those were very helpful!

  27. Olivia

    I have a fear of bugs. I saw one in my bed the other day. My sister got it out and killed it. Well I’m having a hard time sleeping. Plus I now feel like i got bugs crawling on me. Please help me fix this

    1. Catie

      I used to be like that also. If you freak, just change all of your sheets. Also it’s better if you sleep upstairs. Get rid of all the food in your room so that bugs won’t have a reason to come. I find that if you read a really exciting book then it takes your mind off things around you. If this doesn’t work, then sleep in a couch. Sometimes change from good bed to bad bed back to good can help a lot.

    2. Pix

      Imagine your quilt is a protective shield. Nothing can harm you once you are in there. It is so warm and peaceful. Is that not better than outside? Don’t you want to stay there? Don’t you want to SLEEP?
      Also concentrate on how the faster you fall asleep the faster it will be tomorrow and then the faster you can do whatever you want to do tomorrow.
      You could also try focusing on em what you are going to do once you wake up. Think:
      I am going to get out of bed,
      I am going to put my slippers on,
      I am going to go to the bathroom,

      Also make sure you have a bottle of water and tissues and stuff like that to avoid having to get up.

      Try not to eat before bed and do not do anything stimulating, play a peaceful boardgame with family that does not require thought.

      Don’t go on screens before bed, that is a bad habit of mine, I did it with my Nintendo Ds and now with my iPod.

      Imagine your fears or worries floating into your wardrobe and into a box. Lock the box in your mind where do you put the key? I put mine in a imaginary safe in the back of my shed. Whatever you do, don’t think about those things.

      Tie particular worries to places. Only think about exams when you are on the school grounds, not your dead rabbit. Once you get home, you can think about your rabbit but not the exams. This helps reduce stress throughout the day and means sleep will come easier.

      Talk to someone you trust. I tell my BFF everything and she gives me advice and stuff and now I don’t worry anymore.

      Think about how lucky you are. Your exams may be approaching, but you got an A in French last year so you you will be ok.

      If none of that works, pretend to get a tiny brush and paint over all your worries white. Focus on each stroke, and by the time you are halfway there, you will be asleep.

      Don’t like bugs? Picture yourself. You have just invented a new bug repellent and ar opening worldwide factories. What do you do with all your money? Think of outrageous stories.

      Write. I am a budding author and find adding another chapter to my book helps.

      What if…
      Ask someone you care about to think up a what if. This is a little question for you to ponder.
      What if you had superpowers?
      Hat if you were an animal?
      What if you were part of your fave book?
      What if you were an actor in a movie with your fave actors?
      What if you found out your secret crush liked you back?

      Pamper yourself! A good bath and clean PJs never hurt anyone…

      Sweet scents in your room. Make sure your room smells nice.

      Drink herb teas. I find fennel, nettle and peppermint are good.

      Old fashioned book. One of the classics. A little boring, but not so boring you dread bed. Ever read A Little Princess?

      Picture a peaceful scene. A lake? Mountains?

      And lastly… Invent something! How can you chop carrots using pedal power? Can you really find a way to electronically toast marsh mallows.

      Ps. Hobby? Picture yourself winning the netball champs or the art contest.

      Home this helps. ๐Ÿ˜€

      1. Pix

        Also. Picture your fave hero saving u from said fear. Does Batman figt armies of cyber-ants to rescue you? Does Hulk fight a giant spider to keep you safe? How? Watch as your idol sweeps aside each danger. If they can beat them, can’t you?

        1. You Wish You Were Me

          This might actually help! I’ll try it tonight.

  28. jared

    I’m 11 and my dad has learnt hypnosis. It actually works! Real hypnosis isn’t like in movies and thing with the “you are getting sleepy” or turning into some possessed zombie or something. watch Derren Brown stuff and you’ll see.

    1. jared

      Oh yeah, a REALLY boring book is war and peace. I find it boring mabe because it’s literally THE WORLD’S LONGEST BOOK!

      1. jared

        As said in 37 I fall asleep with the sound of my PC running.

  29. kabir

    i am a 15 year old boy. My exams are around the corner and i cant get ANY sleep…… My day usually starts at 6 am…..but i cant fall asleep till 2am.
    In the night i cant sleep and in the moring i cant get up!!!
    This has been going for the last 5 days …and i cant concentrate on my studies….please help

    1. amanda

      This has happened to me since third grade! PS I’m in fifth grade now so it has happened for 2 years not counting summer

  30. Boy

    I find that leaving the tv on and putting a 30 minute sleep timer works to. You can also download An iOS app called sleep soundly, it uses binaural beats to help you sleep.

  31. jessica jahnke

    I can’t seem to fall a sleep even if try everything everyone has suggested I need help I am so tried but can seem to even close my eyes. When I do close my eyes I get woken up at the same time by my kids or my roommate, about something that needs to be done I can clean the whole house and still there will be something either missing or miss placed.please help I haven’t sleep in 5 days

    1. amanda

      Ask your doctor if you have sleep problems and to please do something about it

  32. Emily fiends

    Hey helpful tip!
    I wear glasses, and so does most people (either that or contacts) and I’ve learned that half an hour before bed i take off my glasses. This is when I’m mostly relaxed and won’t be doing to much walking or vigorous chores around the home. When taking off your glasses or your contacts, you’re eyes will start to strain while trying to focus.I read (or try to atleast!) And my eyes will start to feel heavy. Once this heavy feeling comes on shut the book, shut off the light, and shut your eyes. And don’t try to strain them for to long just until you feel them get heavy!!

  33. Harriet

    Look at a bright light like your phone screen. This will make your eyes want to close resulting in sleep! ( just remember, turn the phone off before you sleep and don’t look at any type of bulb a bright light shining on the wall to the side of you works too!

  34. Joey Smarts

    A good way to fall asleep is to just be and try not to let your mind wander to astray. Or pretend that you are a motionless still object like an ashtray or an empty cup of yogurt.

    Also reading to a pet is a great idea,Now if you can teach your pet to read to you that would be something, something to dream about.

  35. Ellie

    I turned 13 2 months ago, so I’m only in year 8. I often go to bed around 9pm, but end up doing other things, like sorting out my school bag for the next day, and end up attempting to sleep at around half 10. I’ve recently tried most of the tips up there, but it usually takes me around an hour to actually fall asleep. I really need sleep as people have begun to notice that I’m getting bags underneath my eyes, and I’m constantly wore out and tired at school. I normally get up at 6:40 in the morning to get ready on time for school, so I’m not sure if the times I get into bed (half 10) and the time I wake up are affecting how fast I fall asleep, because it’s sure catching up with me during the day, and I want to be fully awake during school, so that I can concentrate better.
    Please help me!

    1. Izzy

      convince yourself that there is no good reason to stay up late. pack your bags once you have done your homework and make sure there is nothing that could distract you

  36. nick

    I try to fall asleep for hours and seemed to not be able to quiet my mind, all the things I’m going to do the next day and what I did the day before will not stop running through my head when laying in bed , everyday .Not sure what to do about that. Anyone able to help me out here?

  37. teddy

    I would try thinking of calming and fresh colors. Then close your eyes and cross them. Sounds weird but it works like a charm!

  38. alb

    Don’t feel scared or worried concentrate on the good things in life. Have a non electrical half an hour before bed. This may sound stupid but get someone to read to you.if you have a pet let them in your room you’ll feel safe and loved. Read to your pet they can understand you it was on crufts.

    By the way I’m only 11 and I’m a guru

  39. Beth

    I can never sleep at night I always think of things I don’t like and I fall asleep at 4:30 in the morning what should I do I also get bullied at school please help


    1. Someone

      Think of the good things in life, or a hobby like playing with pets/games, don’t let yourself get bullied, stick up for yourself, try and get as many friends as you can, I know this is wrong, but bullying/taunting someone else lets the pressure off of you, look:

      You=Bullied, bully/taunt someone else, then they bully/taunt someone else, the line repeats.

      1. Annie

        Don’t bully somebody else, when your older you’ll feel bad about it and wish you never did it so tell a responsible adult, possibly your mum, dad or a teacher you like, and stand up for yourself!!! Good luck!!!

        1. Izzy

          I couldn’t agree more! I was bullied when I was 10/11 and it was so bad I ended up moving schools, but don’t let that happen to you! don’t bully back otherwise you will feel bad about yourself and you will just cause a lot of pain to others like how you felt. Just ignore them and tell a teacher… I know it’s hard but don’t worry! ๐Ÿ˜€

  40. connor

    If u are not tired try using up all your energy take a run round the block

  41. Mysh

    Please darling don’t let those kids bully you they are cowards and don’t deserve the time of day from you. So tell your mom our your guardian they can help you there are laws now to protect you from bully’s . Please take advantage. Of the laws. It will save you a lot of sleepless nights, and no regrets in the future.

  42. morgan

    hi i’m morgan i’m 11 i cant go to sleep i tried everthing up there plus had some sleeping medchine my mom gave me but their is noting at al that works i think i have insomnia so plz help i can not go to sleep HELP ME!!!! pl

  43. Zack

    Another trick i know that helps, if you feel too hot while laying Down in your bed, simply turn your pillow over.

    1. amanda

      I wonder why that helps…

  44. heather

    i get really nervous and make myself sick (not on purpose) and i overthink i am 14 and i need sleep but it hard for me to clear my mind because i have so many problems

    1. May

      Hi heather, sorry it’s a bit late but I’m 15 and have exactly the same problem! I over think and worry about feeling ill and it makes me feel sick, when I start to feel sick I quickly think about something happy or something I look forward to and that seems to stop the nausea, however, I still do not fall asleep until about 1am (even though it is the Easter holidays). I haven’t been the same since I had bad sickness in mid December. I have natural sleeping tablets from the shop and lavender spray, but nothing seems to work?!

  45. Nick

    I find it too hot to sleep and have nothing to do about it (I’m 14)

    1. Justin

      Same here bro, I open a window, but if its summer, or if you can’t open them then search ebay for a “flexible clip on fan” they have these mini fans that are on a bendable wire that stays where you bend it and you can mount it on your headboard it feels awesome

  46. Jessica

    I got really nervous last night cause tomorrow is my first day of year 8. And I got to sleep at 1 o’clock! I woke up at 5:45 I tried everything cause I knew I needed my sleep. I tried relaxing, no noise, noise, music, stretching but nothing worked. It felt like I was awake forever. Now I feel like I’m not going to be able to concentrate properly in school and I went to bed at 9:30 but got to sleep at 1. Not impressed,

    1. connor

      Try tire yourself out by reading a boring book try it.

  47. Janice

    I like to rub cream on my feet and put on warm socks my fav are the hand knitted socked that fit my feet perfect without restricting my ankles think its important your feet are warm. But hey some people prefer no socks especially if its a really hot…so pay attention to your feet like comfy pjs of soft linens.
    I always have great sleeps on clean sheets buy good thread count sheets.
    A great pillow is another key. If It works don’t laugh are you a body pillow person or pillow between your leg sideways sleeper how about a stomach sleeper this can help you find your perfect position and fall asleep better.
    Bed types how about bed temperatures I’m a warm bed cool face person. Ever try flipping your pillow to find it cool on your face ya I sometimes think too much and one type of sleeping pill makes your brain shut off I was scared of sleeping pills and Zi did try Them but they made me feel more crazy but the brain shut offers were just what I needed good nite

  48. FEN

    Sorry to hear you’re having problems with bullying – definitely related to your sleeping problems I’m sure! Maybe before going to bed you could focus on things you’re looking forward to – your next holiday, what you want to do when you leave high school – focus on the positives and try to let other people’s negativity hurt you. Reading often helps me (find an author you love that’s for you – not a book you need to analyse for school.) I’ve found some natural remedies you can buy over the counter of chemists help too – sleep rescue is a good one. Also try audio books – they work for me when i’ve had a really stressful day – focusing on a story and trying to stop the cycle of my own thoughts so that I don’t dream so much about what’s making me anxious before I fall asleep as well. Hopefully you find something that works for you! And good luck with the bullying – just remember high school is a very small part of your life, don’t be defined by other people’s need to inflict their own insecurities and nastiness on you.

  49. Ashley

    Hey, so I am 12 and I have a lot of trouble getting to sleep, I go to bed around 9:30 and then still be awake at 11:30, and I have to wake up at 6:20 every morning, please somebody help

    1. connor

      Go t.o sleep even earlier

    2. Justin

      I used to do almost the exact same thing. I find a workout is the only thing that really helps me sleep.

    3. noah

      im almost the same age im 13 and im doing exactly what your doing going to bed at 9:30 and im still awake at 11:30 and dont fall asleep till after midnight. HHHHEEEEELLLLPPPPPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!!

    4. amanda

      I’m the same as you but I’m 10 so anyway I still haven’t figured it out that’s why I’m here anyway just go to the doctor to make sure you don’t have a sleeping problem.peace!

  50. 14 turning 15 next month

    Hey im a 14 nearly 15 year old girl. And have to wake up at 5:30 every morning but dont usually get to sleep until about 1:30 every night and can never concentrate at school. it’s 8:30 in the morning Sydney Australia time and still have not had any sleep. i think my sleeping problems is because of getting bullied all the time so im constantly thinking about the stuff going on. i need help really fast c’mon people please help me

    1. Indu

      The Easiest thing to do is to

      1. Try to get as comfortable as possible

      2. DO NOT let your mind wander

      3. Focus on the uncomforts and try to reduce them to a minimum

      4. Make sure everything is silent

      5. CLose your eyes and take deep breaths

      6. Count sheep. Envision sheep jumping over a fence REALLY SLOWLY. You know like when you pause and press rewind but try yo make it as slow as possible. I always fall asleep before 5! LOL

      7. Oh yeah before getting into bed DRINK WATER

    2. Gracie

      Hello! Yes, I am more or less the same age as you. And I find myself staying awake thinking about all the things I am worrying about. But I find counting backwards very helpful. And sometimes I even just stare, without blinking and that makes my eyes tired. Also, this is a bit weird, but I fantasize about just stuff (particularly about The Doctor, sorry Doctor Who fan here) and if I were a character in one of my favourite books. I’m sorry about the bullying, you should confront your problem and just be a badass.

    3. Janice

      To I am fourteen going on fifteen. As a young child I would never go to bed early, I would sneak down from upstairs and watch tv from the bottom step I could hear and see the reflection of the TV from the second step from the bottom. if I heard anyone heading my way I would take flight up the stairs very quietly. I too had to be up early to head to a private school 45 minutes away. I would be so tired from staying up late I would fall asleep in school. They were going to hold me back a year. Instead my parents put me in public school, I no longer had to get up early we moved that year and I couldn’t watch TV anymore late at nite without someone noticing and I graduated grade eight with honors. I enjoy going to bed late I like getting up early too but would rather sleep in because like you I cannot focus, concentrate and/or retain information. I even get words messed up in sentences and will write down numbers backwards yup it’s some form of dyslexia. You are probably thinking of the things said or done by the bullies. You have to love yourself do you have any hobbies or talents maybe you have not yet discovered your passions just yet I tended to master new skills loved to create jewellery and was great in art and design Focus on the good there will always be negative people out there. I like to take the bad and use it as fuel to motivate me to prove them wrong if I was laughed at. I have had this inner confidence since I was a child. So be the master of the dictionary that defines yourself join a club find out what you get excited about focus on the good and you will fall asleep with a smile instead of worry

      1. sierra McKay

        It is Dyscalculia. Dislexia With numbers. I have that aswell

    4. darius

      If you have any problems in your life, just write them down. Writing them would help you to forget all those stuff.
      Also eating yogurt is very effective.
      Good luck!

    5. mama

      If you are being bullied, you need to talk to someone about it. If you can’t talk to your parents about it then go to a counselor. If there are people in your life causing you so much trauma that you can’t sleep at night for long periods of time then the situation is in need of intervention.

      1. Student

        That’s complete crap up there. If you’re being bullied, you need to kick some ass. A kid ruined like half my sixth grade year and I talked to several people. And let me tell you, his crap stopped real fast when I put him on the bus floor crying. Take notes, kid.

        1. stdent

          i have had an experience like that until he hit me one day and i was in food break and I threw a hand full off salt and pepper in his face he didn’t do it again ๐Ÿ™‚

    6. Daniel

      Not really giving any advice just wanted to know further about your bullying problem so if you see this and want – either e-mail me ( or skype (naruto_bg93). I also have sleeping problems but it’s because of my bad habbits (especially staying up late on the laptop)

    7. ALEX


    8. connor

      Try go to sleep earlier make yourself aching

      1. stdent

        trying to go to sleep earlier is hard tho when your eyes start to sting then u cant get to sleep cos your eyes are hurting so badly that it keeps you awake ๐Ÿ™ but ill give it a try if it works tomorrow night I’ll let you know.

    9. chriskoolz226 spy

      dont listen to them all u want to do is telland BOOM! thats wat i did and when i put my head down i pass out!

    10. Carly;)

      Tell someone you’re getting bullied because that’s horrible. Maybe once that’s over with (which may be a month or so) everything will start to fall into place. Maybe if you studied in bed the information will stay in your head and you’ll fall asleep like you want. It helps me and I’m on honor roll at school(;

    11. can't sleep

      i am 13 and i wake up at 1:00 and go to sleep at 12:00

    12. helper

      dont take shit from anyone, beat up anyone who tries to bully you and if you get your ass kicked don’t worry you’l still be better in the eyes of everyone because you stood up for yourself, but dont start any fight always end them if ya know what i mean

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